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Free Trade

Free Trade

by Kathiann M. Kowalski

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Greg M. Romaneck
On the surface, free trade would hardly seem like a fundamental social issue that affects people all around the globe. Yet, upon closer review, free trade does impact people living in every nation on the face of the earth. The globalization of the world economy affects workers in sweatshops in Southeast Asia, white collar employees in America, farmers in South America, and virtually every other person striving to earn a living. Free trade has influenced basic governmental policies, international relations, environmental consciousness or disregard, and a host of other social issues. For some people, free trade represents an almost religious purity. Other people look at free trade as a universal evil. It is this economic system of action that Kathiann M. Kowalski tackles in this addition to the "Open for Debate" series. In telling this complicated story, Kowalski uses approaches common to this fine series. Readers are first taken back through the historical context of free trade. Then, significant developments influencing the growth and development of free markets are presented. Additionally, Kowalski presents the significant arguments and facts in favor of and opposed to free trade approaches. Lastly, the author of this insightful book catalogues the potential human costs and benefits deriving from free trade initiatives. Taken as a whole, this is a capably researched and informative work that will be an asset to students studying global markets. Reviewer: Greg M. Romaneck

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Cavendish, Marshall Corporation
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Open for Debate Series
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5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range:
13 - 17 Years

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