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Fortune Favors The Bold From Smartercomics

Fortune Favors The Bold From Smartercomics

4.8 8
by Franco Arda
This is the first book in the series and written by the founder of SmarterComics himself, Franco Arda. Follow this secret agent, as he gives you solid ideas on how to lead a bold life. How to take action and follow your dreams.

Words from the book:

Fear of failure often prevents people from achieving greatness.

Boldness requires actively looking your fears


This is the first book in the series and written by the founder of SmarterComics himself, Franco Arda. Follow this secret agent, as he gives you solid ideas on how to lead a bold life. How to take action and follow your dreams.

Words from the book:

Fear of failure often prevents people from achieving greatness.

Boldness requires actively looking your fears in the eye and then taking action.

Connect with your dreams, and focus what is important in your life.

Do you want to be special? Then be bold, and do what the ordinary fear.

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Fortune Favors The Bold From Smartercomics 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
autumnbluesreviews More than 1 year ago
If you are not familiar with SmarterComics, as I was not before this book, you will be pleasantly surprised and hooked. My only regret is not being able to review this book sooner. By the covers title, Fortune Favors the BOLD, and even after reading the book summary, I had no idea what to expect. This brilliantly written, and beautifuly illustrated book is a keeper and a book I now keep in my nightstand and find myself refering to it often. I can tell you why, but you need to actually take a firsthand look at this book yourself. Throughout each chapter, from the first to the last, you will totally need to stop reading and reflect on what is being read, if you don't you are wasting your time and some much needed advice. Anyone can use this advice, no matter who you are or what your lifestyle. Designed in a comic book like format, there is nothing comical about this book, as each illustration in each chapter keeps you perfectly in tune with the insight being presented. What I like most about Fortune Favors the BOLD is how the illustrations take the edge off of the suggestions being presented, by keeping the readers interest, which keeps the reader from feeling overwhelmed. We all know how difficult it can be to learn and implement any advice we read in a book, as soon those words and quotes are easily forgotten. Not in this book as the unique illustrations make each point memorable and easier to remember and much more likely, for me anyway, to come back and read this book again and again. I can tell you right now this book is no cartoon entertainment and certainly not unforgettable, although highly enjoyable. I highly recommend this book for that teen in your life who is searching for themselves, or for anyone looking for a life changing experience.
The_Publishing_Guru More than 1 year ago
Fortune Favors the Bold from SmarterComics and the Founder, Franco Arda Written by SmarterComics' founder, Franco Arda, Fortune Favors the Bold is an innovative motivational comic filled with memorable quotes and a journey of dreams and fears, risks and benefits, intelligence and ignorance, and much more. Franco's vision is to instill boldness into the individual so that he or she can learn to put thoughts into action. Born in Switzerland, Franco Arda earned his MBA in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, Franco spent many years in the banking industry-in derivative sales-before he decided it was time for a change in 2008. Meeting with publisher Corey Blake and illustrator Anjin Anhut, the idea of a motivational comic book, and ultimately SmarterComics Inc. was born. Though Franco initially intended for the book to inspire his own daughter, the principles of boldness are applicable to anyone and everyone, from all ages. Essentially, the act of being bold will bring out the individual's unique qualities. "Being bold is no guarantee of success, but it is almost a guarantee of failure," is the one resonating passage summing up the entire purpose of the book. The vision of a self-help motivational comic book does not end with Fortune Favors the Bold. SmarterComics Inc. also features Robert Renteria's Mi Barrio and Sun Tzu's The Art of War-which is a self-help book on being successful, regardless of the competition. Perhaps using his own life as an example, Franco emphasizes the fact that "life is not going to happen to you-you have to make life happen for you." Franco Arda's visionary comic book is instrumental in helping children, young adults, and individuals of all ages to take life by the horns and to get the most out of life. A journey imbued with bold decisions tends to remove the fear of failure, and allows the individual to simply turn his or her thoughts into actions.
MizBanks More than 1 year ago
Fortune Favors the Bold is awesome! It's just the right kind of pick-me-up for anyone who's considering doing that something great they've always dreamed about. It's smart and encouraging, providing research and statistics about success in an engaging format. The comic is made up of short chapters that allow the reader to easily focus on topics most relevant to their journey. Also, the motivational quotes alone will spur a hesitant adventurer on to exert the boldness necessary for success. This comic would do a great service particularly to the young men of this generation. It's a comic, which most love to read, that holds a powerful message most young men don't hear enough. Buy a copy for your personal library, and several to give as gifts. This is one you don't want to pass up.
blondfaeriegirl2 More than 1 year ago
Although I'm not usually interested in comics, this one caught my eye and attention as I browsed through it. I enjoyed all the different quotes and lessons it offers and how it speaks of the simple truths of how to go all out when you are attempting something new. I also liked how it spoke of the importance of being different and standing out. The illustrations are great and go well with the book. This book is also a great gift idea and I would highly recommend it!
L_Brown More than 1 year ago
I haven't read a comic book since my 3rd grade fascination with X-Men-that was over 20 years ago! Franco Arda's "Fortune Favors the Bold" was a good choice for my first jump back into comic book world. His comic was incredibly motivational and inspiring. Arda depicted characters dreams, fears and their ventures with success. "Fortune Favors the Bold" entitled courageousness and wisdom. Through a comic book style format, Franco Arda enabled both creativity and wisdom to enfold. "Fortune Favors the Bold," would make a great gift to any college student about to graduate, an entrepreneur or anyone who needs to remember their goals, dreams and happiness.
geneortiz More than 1 year ago
Former investment banker Franco Arda, along with talented illustrator, Anjin Anhut, have distilled the wisdom of dozens of top inspirational writers and historical figures from Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki to George Patton and Babe Ruth into 25 pithy chapters beautifully illustrated with exciting and entertaining drawings that make this an easy and fun read. Ten pages of annotated end notes and reference citations will aid the reader in learning even more about the subject of each two-page illustrated chapter. Written to inspire Arda's daughter's success in life, Fortune Favors the Bold from SmarterComics would make a great guide to have handy in your briefcase, top desk drawer, night stand or glove compartment. It would make a great gift for a tweenager or almost anyone interested in some basic rules to live by and succeed.
TRW More than 1 year ago
Fortune Favors the Bold is a great way to encourage kids to follow their dreams - and it's a nice reminder for parents too. Information is bit-sized and features a wide-variety of wise and quotable people, from Marcus Aurilus to Oprah Winfrey. I particularly appreciate that the author offers encouragement through a number of mediums, e.g., entertaining pictures, stories, and hardcore facts (like, your chance of becoming a millionaire is 2%). It's just the thing to give kids the extra boost in confidence that they may need to follow their dreams.
NCcharmer More than 1 year ago
In "Fortune Favors The Bold", written by Franco Arda and illustrated by Anjin Anhut, we are offered the exciting opportunity to read a comic book such as we read as children. However, this comic book has a purpose. The author has dedicated "Fortune Favors The Bold" to his child of 4years old. The goal is to show both his daughter, Joelina and us how important it is to attack life with a vengeance instead of watching it slowly go by as we do nothing but exist from day to day. Using illustrations much as you would find in the comic books of our past, he attacks with boldness the everyday challenges that we might encounter such as tennis, skiing and others to show us how to be bold and shine with pride when we strive to achieve what life has to offer rather than settle for being just average. What a wonderful concept for a father to choose as a teaching tool for a daughter he obviously loves. One of the quotes from the book that had the most impact on me was, "Develop a sense of urgency, and nurture a mission throughout your life." Both Mr. Arda and Mr. Anhut deserve praise for how they put the thought to life. Anjin Anhut, did an equally marvelous job with the characters. He captured the spirit of Mr. Arda's concept completely. The prose and illustrations may have been in comic book form, but the book is intelligent, well thought out and timely.