by Rona Arato

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Children's Literature
This soft-cover volume packs "eons" of fascinating information into each of its thirty-two pages. It takes a broad view of its subject, giving kids an introductory look at diverse topics such as how fossils were formed in the last days of the dinosaurs; the many types of fossils found by modern scientists to date; where in the world fossils have been found and how field specialists unearth them; the "detective work" done by paleontologists to discover clues about ancient life through study of the fossils left behind; and the modern-day fuels we derive, not from fossils themselves, but from decayed organic material left behind by ancient plants and animals. For example, coal is comprised of ancient plant materials, while oil and natural gas are made up of the remains of animals. All three are extracted from the ground, millions of years later, and burned for today's energy needs. The consequences of modern fossil fuel use are another interesting topic explored in this wide-ranging nonfiction book. Richly illustrated with full-color diagrams, photos and drawings. Includes glossary and subject index at the back of the book. This book is part of the "Rocks, Minerals, and Resources" series from Crabtree Publishing Company. 2005, Crabtree Publishing Company, and Ages 8 to 10.
—Dianne Ochiltree

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Crabtree Publishing Company
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Rocks, Minerals, and Resources Series
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8.30(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.13(d)
NC1030L (what's this?)
Age Range:
8 - 14 Years

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