Free the Animals!: The Inside Story of the Animal Liberation Front and Its Founder,

Free the Animals!: The Inside Story of the Animal Liberation Front and Its Founder, "Valerie"

by Ingrid Newkirk

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Despite a recent proliferation of animal rights books, this is the first to discuss the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The most militant of the animal rights groups, this group operates in secrecy and advocates such aggressive actions as breaking into laboratories to rescue animals. Author Newkirk, executive director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is one of the few people with firsthand knowledge of the ALF and is personally acquainted with the organization's founder, the pseudonymous ``Valerie.'' This is Valerie's story, the story of a woman who became so outraged at the injustices suffered by animals that she gave up her career as a police officer to found an organization which operates outside the law, if not actually against it. The details of military-type training, secret identities, and midnight raids make exciting reading, akin to a good adventure novel. Some readers will object to the ALF's militant tactics, but one is left with a positive sense of how someone with strong convictions can make a difference. Recommended as a good example of one of the more extreme viewpoints on the issue.-- Deborah Emerson, Monroe Community Coll. Lib., Rochester, N.Y.

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