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Franklin D. Roosevelt (Profiles of the Presidents)

Franklin D. Roosevelt (Profiles of the Presidents)

by Michael Burgan

A biography discussing the personal life, education, and political career of the thirty-second President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt.


A biography discussing the personal life, education, and political career of the thirty-second President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
Burgan's sixty-four page biography portrays FDR as a hero who navigated the nation through two crises, the Great Depression and WWII. The author touches on many of the major events of the dismal period from 1929 to 1945—the stock market crash, extraordinary high unemployment, hundreds of bank failures, and Hitler's madness. He makes a halfhearted attempt to balance an otherwise glowing description of FDR by mentioning a few of his policies' failures, such as the millions of poor African Americans who were shortchanged or ignored by New Deal Programs. Despite its laudatory tone, the book fails to give readers a sense of the qualities that made FDR an exceptional president. It doesn't adequately explain that the president was a skillful, flexible politician whose philosophy was to try one thing, and if it doesn't work, to try something else. He also sold his programs, in part, by using his charm, famous smile and optimism to win over the press and the public. FDR was an extraordinary president because of the extraordinary times, but Burgan fails to adequately describe the severity of the Depression and the extent of human suffering it caused. Finally, the author neglects to explain the legacy and effect of FDR's politics and policies on politics and government today. Readers are likely to come away from this book thinking the dead president is worth remembering mainly because he was the only president elected to more than two terms. Photographs illustrate nearly every page of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The book includes a glossary, timeline, and a short list of library and Internet resources, as well as a list of American presidents and their years in office. Part of the "Profiles of thePresidents" series. 2002, Compass Point Books, Cooper
School Library Journal
Gr 4-8-Good-quality photographs and clear, accessible texts create instant appeal for these presidential profiles. Each volume provides insightful chapters about each man's youth, family, and education, revealing not only how they launched him into politics but also sustained him through his political life. Burgan describes FDR's rapid ascent to national prominence in 1932, explaining how that election centered on Americans' hope of finding a leader to help them survive the Great Depression. There is a candid discussion of his bout with polio that crippled his body yet molded his belief that he could overcome anything. Subsequent chapters chronicle the war years and his legacy as the country's only four-term president. Disappointingly, there is little mention of Eleanor Roosevelt, a gross omission in light of her active involvement in his domestic and foreign policies. The presence and power of the First Lady are more evident in Heinrichs's volume. It chronicles our nation's 42nd president's bumpy personal and political life as well as his two tumultuous terms in the White House, where he by turns ennobled and disgraced the office. Whether discussing Clinton's intellectual prowess, his enormous personal charm, or his impeachment, the author is evenhanded and concludes that "Few presidents have suffered more public attacks than Clinton did. Yet no president gave the nation a longer period of economic good times." Both of these compact volumes are broad enough in scope to be useful to general readers and to students seeking information for reports.-William McLoughlin, Brookside School, Worthington, OH Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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Meet the Author

Michael Burgan has written numerous books for children and young adults during his nearly 20 years as a freelance writer. Many of his books have focused on U.S. history, geography, and the lives of world leaders. He has also written fiction and adapted classic novels. Michael has won several awards for his writing, and his graphic novel version of the classic tale Frankenstein (Stone Arch Books) was a Junior Library Guild selection. Michael has also worked as an editor at Weekly Reader, the classroom news magazine used in schools across the United States. Michael graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in history. When not writing for kids, he enjoys writing plays, and his works have been staged across the United States. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his cat, Callie.

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