Freedom and the Future

Freedom and the Future

by Jim Ollhoff

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Children's Literature - Cindy K. Schofield
This title in the "Hispanic American History" series of six books is focused on the history and presence of Hispanic culture in American life. Beginning with a description of the roots of Hispanic culture and facts about countries of origin, population numbers and growth projections, the author then devotes chapters to the Hispanic presence in the civil rights movement, music, television, and sports. Hispanic individuals who made contributions in these areas are highlighted while personalities in various other fields are the focus of short biographies in the "catch-all" chapter "Other Hispanic Heroes." Illegal immigration is addressed as a problem for both the United States and the individuals who cross the borders. The immigration debate is briefly presented with enough information to facilitate a classroom discussion or family conversation. The title of the last chapter and the title of the book are not actually addressed anywhere in the text. There is no suggestion that Latinos are not free or are engaged in a fight for freedom. The unfair treatment of immigrant labor and prejudice are referenced in chapters about the civil rights movement and the leadership of Cesar Chavez in the organization of farm labor. In a summary of the value of Hispanic influence on the fabric of American culture the author shifts from the third person writing style throughout to a first-person "cheer." He asserts that the United States has always been a place where many cultures mesh and that everyone benefits from the "rainbow of riches" that Latino culture brings to the U.S. It is not clear if he is addressing Hispanic readers or all readers when he writes "These pioneers have taught us that with hard work we can do anything!" (p. 29). The book concludes with a well done glossary of concept words raised in the text such as "boycott," "census," "immigrant" and others. The index provides access to content primarily via a list of the names of people and places referenced throughout the book. The book is a good introduction to the influence of Hispanic culture in the U.S., the contributions of some of the more well-known Hispanic people and the difficulties still encountered in becoming fully accepted citizens of the United States. Reviewer: Cindy K. Schofield

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Hispanic American History Series
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