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Fortune & Freedom: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Success
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Fortune & Freedom: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Success

by Jim Hirshfield, William Sahlman (Foreword by)

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In his book "Fortune and Freedom: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Success," author Jim Hirshfield explores all aspects of what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Who better to write this guide than someone who has been in the trenches as an entrepreneur for more than thirty years? During that time he successfully bought, owned and sold several companies. In this book he successfully translates his experience into a guide that current or aspiring entrepreneur's can use as a barometer to success. There are many questions to consider before becoming an entrepreneur that "Fortune & Freedom" highlights such as: 1. Should I buy an existing business or start one from scratch? Each type of business has many pros and cons. 2. How should I finance the project? With my own money, investors or lending institutions. 3. What kind of experience should I have before embarking on a career as an entrepreneur? 4. Does the freedom and opportunity of being an entrepreneur outweigh the security and resources of being an employee? Those questions are just a few that are answered in this book. As an entrepreneur myself I was very glad to see so many relevant concerns of mine answered throughout the book, and to find out that I have made some very good choices along the way. I am currently in a situation where a company that dominates my market is trying to buy out my business with stock options and a job offer. The author's previous experience with that scenario has helped me to reconsider my position. Jim Hirshfield's "Fortune and Freedom: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Success" is a must read for anyone who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur or who is already traveling down that road. This is a short bookthat can be read in one sitting, but is so full of helpful information that I will probably refer to again and again as I move forward with my business and future businesses.
—Cherie Fisher

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Bud Bilanich
Fortune and Freedom covers four things important to every entrepreneur: 1) preparing yourself to own and run a business, 2) finding the right deal, 3) negotiating - with partners, suppliers, customers and government representatives, and 4) determining when to get in and when to get out of a business.
Of these four, I found the section on preparing yourself to own and run a business to be the most original and creative. This might be because it echoes a lot of my thinking on how to succeed in your life and career. In this section, Mr. Hirshfield suggests that prospective entrepreneurs should do things like selling door to door, working in a bank, managing a fast food operation, working in volunteer organizations and political campaigns and living well below your means. He calls these things "Training for the Summit". Mr. Hirshfield followed his own advice, and did all of these things and more, even though he has a Harvard MBA, supposedly a ticket to bypassing this type of grunt work."--(Bud Bilanich, author of seven books, including Straight Talk For Success: Common Sense Ideas That Won't Let You Down)
Tom Massey
"Fortune & Freedom is a field-guide for the aspiring entrepreneur to learn how to prepare for owning and running a business. From defining what "success" is to developing effective management and leadership skills, this book offers practical, no-nonsense advice that everyone can follow.

I love the way this book is written - short and succinct (who has time to read tomes of information these days?). Jim Hirshfield provides lots of interesting stories, based on his three decades of business experience, which illustrate powerful principles that will work for anyone. Each chapter concludes with review points designed to reinforce learning, along with simple suggestions for putting the principles into practice.

Hirshfield uses examples from his own career to present the following points with clarity and simplicity: It isn't how much you earn but how much you spend that determines your financial position. Investors need you as much as you need them as they desperately search to put their money into the hands of someone who will respect their investment. If you control the deal you will control your future. It is as important to build value as it is to make a profit. Time is your most valuable asset because it is simply irreplaceable once it has been spent.

Fortune & Freedom is more than just a business book. It also provides valuable information on how to grow as a person of character and value. In the world of business, entrepreneurship is a personal journey that will help you to create a life of fortune and freedom. More importantly, it will enable you to spend more time with your family and give back to your community. Success is not just about making a living. Itis about creating a life that is meaningful. It's all in the book."--(Tom Massey, author of: The ABC's of Effective Leadership: Managing from the Heart, Ten Commitments for Building High Performance Teams, How Bad Do You REALLY Want It?: Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be)

Meet the Author

A successful entrepreneur for more than 30 years, Jim Hirshfield stands on a bedrock of experience. In 1973 he founded Summit Communications, Inc., a cable company that grew to employ 130 people. He was the CEO for 26 years until he sold the prospering company he had built. Jim chose the entrepreneur's path so he could engage in a challenging business career, spend quality time with his family, and do philanthropic work as well. He has been eminently effective at all three. Jim and his wife, Mary, have been married for almost 40 years and have three adult children. Jim writes, consults, speaks, sails, and generally has a great life. He divides his time between his homes in Washington State and Hawaii.

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