Forming Content: Athematic Rhetorical Reader

Forming Content: Athematic Rhetorical Reader

by William Vesterman, James Barszcz

ISBN-10: 0065011988

ISBN-13: 9780065011982

Pub. Date: 01/31/1997

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

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Table of Contents

An Overview of the Thematic Categories.

A Fable For Tomorrow, Rachel Carson.
The Jeaning of America, Carin Quinn.
Gains and Losses, Richard Rodriguez.

II. DEFINITION. The Androgynous Male, Noel Perrin.
We're Not Really 'Equal', Thomas Sowell.
Not in My Backyard!: The Waste Disposal Crisis, Ted Peters.
The Television Addiction" Alice Walker, "Am I Blue?, Marie Winn.

III. DESCRIPTION. Carlotta: A Woman Warrior in Angola, Ryszard Kapuscinski.
Barrio Boy, Ernesto Galarza.
The Nuclear Winter, Albert Goldman.
Graceland, Carl Sagan.
A Yanomama Funeral, Kenneth Good.

IV. CLASSIFICATION. A European Gentleman's Ideas About Women, Isak Dinesen.
Four Types of President, James David Barber.
There is No Global Population Problem, Garret Hardin.
Weasel Words, Paul Stevens.
Friends, Good Friends, and Such Good Friends, Judith Viorst.

Introducing the Technique. What I've Learned from Men, Barbara Ehrenreich.
Shooting An Elephant, George Orwell.
The Spider and the Wasp, Alexander Petrunkevitch.
Stress and Other Scapegoats, Rex Julian Beaber.
How It Feels To Be Colored Me, Zora Neal Hurston.

VI. COMPARISON AND CONTRAST. Anatomy and Destiny in Medical School, Perri Klass.
Stallone versus Springsteen: Which Dream Do YouBuy?, Jack Newfield.
Two Ways of Seeing a River, Mark Twain.
Nobody Ever Got Raped by a Book, Mike Royko.
Proxemics in the Arab World, Edward T. Hall.

VII. ANALOGY AND METAPHOR. You are What You Say, Robin Lakoff.
Political Parables for Today, Robert B. Reich.
The Giant Rat of Kenya, Tom Bethel.
Science Fiction as an Escape: Can Fiction Plot a Path to a Better Future?, Hermann J. Muller.
The Code of the Universe, James Haught.

VIII. CAUSE AND EFFECT. Old and Female, Susan Jacoby.
Polish Line Committees, Janine Wedel.
Down With the Forests, Charles Kuralt.
Living with My VCR, Nora Ephron.
Mother Teresa's Work of Grace, Courtney Tower.

IX. PROCESS ANALYSIS. Black Men and Public Space, Brent Staples.
Patriotic Prostitutes, Jill Gay.
Sympathy for the Devil, David Quammen.
A Chinese Reporter on Cape Cod, Guan Keguang.
Habit, William James.

Introducing the Technique.
Men and Women. Sexism in English: A 1990's Update, Alleen Pace Nilsen.
The Hand That Rocks The Helm, Richard Mitchell.
Analyzing the Arguments of Nilsen and Mitchell, a student essay: Ginger Tuttle.
Attack Ideas, Not People, Judith Martin and Gunther Stent.
High Noon at the P. C. Corral, Amada Foreman.
Analyzing the Arguments of Martin, Stent, and Foreman, a student essay: Vineeta Vijayaraghavan,
The Warming of the World, Carl Sagan.
The Next Ice Age, Sir Frederick Hoyle.
Analyzing the Arguments of Sagan and Hoyle, a student essay: Jennifer Medina,
Curbing the Sexploitation Industry, Tipper Gore.
The Censor's Label: An Oblique Attack on Free Expression, Bob Guccione, Jr.
Analyzing the Arguments of Gore and Guccione, a student essay: Dominique Spagnuolo,
Whose Culture Is It, Anyway? It's Not Just Anglo-Saxon, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Western Values Are Central, Donald Kagan.
Analyzing the Arguments of Gates and Kagan, a student essay: Thomas Flynn.

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