Frail Absolute

Frail Absolute

by Deak Istvan

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... you can benefit from reading this book only if you are ...
Christian, free of the shackles of ossified dogmas
Muslim, your Allah expects you to honour life in your fellow Muslims,
and in all infidels - Jews too, the same way, without exception
Jew, and even though Jehovah told you that your kind are the chosen ones, you dare to abandon your right to…  See more details below


... you can benefit from reading this book only if you are ...
Christian, free of the shackles of ossified dogmas
Muslim, your Allah expects you to honour life in your fellow Muslims,
and in all infidels - Jews too, the same way, without exception
Jew, and even though Jehovah told you that your kind are the chosen ones, you dare to abandon your right to rule the world
Atheist, and your non-existent god can't live side-by-side with the anthropomorphic gods organised religions promote
Part-Time Freelancer, and you are searching - in your spare time, for answers to questions like How did I happen to be here? Why did I
show up now? What is the point in all this?
Searching to meet the One who loved you into existence
In dire need of a trustworthy companion who is always there to hear you out and lend you a helping hand
Old, unwanted, discarded and society has no use for you
Looking for the light that nurtures you and heals all your ailments
Wanting to live for ever, expanding into infinity
Longing for peace, love and security in all your affairs
Ready to let the Absolute Force expand into what you are

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Frail Absolute

By István Deák


Copyright © 2011 Deák, István
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-7426-3

Chapter One

Violet Love

"Aren't you beautiful, Rozal? You are irresistibly attractive in your Biobody and superbly gorgeous in Violet," blurted out Yeshe, words flying out of his mouth un-checked.

He regretted his blunt reaction to Rozal's truly stunning look. Caught off-guard, he was not paying attention to what he was saying. He might as well finish it up—decided Yeshe.

"I love your perfect complexion; don't I know you from somewhere?" Yeshe asked, and promptly regretting his unimaginative attempts at socialising as soon as he half-finished his enquiry.

Something was stirring, deep down-down in Yeshe. Strange earthly memories were rushing back. He almost lost his Violet balance. Come to think of it, what was Rozal doing with her Biobody energised up so magnificently lovely like that?

"Do you like my look, Yeshe?" Rozal asked? Then she illumined in a smile of a thousand mysteries. An enchanted hand gently lifted a delicate veil off Yeshe's Biobody eyes. A flood of many lifetime's memories, strangely mingled, beautifully exciting, carried Yeshe away.

"I love you Rozal, Julia, Belle, Kamala, Charlene, Lhamu, Katrina, ... all those lifetimes! I never had enough of you. How did you find me here, Rozal?" Yeshe was losing the grounds beneath his violet legs; his Biobody was getting excessively agitated; he'd better cool it. He thought.

"I remember your lively cheerfulness, the playful sparkles of your easy-going mind. You were always there to lift me higher and light me up when I was in need. It is all over your energy, Yeshe. I decided to let it happen and go with it. I could not resist your pull anyway—even here. I now understand that during the many joys and struggles of our earthly lives, there was always something more than Bio-stuff that I loved in you." Rozal then exploded in flames of unconstraint love, embracing Yeshe, opening up and offering her essence. They knew each other then, this time in a new way as the Source lifted them up into its eternal Oneness.

Ghyph departing the Grid

"All new Violets are aboard, Ghyph. I also let Slow-Light Portal know about your jump. They wait for your leaving coordinates, including the start signal of your impending jump. They also need the convention mapping algorithms you wish to use to rebuild your Biobody in Slow-Light Universe," announced Portal Master.

Ghyph did not move to another Portal after she helped transfer all violet candidates to their incubator cocoons. She has reset ship's vibrations to its base frequencies after emptied its load. She always performs this task in preparation for boarding new violets who are ready to make the trip back to Slow-Light Universe—as Violets. Once arrived into Slow-Light, Violets assume a dual-mode existence. They keep a scaled-down version of their Biobody. It enables Violets to set up physical presence in Slow-Light Universe with limited capacities. They cannot reproduce—as an example, but they can communicate using ordinary language. However, their primary body is Violet, typically not-visible to creatures that animate Biobodies only.

"I received your notice, Portal Master. I am halfway through tuning and harmonising the frequencies of my precious guests. I will send you a note when I am ready to leave," said Ghyph.

Violet-U is a boarder-line Universe whose base conventions allow self-aware, intelligent beings to develop and use low-light Biobodies that can coexist with their fast-light violet bodies. This arrangement provides Biobody self-aware beings access to energy sources that support their Biobody needs while developing their Violet Bodies. There are cocoons available to candidate Violets. They learn the methods to customise the pace of violet body development to fit their unique nurturing and violet body-growing needs. There are no preset limits on how long a would-be Violet can spend in his, her, or its cocoon.

"I wait for your signal, Ghyph," replied Portal Master.

Why does Ghyph need a made-from-matter Slow-Light Body? You may ask. Well, she has business to do in BioUniverse. She wants to move around in those places, recruit intelligent beings for Violet Programmes, and promote trade and commerce among many Universes.

As one might imagine, jumping into and out of Universes is not a trivial undertaking. Ghyph has to reinvent itself into the Universe she is visiting. This involves putting in place energy exchange methods between her and the environment to let her exist there, and perform purposeful undertaking.

Take communication as an example; the BioUniverse has its own idiosyncratic properties. Bios have to create physical representations of their thoughts like written characters. Or they produce vibrating air to produce ordered sequence of sounds to transmit labels of thoughts. By casting them into grammar-moulds, they exchange that energy as a way of communication. It is an error-prone and altogether clumsy method but that is what they have. Expressing content through colours and forms, or using vibrating media like they do in their music, are noteworthy exceptions. However, Bios cannot send their thoughts to other Bios using thought-waives only. On the other hand, Violets do not need to turn their thoughts into physical signals to help them communicate. They encase their thoughts into aware light orbs. Implanting magnetised target coordinates, thoughts thus enclosed, find their intended recipients. Bios do not understand the basis of this method of communication; they consider such a proposal speculative.

"Hello, Portal Master. I have finished all preparatory tasks, and I am ready to leave. My Portal Identifier is VioPortal-37. Please turn off Portal Linking Circuits and release me into neutral," sent Ghyph the note.

"You are ready to go, Ghyph. Bon Voyage; Portal Master out."

"So long, Portal Master," answered Ghyph.

Violets, the live payload that Ghyph transports, are from various parts of the Milky Way—a few thousand from Earth. Three failed the qualification—one Earth-bound and two from other planets. Ghyph left them behind for another growing phase.

She collects applicants from planetary civilisations that are in the same star clusters of a specific arm of Milky Way. She does this for an efficiency's stake, of course. For example, she has been working in the Orion Arm in the last 400-some Orion Years (OrY). Ghyph figures, she will have work to do in this arm for another 500-600 OrY.

Ghyph is back in SlowLight

Back from Violet-U, Ghyph started growing its Slow-Light Body. Since she needs large amount of energy for rebuilding her Slow-Light Body, her favourite place to go is inside a star. She has access to plentiful electromagnetic, heat, light and other energies there.

Beings in BioUniverse have senses built into their bodies to feel the three space-based properties, also known as longitude, latitude and height. In addition, the convention may include time as well. Ghyph as a transport ship has to obey the conventions adapted by Universes she does business with. She needs seven Or Y to grow her body with a radius of 117 Kilometres. gFTG—alias 'Ghyph's Feeling-Thinking-Globe'—is the mind of Ghyph. It keeps its departure-body plans that it will need for building its body at re-entry time. It is a critical ingredient of Ghyph, enabling it to find its way back from its visits. It plays an important role in its normal business conducts as well.

Yeshe, one of the newly developed Violets on-board, was curious about how Ghyph handles inter-universe travels.

"gFTG knows everything there is to know about Ghyph," thought Yeshe.

"Hello Ghyph, I am interested to learn about the issues that you are facing with when jumping in and out of Universes. How do you resolve differences in conventions held in one Universe with conventions adapted by the other Universe?" Yeshe asked.

"The issue that you raise, Yeshe, is a fundamental consideration. There are stipulations the transporting methods must consider. It is important to preserve my systemic integrity when I jump, of course. While I am stationing in the jump-off Universe, preparing for lunch, I must receive cuing from sensors planted in the target Universe," replied Ghyph.

"How do you address a Universe to get that data? Are there entities that represent a Universe and have the authority to speak on its behalf?" Yeshe asked.

"You will learn that all entities—small and large, have Identity Orbs that uniquely distinguish them. I direct my queries to the Identity Orb of the Universe. These Identity Orbs are always open for business," explained Ghyph.

"Are these Identity Orbs aware? Are they intelligent, thinking, feeling parts of Beings?" Yeshe asked.

"Their degree of intelligence varies. In case of a Universe Identity Orb, its intelligence level is not comparable to yours since it is so much higher. These Identity Orbs answer my queries. Once I received that data, I start mapping the conventions that transacting Universes adapted as their 'nature's law'. This mapping enables transport rules to install the transformation methods I need for the jump. A single-valued role, a one-to-one correlation between energy models in the Universes involved, is the simplest, most reliable approach. However, there are instances when I need to set up a 'one-to-many' or a 'many-to-one' type mapping," continued Ghyph.

"Can you always get this data?" Yeshe wanted to know.

"There are cases where I do not have the correlation between certain Universes," answered Ghyph.

"Can you jump into an Universe whose conventions are incompatible with that of the jump-off Universe?" Yeshe rephrased his question.

"In cases where the two Universes are convention-incompatible, extra rules apply. Often this amounts to tunneling the energies of the ship out of the departure Universe into an energy-pattern in the receiving Universe. Transport methods I intend to use must ensure energy-equivalence between the two Universes. This is a minimum precondition. As an example, I cannot send matter-based energy into an Universe that does not support the space-time convention," said Ghyph.

"How is it possible for you then to traverse Universes whose conventions are incompatible?" Yeshe asked.

"Convention-incompatibility does not prevent me to go places, Yeshe. It does make the jump more demanding. For example, I map time-based sequences to causal dependency sequences, introducing the notion of time in the target Universe that way. Similarly, I must map features that define static space to a set of threesome characteristics the target Universe supports. In addition, I need to map ideas of 'mass', 'speed', 'acceleration', 'density'—to name some, to target Universe qualities," ended Ghyph.

"I noticed there are Violets on the ship who come from planets having various biological properties like atmosphere, gravity, and vicinity to their stars. How do you supply habitats to entities with these incompatible properties you collect?" Yeshe asked.

"Do you recall what did you see inside Ghyph when I collected you from Earth? Did you run into sections on the ship, dedicated to beings from gas planets? Did you see big lakes for the ones who lived in oceans of water or other liquid? How about people like you coming from a rocky planet, did you feel solid grounds under your feet?" Ghyph asked.

"Well, I thought everybody was like me, coming from a rocky planet with big mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans. Now that you asked about it, I remember there were people who preferred to levitate side-ways, back and forth instead of walking. I thought it was funny, but we did not have much time to socialise," remembered Yeshe.

"When beings, originating from different planetary environments, board the ship, they expect conditions to be identical with their originating place. I experimented with a set up that recreated the conditions prevalent on planetary grounds. That solution was complex and inefficient. There were too many subtle variations to attend to," explained Ghyph.

"You could have tried to collect only those at any one time whose environment was compatible. That way, you needed to create a ship that caters to beings floating around in a gas giant's atmosphere. You would collect people from rocky planets during another trip," suggested Yeshe.

"That solution is energy-inefficient since it would increase the number of trips. I never even tried it. I designed a simple solution. Inside Ghyph, the atmosphere contains all the environmental ingredients that candidate planets have to support life. As part of the collecting phase, I identify planetary civilisations I plan to visit and collect from. Next, I take all measurements of the environment. It enables me to engineer an adapter, custom-made to beings from that planet. It acclimatises Ghyph's atmosphere to beings who board the ship," said Ghyph.

"You still have to develop many customised designs to adapt beings you collect from various planets, haven't you?" Yeshe asked.

"That is correct. However, after a few trips, I have developed design patterns for most differing environments," explained Ghyph.

"I do not remember that you gave us special adapters. After we took the shower, we were free to go around, explore Ghyph," remembered Yeshe.

"Well, you do remember the shower, don't you? Do you remember that I asked you to look into a pleasantly sparkling light orb before you take the shower," asked Ghyph?

"Yes, I remember. The orb replied to me 'Welcome on-board, Earthling' after I stared into it. It then asked me to follow it. So I did. It led me to the place where I took my shower," answered Yeshe.

"You received your adapter during the shower. It covered your whole body like your skin. In all practical sense, I gave you a new skin. That is your adapter," explained Ghyph.

"You made us feel as if we never left the cocoon of our planet where we lived. A genius solution, Ghyph. I can see now how practical it is. You may need to make minor design changes only to your adapter models as you collect guests from new planets," recognised Yeshe.

"I appreciate the compliment, Yeshe. Are there any more questions you'd like to ask," wanted to know Ghyph?

"I assume that you preserve your body designs as you make transformations during jumps," said Yeshe.

"Yes, I indeed do that. Saving my departure-body design is great help. I can start regrowing my Low-Light-Body as soon as I returned—using my original jump-off plan, as an example," ended Ghyph.

An Agent from Continuum

Rozal and Yeshe, walking the corridors of Ghyph, came to a flower garden shortly after they stepped outside. Off their garden path, they sat down in the middle of a grassy ground, hemmed in by thick bushes. The place gave them privacy. They were still savouring their newly found love, and the fading memories of their shared earthly excursions. Strange, un-earth-like flowers infused the air with their intoxicating subtle, distinguished perfumes.

"Do you remember our struggle in the Himalayas, Yeshe," asked Rozal?

"Yes, Rozal, I remember. How could I forget the never-ending fight with Snow Leopards, competing for the scarce Tahrs and Yaks," asked Yeshe?

"I worried so much for your safe return from your hunting! That was one reason that I practised my faith diligently in that lifetime—I think. Those icy winds!! We could not keep them out of our house. However, the summers there paid for the troubles of those merciless, brutal, lengthy winters," remembered Rozal.

"We should have tamed Tahrs sooner than we did," remarked Yeshe.

"While you were young you preferred hunting in the wilderness. After having successfully tamed three families,—and Yaks too, we had a steady supply of milk which you could not bring back from your hunting trips," noted Rozal.

"Well, that was one of the lessons we learned in that lifetime. Collaborating with life forms around us can be a win-win arrangement for all involved," said Yeshe, sounding wiser than his self-image approved of. Maybe he was getting wiser, and perhaps it was his self-esteem that he needed updating.

Fjugue the Fractal

Rozal noticed it first. Fabric of space around them started to crumble, and fell away. In that space-less expansion, they became aware of a presence, but saw none.

"Might I introduce myself? I am Purpose Tuner from Continuum, juddered off my Parent Fractal. My clients call me Fjugue. We have received your call for service, and here I am. My I join you to discuss the services that we offer to our clients," asked Fjugue?

"Please join us, Fjugue, and let's hear the details about your services," answered Rozal.

"You've said that we called you; I do not recall ... How about, you, Rozal, have you called Fjugue?" Fjugue's strange introduction of itself puzzled Yeshe. Was its arrival, dropping out of a dimensionless void, ever unusual? Yeshe thought it was strange, and was curious to hear from Rozal, what was her take on it?

"Fjugue, I am confused just as Yeshe is. We'd like to know what Purpose Tuners do, and who Fractals are? We never heard of them," said Rozal.


Excerpted from Frail Absolute by István Deák Copyright © 2011 by Deák, István. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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