Free Range Institution

Free Range Institution

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by Michael Haskins

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Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
Haskins's second Mick Murphy Key West mystery (after 2008's Chasin' the Wind) offers more gunfights than developed characters. On their way to a romantic lunch, journalist Murphy and his sometime girlfriend, attorney Tita Toledo, see Murphy's waterfront friend, Jay Bruehl, fall to his death from the roof of six-story Hotel Key West. Bruehl, a snitch, had tipped Murphy off about a big drug deal—and Hotel Key West was the site for a meeting of some Colombian traffickers. When Rebecca Connelly, an undercover cop who infiltrated the traffickers' meeting, goes missing, a Guatemalan priest, Thomas Collins, insists that angels have told him where to find Connelly. After Connelly turns up dead in the exact spot the padre named, both he and Murphy come under official scrutiny. Readers should be prepared for a stock plot with de rigueur corrupt officials and brushes with death. (Feb.)
Kirkus Reviews - Kirkus Reviews

Key West is afloat in drugs, bars, characters with shady pasts and jaywalking tourists resplendent in newly purchased T-shirts.

Journalist/sailing bum Mad Mick Murphy and his gal pal, attorney Tita, are lucky enough to be walking by when Jay Bruehl, a KWPD snitch, takes a header off the roof of the Hotel Key West. Naturally, Murphy tells a few lies to get inside info on what happened, and before you can say "Hog's Breath Saloon," Murphy is chugging beers with Padre Thomas, who talks to angels, and incurring the wrath of the sheriff, the police chief and various tough guys working for the DEA, the CIA and other federal agencies, although they'd rather keep their ties a secret. Then super-rich Key West honcho Carl Dey asks Murphy to track down his grandson Johnny, who's spent several years hanging out with drug-cartel types. Johnny, it seems, is somehow connected to the death of Bruehl and another DEA agent. Drinks are poured. Secret spooks appear. Padre Thomas sees more angels. Uzis and grenade launchers spew their deadly rounds. Will Murphy take a hit? You betcha—but not before he and various Feds set traps for Columbian drug-runners and turncoats well-hidden within the Key West commissioner's office.

The plethora of gunplay, cafécon leches and authorial silliness maintains the low standard set by Chasing the Wind (2008).

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A Mick Murphy Key West Mystery
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