Foundations of Communication Policy: Principles and Process in the Regulation of Electronic Media

Foundations of Communication Policy: Principles and Process in the Regulation of Electronic Media

by Philip M. Napoli

ISBN-10: 157273342X

ISBN-13: 9781572733428

Pub. Date: 07/01/2001

Publisher: Hampton Press, Incorporated

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Hampton Press, Incorporated
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Hampton Press Communication Series

Table of Contents

1Introduction: Plan of the Book1
2Foundation Principles and Communications Policymaking11
The Unique Nature of Communications Regulation12
Policy Principles and Policy Analysis20
3The First Amendment29
Functions of the First Amendment31
Individual Versus Collective Approaches to the First Amendment44
The First Amendment and Communications Policymaking52
4The Public Interest63
Origins of the Phrase66
Levels of the Public Interest69
5The Marketplace of Ideas97
Origins of the Metaphor99
The Marketplace of Ideas Metaphor in FCC Decision Making109
The Marketplace of Ideas and Diversity127
The Dimensions of Diversity128
Defining Markets in the Assessment of Electronic Media Competition157
Assessing Competition in Media Markets170
8Universal Service177
Three Components of the Universal Service Principle182
Rationales for Localism205
The Localism Principle in Practice209
Reconceptualizing Localism in the New Media Environment217
10Linking Principles with Process: The Dynamics of Communications Policymaking225
The Communications Policymaking Process: A Principal-Agent Perspective227
Integrating Process and Policy250
11The Federal Communications Commission and the Limitations of Communications Policy Analysis253
"Private Sector" Stakeholder Monitoring and FCC Decision Making: A Case Study of Broadcast Policymaking254
The Analytical Capacity Within the FCC264
12Toward an Expanded Analytical Approach to Communications Policymaking275
Toward an Expanded Analytical Approach to Communications Policy Issues276
Institutional Adjustments280
Author Index323
Case Index333
Subject Index337

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