Free Me

Free Me

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by Emma Bunton

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Universal Uk


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Emma Bunton   Primary Artist,Background Vocals
Cathy Dennis   Background Vocals
Yak Bondy   Keyboards
Hugh Burns   Guitar
Simon Clarke   Flute
Danny Cummings   Bass Guitar
Paul Gendler   Guitar
Martin Hayles   Keyboards
Nick Ingman   Conductor
Fridrik Karlsson   Guitar
London Session Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Brett Morgan   Drums
Michael Peden   Bass,Percussion
Frank Ricotti   Percussion,Vibes
Ralph Salmins   Drums
Philip Todd   Flute
Paul Turner   Bass
Simon Hale   Conductor
Nicky Brown   Piano,fender rhodes
John Parricelli   Guitar
Paul Clarvis   Percussion
Luis Fonsi   Guest Appearance
Simon Ellis   Keyboards
Lisa Daniels   Background Vocals
John Thompson   Bass Guitar
Pete Murray   Keyboards
Peter Trotman   Bass Guitar
Pete Gordeno   Keyboards
Paul "Harry" Harris   Piano
Siemy Di   Percussion
Charlie Russell   Drums
Toni Leo   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Cathy Dennis   Composer,Producer
Yak Bondy   Composer,Producer
Martin Hayles   Engineer
Nick Ingman   Orchestral Arrangements
Tim Lever   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Peter Lewinson   Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Steve Lewinson   Composer,Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Michael Peden   Composer,Producer
Richard Studt   Orchestra Leader
Marcos Valle   Composer
Gavyn Wright   Orchestra Leader
Tony Taverner   Engineer
Simon Hale   Arranger
Mike Percy   Composer,Producer
Nigel Butler   Arranger,Composer
Ray Hedges   Composer
Simon Ellis   Composer,Programming,Producer
Alastair Gavin   String Arrangements
Emma Bunton   Composer
Keith Uddin   Engineer
Charlie Russell   Programming
Steve Price   Engineer

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Free Me 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Its been 4 years...4 years that the US has been Spiceless in every form and way...4 years since Melanie C (aka Sporty Spice) was the last Spice to release her CD give you...'Free Me'...pop music's fresh breath of air. Emma aka Baby Spice has returned with a fresh new 60's pop sound. This isn't actually her first CD, but it is her first US release. Though this CD is a long way from topping the charts, with the right promotion it just may conquer all our hearts! 'Free Me' kicks off with the title track, a slinky seductive 60's sound with such memorable lines as 'How I long to seduce you...' sexy yet classy. 'Maybe' is next and definitly one of her BEST.TRACKS.EVER. Its a fun fast pace pop diddy about the ups and downs of 'being in love'. This is the next single in the US and hopefully the original is promoted, because to remix it would be a sin! 'I'll be there' was her 3rd single in the UK and who knows here. Its a slower pace then 'Free Me' but still full of vibe and energy. Very sweet! 'Tomorrow' goes back along the lines of 'Maybe' with its fast beats. Very 60's! 'Breathing' is more like 'I'll be there' meets 'Maybe' it has spark but its a slower and sadder song. This should DEFINITLY be a US single. The next track is one of the most unique, misunderstood, and controverisal tracks amongst her fans: 'Crickets sing for Anna Maria'. This song takes 60's and Brazillian pop, throws in a dash of 'dance' and there you have it. VERY fast pace even more uptempo then 'Maybe'. Its a VERY unique song but one of her finest, it was the 4th UK single and though not one of her better selling ones (due to lack of promotion) it did bring her album back in the top 100 charts (it was released quite awhile after the album.) Its brilliant! 'No sign of life' goes back to the slow and seductive vibe, while 'Who the hell are you' goes back to the fast and sexy vibe. 'Lay your love on me' is one of her better tracks, its kinda like 'Breathing' only not as sad and way catchier. 'Amazing' is a duet and very sweet and 'latiny' at that. Emma never abandons her '60's vibe' through this CD though she does visit the Brazillian, Dance, and Latin beats. 'You are' is a slower and sweet song, while 'Something so beautiful' ends the 'non remix' part of the CD. Its a slow and sweet ballad but it was better on the promo CD (they mixed it up differently for the release in the UK and US.) Still good though! Im not a dance fan and I LOATHE remixes BUT her remixes are what got her here and the finish the CD. 'Free me (Dr. Octavo Seduction Remix)' isn't bad, it just doesnt seem right though...'Free Me (Full Intention Freed Up Remix)' is a little better and I think more club appropriate but again doesn't feel fully right. Overall this is one of the finest solo Spice CD's EVER release ANYWHERE! The 60's vibe is unique and in a catagory all its own. Emma has grown into a sexy woman but she never lost her class...a perfect CD for any music lover of any age!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I completely LOVE this CD! In my opinion, it's the best spice girl-turned solo artist cd! Emma is amazing solo. The music has a great feel to it. "Free Me," her first single in the U.S., is a great song with great lyrics, "Now Free me, Let me loose to love you, yeah, how I long to seduce you." I can't stop singing "Maybe" right now. It has this great beat to it and it's VERY catchy! I'm pretty sure it will be her second single. "Who the Hell are you" totally reminds me of the spice girls! It's nice to go back in time a bit. I completely recommend this cd to anyone who used to like the Spice Girls. I am very glad that she released this in the U.S. finally!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this CD. Like, in all honesty, back in the days when Spice Girls reigned supreme, Ginger was my favorite. But NOW that they're all solo and with no one else to back them up, I think it's safe to say that it's Baby Emma who's really making it on her own. Her voice is just so so pretty and a lot of the slower songs on the CD are too. As for the faster, funner (is funner a word?) songs like "Crickets for Anamaria", they're just awesome to dance to and/or sing along with , depending on your mood. They're definitely all really catchy and really upbeat but still really different, and each song has something cool and special to offer. Like I's just a really amazing album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this album. It has beautiful melodies and lyrics which make it lovable. "Free Me" is the first single off the album and its an really awesome song. Its catchy and really addictive. "Who The Hell Are You" is another favorite of mine. Anyone can enjoy this album and you can get it as a gift for your friend. A great album to chill to when your home and taking a break. A Must Buy!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The album was raved by Billboard, Rolling Stone, AOL, and many other high standard critics. Here is my track by track review of the stunning album Free Me. After Free Me has stormed the UK and Europe and many other countries in Asia and Latin America; it is finally comming to the USA! Free Me is one of the best pop albums to come out, ever, even said so by album reviewers of many shows and magazines. She will be on Regis and Kelly performing her hit single "Free Me" January 26, 2005! Check it out! 01. Free Me / A very good song, one of the favorites to my friends. Very good first single choice. 9/10 02. Maybe / Definately the most single potential track on the album, one of my favorites and definately my friends favorite. I hope it gets a good remix in the US to make it a sure fire hit. 10/10 03. I'll Be There / I love this song, period. This is a pure example of how this album defines a genre in todays music scene. 10/10 04. Tomorrow / A great song, romantic, would go well over on adult alternative stations and pop. 9/10 05. Breathing / US single potential, should be released in Europe if 19/Universal decide to release any more singles of the album. 9/10 06. Crickets Sing For Anamaria / Catchy, remake, fan favorite. Should have been a good succesful record? I think its the crazy almost english she is speaking. 7/10 07. No Sign Of Life / One of the better slower songs on this album. This track, if you were living under a rock in the UK, you would think it was Olivia Newton John. 8/10 08. Who The Hell Are You? A great 60's sounding pop song. Uptempo, would make a great radio/single sales hit. 10/10 09. Lay Your Love On Me / This is another reason to buy the album. It's full of amazing songs such as this one. 8/10 10. Amazing (feat. Luis Fonsi) This song is a big, um Frank Sinatra. Not one of the better ones, but some people will like it. 6/10 11. You Are / Not alot of people know this but, this song was not intended to be on the album at first, thank god they did because its a great song and only makes an awsome CD better. 9/10 12. Something So Beautiful / This is a prime example of her simplicity can be the ingredients for an absolutely awsome song. The way it's written, the beat, everything is perfect to end out this amazing CD. 10/10 Bounus Tracks: 13. Free Me (Dr. Octavo Seduction Radio Edit) The best remix to "Free Me" that could possibly be made! Im looking foward to this CD in America so I can have this song on an official album! 12/10 (Cause I can do that lol) 14. Free Me (Full Intentions Freed Up Radio Edit) Hmmm, whyd this put this on here? Dont we already have a remix to "Free Me" on the album? O well, it got play on dance radio so what the hell, put it on their! 8/10 (Would have much better of had a remix to "Maybe.")
Guest More than 1 year ago
Emma combines sixties music with a sexy pop sound. The music is nothing like the music she created as Baby Spice. She has completely grown up and her sound has matured. One of the best songs on album, Free Me, has two remixes at the end that are perfect for parties. They totally make the CD worth buying again if you were like me and already bought it as an import. Another great song is Maybe.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't say anything other than WOW! Seriously, you just have to listen to this cd to see what I'm talking about....this cd is just so different from other things in the pop world right now...My friend actually forced me to sit down and listen to this cd and I'm so glad she did! Try this cd out and you WON'T regret it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
After seeing Emma perform "Maybe" on The View- I knew I had to have this album. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! It is an amazing 60's dance, ecclectic, Brazillian, Britpop, 90's, 80's, and about every other genre- mixed album. Every song is amazing. "Maybe" and "Crickets Sing For Anamaria" are my personal favorites- but "Breathing" makes a very close third. I would say buy this if you liked Baby Spice-- and buy it if you hated the Spice Girls (like me!)- it will give you a totally new look on this woman. She is UTTERLY BREATH TAKING!!