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by David K. Banner

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Ever wonder why certain events allow you to expand your consciousness or alter who you think you are beyond what you normally experience?

Through the power of Frameshifting, I'll show you how you can have access to this experience at any time, without adopting, changing, or fixing your beliefs! Along the way, I share

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Ever wonder why certain events allow you to expand your consciousness or alter who you think you are beyond what you normally experience?

Through the power of Frameshifting, I'll show you how you can have access to this experience at any time, without adopting, changing, or fixing your beliefs! Along the way, I share with you personal experiences I've had that triggered this shift in me. With the tools provided in this book, you can have these shifts too.

  • Discover unspoken limiting beliefs
  • Achieve higher stages of consciousness
  • Break free from the boundaries of ego
  • Understand people in your life empathically
  • Experience the pure joy of spiritual growth

    Praise for Banner's FrameShifting

    "For anyone serious about activating their inner brilliance, FrameShifting is a must read!"

    --Dr. David Breitbach, Founder of Bright Life U

    "David's journey has been eclectic, but his wit and courage have served him well and we are fortunate that he is willing to share what he has learned."

    --Dr. James Way, PhD Mentor, Walden University

    "Frameshifting describes a process to let go of your ego and discover your divine self."

    --Ken Maclean, author The Vibrational Universe

    "Whatever your personal development directions, you will benefit from Dave's journey and the insights he offers."

    --Robert J. Wright, author Beyond Time Management

    "FrameShifting is truly a life-altering book as it changed my views in many ways and increased my overall sense of awareness. I think that anyone who reads this book will find it beneficial in aiding him or her to lead a more fulfilling life."

    --Kam Aures, Reader Views

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    Frameshifting 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
    mochalove More than 1 year ago
    In the realm of human spirituality, the human ego can be the greatest hindrance to mankind and our spiritual development. All of us are so busy protecting our own interests by virtue of following our egos that we miss out on a better, stress free, fear free and more joyful life. According to author David K. Banner PHD, author of the book FrameShifting, if we use compassion and empathy to deal with others it leads us to higher stages of consciousness which in turn will make life for us a smoother road to travel down and keep us at the consciously expanded level we really are supposed to live on. The school of thought that building compassion for others has been expressed through a multitude of spiritual teachings. From Christianity to the Kabalistic teachings the message of FrameShifting has always been around and with the ever growing spiritual movement going on in the world right now FrameShifting couldn’t have come a minute sooner. The main tenet of this book concerns not only the ways to diminishing the power your ego has over you but also taking control of your higher essence for better living. This book presents the personal path that author David K. Banner took to expand his consciousness. His journey includes using the tenets of; Avatar training, Ubunto, Shamanism, Ishaya’s Ascension, Aikido and the use of Reiki attunements. Also included in this book are many useful exercises and activities to be used as tools for your personal FrameShifting. The many tools to be employed are broken up into three general categories; Body expansion, Emotional and Mental expansion. As you use the tools you learn to shift your frame by looking at things from another person’s “frame” or perspective. By shifting your “frame” or point of view you will build compassion and empathy and thus tap into your higher self. This is a well written book that is replete with useful examples of how the different procedures worked for the author and can be applied for anyone to use. I recommend this book for anyone seeking to develop into more loving and balanced being.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    David K. Banner is sharing his journey to achieve higher consciousness with the reader. The book is a summary of different practices and thought processes that Banner thinks may have relevance to other people who are on or looking for the path to discovery to wholeness. Frame Shifting is not about the shift, but how to shift. The first half of the book is about the ego and how to let go of it. He talks about energy vibrations and oneness with the universe. He moves into having empathy and developing empathy along with forgiveness. He gives tools for discovery more about yourself and others to develop, such as the Enneagram and Avatar, to develop the emotions and thoughts that Frame Shift a person into oneness or wholeness with the universe. The second half of the book is about practices which help expand consciousness through body awareness, mental awareness and emotional expansion. Some of the methods Banner offers are Network Spinal Analysis developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, shamanism, aikido, role playing and diversity training. He ends the book with spiritual principles that accelerate growth. Although, I appreciated the rest of the book. This summary of the principles of surrendering, stillness, and laws of attraction were the most interesting information in the book. This last section gives information on positive intention. It speaks of how your energy vibration effects you and others around you, and how it will effect your goals in life. Given any thought, these ideas are life altering. Banner summarizes the different methods well in an easy to read style. He gives dozens of references, quotes and excerpts for the reader. Truly, this book is packed with information. This book is new in only that it is giving the reader a history of one man's journey to wholeness. Sharing his journey is actually a step towards wholeness for him. For those of you who have been searching for a while, this book may be a refresher. For those new to the a path of wholeness, this book will show you another's path while giving you knowledge on how to start on your own.
    reader170 More than 1 year ago
    "Frame Shifting": A Path to Wholeness" By David Banner, PhD ISBN 978-93690-55-2 What is the journey to spiritual awakening like? Banner shares his path of spiritual awakening. Having been a management consultant, you would think he would be stoic, rigid, "business like". but I found his writing to be truly that of a free spirit. He takes you on his journey, sharing the higher teachings he received along the way. This book is filled with quotes and passages from other healers and teachers. That was one of the best parts of this book. It is refreshing to be so close to the wide words of other spiritual giants. His reference to "frame shifting" seems to me to be his journey to self actualization.the never ending process. Banner shares the ups and downs, the personal, and the professional sides of his life. He brings you into his fold. He willingly shares his mistakes, and how he learned from them. He teaches you to trust yourself. The book is written in a somewhat disjointed fashion as it really is a chronological diary of his experiences. He summarizes many spiritual teachings based on his experience. He discusses a subject and what happened to him, giving his subjective view of what worked for him, but he does such a broad brush stroke approach of sharing it and then, quickly moves on. He covers such a wide variety of topics, I found myself lost at times. He encourages all of us to remove our shackled egos and reach for higher consciousness. He encourages you to be in the moment. He shares many of his "ah ha" moments with his readers. I applaud his sharing of all these moments with us. The reading is light and I learned about many forms and spiritual methodologies but the book is not written tightly. It is all over the place. My feeling is that the book is like the author-- in a sense -- refreshing to learn about someone so passionate about climbing the self awakening ladder. I enjoyed several of the passages from the Dalai Lama, Kahil Gibran, and Mother Teresa. He identifies frame shifting tools like Network Spinal Analysis, and shamanism that have helped him mentally grow. Once said, he does not elaborate. This book was really about the author sharing all of the self help tools he has utilized. He describes his experiences with EST, as a shaman, as a Vietnam vet, peace activist, professor, and business consultant. This author is driven and I believe he shares his zealousness and tools so that others may benefit. He jumped around a lot in his life (so far) and on his spiritual journey.nothing wrong with that. It's just not a good guidance tool for a novice seeking spirituous enlightenment, but you will respect his drive and his love of the pursuit of it, I received a complimentary review copy.
    crazypsychobookloverLC More than 1 year ago
    Frame Shifting: A Path To Wholeness Author: David K. Banner Publisher: Loving Healing Press ISBN: 978-1-932690-55-2 We all know what we are supposed to do with our lives in general: achieve success, work hard, obey the law, honor our responsibilities and commitments, etc.. But in our society, most of us are not really given the answer to how to get there and how to define this often elusive success for ourselves. What about personal happiness and a sense of purpose? How do you come to define who you are and what gives you that sense of purpose and fulfillment? David Banner undertook a long, winding and often arduous journey within himself and successfully found his answer. We are fortunate that he chose to share this personal journal with us, and give us a blueprint for our own search for purpose and fulfillment. A buzzword in the business world now is "paradigm". The concept of paradigm is a set of beliefs or mental models that limit what you can see, and limit your area of experience and reference to what you do see. If you can't see it, you don't know it's there. Similar to looking out a standard window; you are limited to a specific viewing region. What you see out that single window is limited, but what you see out a bay window is a larger view with more dimensions. Actually step outdoors instead, and your view is greatly increased and clearer, with more available directions to look, and no restrictions by the frame of the window to block your view. It's a bigger frame on the picture, so to speak that adds to your view, thus the title of this outstanding work, "Frame Shifting". Step by step and with detailed instructions and thorough explanation, Banner covers subjects that include ego, the development of the ego, the laws of attraction, empathy, attunement, emotion, roleplaying, vision, God, spirituality and more. I especially appreciated the fact that while written with a view of God and spirituality, it doesn't endorse or embrace any particular dogma or doctrine. This makes the book applicable to such a wide range of people and the various life experiences and beliefs they may hold. It would indeed be a pity for a book this well written to exclude anyone. The number of people searching for just this kind of guidance is huge, and it's great approach and innovative view is a welcome addition to the current available studies in philosophy. I would heartily recommend this book without reservation. It offers a rare clarity into the journey of human existence and personal fufillment. I hope it garners the attention it deserves.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    This is a well written, must read self-improvement book. It is a great tool for anyone seeking spiritual growth. Frame Shifting deepens one's awareness of the process of wholeness. The careful reader would find here a change of perspective about life, relationship with self, and quite interestingly, relationship to others. David Banner has in yet another book, proven himself as a knowledgeable writer. He has done extensive studies and received numerous certifications in several consciousness practices and seminar trainings. In this engaging publication, David introduces you to the power of your inner self. Through his personal journey of growth and self-discovery, you are brought to that place of self-awareness or some form of enlightenment at the least. You are introduced to several practical systems for identifying and transcending the "ego identity" to the point where it does not "run" your life. David dares you to look at yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience IN a body, with a mind and tons of emotions. To hear more from David K. Banner listen to his interview on his book review by pasting this link -
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    David Banner¿s Frameshifting: A Path to Wholeness is one man¿s full-immersion journey on the spiritual path. Banner shares his tale of a lifetime of in-depth explorations of roads to fuller states of consciousness, and their remarkable effect on his psyche, as ego falls away bit by bit, and new awareness, insight and often radically different (and enlightening) perspectives about self and world emerge. The voyage described here is imbued with a sense of joy and wonder at every turn, and Banner is eager to share what he has learned, not necessarily for others to follow his particular path, but as a highly useful conceptual model for change and an inspiration to all who set forth to find their own unique way. His approach is that of one who forthrightly encounters the events in his life, even (or perhaps especially) when difficult times put forth a steep and rocky path, and Banner finds the lessons to be learned and the growth to be gleaned from the experience. In short, Frameshifting is a delightful read, a view altering experience, and a rich resource for those seeking a more fully developed consciousness.