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Founding the Communist International: Proceedings and Documents of the First Congress - March 1919

Founding the Communist International: Proceedings and Documents of the First Congress - March 1919

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by John Riddell (Editor), Robert Dees (Translator), Bob Cantrick (Translator)

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Pathfinder Press GA
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Communist International in Lenin's Time Ser.
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Founding the Communist International 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is about the founding of an international revolutionary workers organization after the triumphant revolution that resulted in the world's first workers' republic: Soviet Russia. The delegates' reports about the revolutionary events in their countries, inspired by the workers' and peasants victory in Russia--in Finland, in Hungary, in Germany--read like a novel. The reports by the leaders of the Russian Revolution to the assembled delegates of the founding congress of the Communist International speak clearly to us today, to those who want to act for fundamental social change, about how capitalism and imperialism can't be reformed or tamed into 'peace' but only make perpetual war for perpetual profits; about the need to look at the world as part of the international working class with interests in common across national boundaries (not whine about 'our government' doing terrible things that 'we' must feel guilty about and vote in some other criminal 'cause he/she is a Democrat and his/her wars will be 'nicer'), and maybe most important of all: the Bolshevik leaders explain about workers' democracy, like they had in Soviet Russia then, before it was rubbed out by Stalin-who was NOT any kind of communist- they explain about workers' democracy, like what workers have in Cuba to this day, which is the 'dictatorship' of the overwhelming majority, just like capitalist 'democracy ' is really the dictatorship of the billionaires. If this sounds to you anything like answers we need for today's world and what to do about it, then you are on the side of humanity against the side of the gods profit and dollar.And you need to check this book out.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Part of the well-researched series ¿The Communist International in Lenin¿s Time,¿ this book contains the original manifestos, articles, documents and transcribed speeches that define the first congress of the Third (Communist) International in Moscow in 1919. Inspired by the achievements of the workers and peasants in Russia under the leadership of the Bolsheviks, 51 workers¿ leaders representing 35 revolutionary organizations in 22 countries gathered in Moscow to launch a new world leadership organization to unite the toilers internationally. These were fighters, striving to come together in order to strengthen one another¿s struggles against the capitalists and landlords in their home countries. They looked to the Bolsheviks as uncorrupted exemplars of the working people, courageous warriors of the oppressed. They sought to learn from the Bolsheviks how to accomplish in their own countries what had been achieved in Russia, that is, the destruction of the regime of the exploiters. They launched a new international workers¿ organization which lasted for about six years before succumbing to the paralyzing effects of the Stalinist degeneration of the Russian revolution. But those six years saw the working out of a new form of revolutionary political activity which still stands as the model for the present generation of anti-capitalist fighters to absorb and emulate. The first four congresses of the Communist International were the revolutionary congresses, and subsequent volumes in this series continue the presentation of the original documents from those gatherings.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The task documented in this book is to form an international organization based on revolutionary, working-class parties; the goal is to replace the rule of imperialist war and slaughter with the rule of working-class solidarity. The task and the goal are paramount for humanity today as they were in 1919 when the Russian Communist Party initiated this project after breaking the stranglehold of the Russian czars and forcing an end to the horror of World War I. Lenin, Trotsky and fifty other representatives from twenty-two states converged to launch the communist international. Their words, recorded in this well-annotated book, are totally relevant to today¿s young antiwar fighters.