The Fox and the Kingfisher

The Fox and the Kingfisher

by Judith Melleker, Robert A. Parker

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
K-Gr 3-- Daisy and Desmond live with their father on an English estate. When Mr. Reynolds announces his plan to remarry, the childen complain to the stable boy, a strange lad who has a way with animals. Through magic he transforms the children into a fox and a kingfisher. The passing time and situation make them long for home, and again aided by the stable boy they are united with their father. The story is well told and features simple, charming pen and watercolor depictions of English country life in the early 1900s. Hazy rather than richly detailed, they provide the perfect fantasy quality for this tale. The story contains many of the traditional elements found in children's literature (magic, a journey, a stepmother, and talking animals), and it also has a seriousness associated more with fairy tales than with picture books. The mood is solemn and deals with acceptance of death as well as possible intimacy with a present stranger. It is a book that eludes categories--a picture book, but not intended for the preschool group; a tale of death and destiny, yet from a child's perspective. --Regina Pauly, Burlington County Library, Mt. Holly, NJ

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5 - 9 Years

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