Free-Choice Science Education: How We Learn Science Outside of School

Free-Choice Science Education: How We Learn Science Outside of School

by John Falk

ISBN-10: 0807740640

ISBN-13: 9780807740644

Pub. Date: 04/27/2001

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Teachers College Press
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Ways of Knowing in Science and Mathematics Series
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Table of Contents

Pt. ITheoretical Framework
1Free-Choice Science Learning: Framing the Discussion3
2Who Produces Science Information for the Public?21
3Achieving Scientific Literacy: Strategies for Insuring That Free-Choice Science Education Complements National Formal Science Education Efforts44
4The Use of Time and Space in Assessing the Potential of Free-Choice Learning64
Pt. IIResearch Case Studies
5The Effects of Early Childhood TV-viewing on Learning79
6The Acquisition and Retention of Scientific Information by American Adults93
7Investigating the Role of Free-Choice Learning on Public Understanding of Science: The California Science Center L.A.S.E.R. Project115
8Supporting and Documenting Choice in Free-Choice Science Learning Environments133
Pt. IIILooking to the Future
9The First Free-Choice Science Learning Conference: From Issues to Future Directions151
11Supporting Systemic School Science Education Reform in Partnership with Free-Choice Science Learning: A Texas Case Study174
12Free-Choice Science Learning: Future Directions for Researchers186
13A Practitioner's View on the Value of an Infrstructure for Free-Choice Science Learning199
AppFree-Choice Learning: Assessing the Informal Science Education Infrastructure, 1998 Conference Participants205
About the Contributors208

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