Freedom of the Soul: Whispers of Wisdom from Your Inner Being to Live a Life of Purpose by Liliana C. Vanasco | Paperback | Barnes & Noble
Freedom of the Soul: Whispers of Wisdom from Your Inner Being to Live a Life of Purpose

Freedom of the Soul: Whispers of Wisdom from Your Inner Being to Live a Life of Purpose

by Liliana C. Vanasco

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We are all beings of love and light, born into a divine partnership with our soul. Freedom of the Soul is a gift from Spirit that offers clear wisdom on how to reconnect with yourself and nurture that precious partnership so you can live a more inspired and purposeful life.

A powerful guide of discovery into this relationship with your soul, Freedom of the


We are all beings of love and light, born into a divine partnership with our soul. Freedom of the Soul is a gift from Spirit that offers clear wisdom on how to reconnect with yourself and nurture that precious partnership so you can live a more inspired and purposeful life.

A powerful guide of discovery into this relationship with your soul, Freedom of the Soul uses metaphors, simple and heartfelt exercises, and meditations to introduce refreshing and mind-opening insights and truths. As it gently guides you along the path to opening the doors to your soul, you can discover more about yourself, walk as partners with your soul, and become conscious of your light. Reconnecting with your true self is the way to a happier life, healing, creativity, and the transformation of your world.

Within, you'll master the tools needed to

• change the way you experience life;

• discover your inner powers;

• raise your vibrations to the frequencies of happiness, love, abundance, and freedom;

• understand how the issues of the outer world are actually inner challenges for growth;

• develop a deeper relationship with yourself;

• emerge more empowered and connected;

• thrive in harmony with the whole;

• become awakened to the energy of the universe;

• participate in the evolution of consciousness; and

• start living as a soul enjoying a human existence.

How would your life change if you could learn the steps to transforming your life from just an ordinary ride to a truly extraordinary adventure?

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Freedom of the Soul

Whispers of Wisdom from Your Inner Being to Live a Life of Purpose
By Liliana C. Vanasco

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Liliana C. Vanasco
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-0747-7

Chapter One

The Key Elements

The writing of this book was a beautiful process that I discovered and refined over the course of the two years it took me to complete it. The insights and teachings contained within its pages are easy to follow, however, for my own peace of mind, I'd like to share with you some notes about a few key elements that appear throughout the book. These unique elements are what give the book its magic; if they are not fully understood, the reader might be robbed of the full experience of reading this book.

These specific elements are the two voices (which I mentioned earlier), the meditation, and the two metaphorical instruments.

The Two Voices

As I stated in the Introduction, this book is the result of my opening up to the inner voice within me. The process of doing so developed in a way that created the best environment for me to quiet my mind of internal chatter and allow that voice to be perceived.

I use the word "perceived" because I did not always hear my inner voice as words; it also expressed itself through images, feelings, and sounds. Some passages in the book are graphic and colourful. I am trying to show you, as clearly as I can within the limits of the language, what I saw, heard, and sensed during the writing of those passages.

Each time I conducted a writing session, I followed the same process: I sat in my most comfortable chair, put on some soft music—my favourite is the sounds of the forest and the ocean—and then I performed a self-guided meditation to quiet my mind, discontinue any mundane thoughts, and connect and interact with my inner voice.

Sometimes our conversations would take the form of questions and answers. This was usually triggered by matters affecting my life at the time or topics that I had just come across in reading or elsewhere. Other times, I just wrote down the channelled messages I was perceiving. This book ended up being a mix of contributions from my outer and inner voices.

To distinguish between the voices, my inner voice's unedited input is set in the typeface Goudy Old Style, whereas my own ideas and contributions are set in Segoe UI. The difference in fonts will initially assist you in determining which voice you are reading, but after a while you will find that you can easily recognize the difference between the two voices from their words alone. The authority, wisdom, and kindness of my inner voice are unmistakable.

The discovery of my other voice is one of the outcomes that has most struck me in this whole experience. I had not been aware of its existence before—I'm sure most people aren't. For that reason, throughout the writing of this book, I asked myself repeatedly where so much knowledge and insight came from. I know now that it came from the light within me; it is a light that every one of us has. I know, accept, embrace, and trust this truth with all my heart, and I hope that you will, too.

My contribution and that of my inner voice combine effortlessly to allow information to connect with you on two levels: the conscious and the unconscious. Although it may seem odd at first to read from these two different voices—it was odd to me, I have to say—I can assure you that you will soon appreciate the contrast, which will greatly assist you in learning how your own voices operate and how to work with them to grow and move forward. I hope that as you read this book you will get to know, accept, and trust the voice within you, which is every bit as wise and powerful as mine is. You have only to consciously let it show.

The Meditation

I have also included in this book the self-guided meditation that I used during the process of writing. Meditation served as a bridge between my conscious and unconscious minds, my outer and inner voices. I surrendered so fully to the wonderful experience of meditating that many of the insights I received took place during the meditation, before I meet with my higher self or spirit guides. It is my desire to share this practice with you, not only for your enjoyment, but also for two other reasons:

1. Much of my writings are interpretations of the feelings, images, sounds, and colours of that I experienced during these meditations. In various instances, I have included parts of these meditations in the book to introduce certain given topics or subjects. Therefore, it makes sense for me to provide you with the context of that meditation to make it easier for you to understand what you are reading.

2. I have been using meditation since long before I decided to write this book. I meditate every time I seek inner guidance or to connect with my spiritual side. I'd like to share the practice with you in case you desire to use it for the same purpose. You'll find that as you go, you will adapt the activity to your own liking, adding elements, removing others, finding your own place to meet your higher self, and most importantly, making it uniquely yours.

The Eagle and the Man

I tell a metaphorical story in Chapter Three whose message runs through the first part of the book: the story of the eagle and the man. The purpose of this story is to encourage us to bind together pieces of its message by using our imaginations rather than logic. If you try to interpret the story with your logical mind, you will—as I did—struggle to see the wisdom behind the metaphor. However, if you let yourself fantasise, as a child would, what the story is telling and showing you, then you will reap the benefits of its message.

The man represents our human nature, our physical being. The eagle represents our spiritual, nonphysical being. At the beginning of the story, the eagle enjoys being spirit while the man struggles with his human life, unaware of his inner light. Then the man realises that something is missing within himself. He embarks on a journey to discover that something, his inner light. Finally, when he realises who he is, he is united with the eagle, his soul, and he learns to live in partnership with it, as one.

The man represents both men and women, all physical beings on this planet. Since the beginning of time, across a range of beliefs, philosophies, and cultures, the eagle has been a symbol of strength, courage, wisdom, enlightenment, and creation. The eagle also represents great power, determination, grace, intuition, connection with higher truths, and the ability to see the overall pattern of life. In our story, the eagle represents the soul, which connects the lower nature (the physical self) with the higher nature (the divine self).

I hope this information adds to your understanding of this metaphoric thread and triggers you to search for your own meanings.

The Essence of the Book

This book is the story of the soul's journey, told from the soul's perspective. Not only do the author's words fill the pages, but also the author's transcriptions of channelled thoughts.

Many of you talk about being "a spiritual being having a human experience," but do you understand what that really means? You will discover the answer in the pages of this book. You will also find answers to other important questions like these:

How is a soul born?

What is a soul's purpose?

What is the relationship of the soul to its human expression?

What is man's journey to the light?

Is there available help to guide man on that journey?

How do you live life more consciously, as a powerful soul?

There are also some insights in this book on the so controversial year 2012, and beyond. This year marks the beginning of a new era, a new consciousness called the "Era of Light."

All readers who pick up this book are, with awareness or not, already on their journeys to the light; they will find this book enlightening, refreshing, instructive, and awakening. In some of you, it will awaken the leader within, inspiring you to go further and to share your discoveries; in others, it will consciously light the flame that is the desire to initiate or continue the journey from darkness to light. Everyone, even those not on a spiritual path, will benefit from these teachings as they provide information and insights on everyday issues that are usually created by ego-driven ways of life.

This book is a gift from us—being of light, and God—to you, our physical expressions, who have forgotten your way and need a torch to bring you back on track to rediscovering who you really are. In this rediscovery, we all contribute as one to the growth of universal consciousness.

With all our love.

Chapter Two

Purpose and Content

The Purpose of This Book

Everything in life has a purpose, a reason to exist—this book is no exception. I discovered its purpose from the very experience of writing it, and my inner voice and I would like to share with you.

I came up with the title Freedom of the Soul long before I started writing the book. I chose the word "soul" because the book essentially relates to your inner being, your higher self, the non-visible part of you. I chose the word "freedom" because it also addresses your ability to liberate yourself from the restrictions and limitations that rule your life by exposing, exploring, and acknowledging that something inside you. Thus, "freedom of the soul" perfectly summarises my intention in this book to show you how to understand, connect to and unite with your soul, and ultimately acknowledge that when you free your soul, you become conscious of your light, and at that moment start living as "soul" in your human existence.

The purpose of this book, therefore, is simple and clear: to bring forth this truth so that you can finally accept that you are actually a spirit having a human experience, and to offer you principles for understanding, connecting with, and developing your inner nature.

We intend for you, as you read these pages, to become progressively contented with the idea of getting in touch with your soul, so that as you allow yourself to engage more in your journey of self-discovery, you will feel comfortable with the connection. Thus, you will begin to open doors through which your soul can shine into your everyday life. As you realise the infinite ways that you can be soul in this human existence, you will gradually learn to master the journey of your life and you will gradually learn to feel connected with the universal consciousness creator of everything that exists: the galaxies, your planet, including you. This divine consciousness, addressed as Source or God throughout the book, is the invisible, powerful and infinite life force that lives within you and never dies.

The Soul's Message

The messages in these pages are of profound wisdom and grace. They talk about change, strength, willpower, and freedom of the soul. Do you believe that it is possible to let your soul be free while you live your human life? You need to truly believe it to be able to allow it to happen. Next, you must live it in order to inspire others to do the same.

The purpose of this book is to guide you to find your essence, your core. Once you have achieved that, you can achieve anything. You can do it—do not doubt that.

Support yourself with both patience and appreciation for where you are at any given time. These are the best allies to help you to stay on track and not give up. If you can keep on going, despite any hesitation or fear, you will discover an amazing journey of growth. Be open to receiving your soul's message; be loving and the rewards will be unmeasurable.

Once upon a time there was light, and the light became human, and then man forgot he was light, all-powerful light. Now it is time to remember, and by doing so, man will obtain the freedom he was born to seek.

I am sitting here writing these words with the intention of bringing, through the light, clarity about the essence of men and about who you are. Because that is the eternal question: who am I? You are yourself, and you are everything. I am writing these words to help you on your quest. I am pondering the best way to clearly present these messages so that you can follow them without error.

It doesn't matter which channels I use, which words you interpret, or how you choose to understand our messages—the only thing you need to do is trust in your ability to be creator of your own life. You persistently undermine yourselves as being limited, "only human." All the messages in this book are meant to help you regain trust in your divine power. Once you find your way back into that feeling of trust, you will understand and accept that everything you desire is already available to you, waiting to be taken and enjoyed.

The purpose of this book is to help you change the way you experience life by reconnecting you with your soul. When you accomplish this, life will change before your eyes.


A Closer Look

This section is an overview of the book, showing you how the information is organized so you can easily access the chapters you want according to your own situation. Each part of the book focuses on a specific aspect of the journey of self-discovery.

Part I provides an overview of the book's content and prepares you for the journey. It explains key elements and information that will aid understanding and enjoyment of the book.

Part II takes you straight into the spiritual realm and gives you a strong foundation for the rest of the journey. This section explores our inner nature. It explains topics such as the birth of a soul, our vibrational being, and the steps to happiness. It also sheds light on the concepts of purpose, destiny and destination, the flow of life, and the building of a partnership with the soul.

Part III is an invaluable tool kit: the guide, the roadmap, the vehicle, the fuel, and the purpose for the journey. This part describes clearly and concisely the nine inner powers that everyone is born with, and includes practical and easy-to-apply methods of incorporating these powers into daily life.

Part IV offers new perspectives on how to deal with life issues and empower oneself. It allows you to put into practice what you have learned so far through soul-based alternative approaches to some of today's common challenges. This part explores and analyses the way we experience life, the need to slow down and simplify, sleeping problems, and the quality of the bonds we create with the surrounding world.

Part V fully opens the doors to the soul by acknowledging you as an awakened being, a teacher, leader, and student in the "Era of Light," the new era of conscious evolution. It introduces spiritual and life truths to support you in your desire to participate in the awakening process. This information will enable you to further your connection with your inner self, higher levels of consciousness, and the entire universe.

Part VI challenges you to take control of and responsibility for your life by making better choices, rather than becoming dependent on the dictations of your ego, that is, living in autopilot mode. This part of the book encourages you to celebrate your newly enhanced awareness, and motivates you to initiate change with some simple actions that will start you on the road to freedom.

In the Appendix, you can find information about my self-guided meditation and how to meet your spirit guides. For the reasons explained in Chapter One, I suggest you read my self-guided meditation before you dive into the text. If you are already familiar with the practice of meditation, I urge you to include my meditation in your routine, as it will enrich your experience and open new doors to the spiritual realm. If you do not meditate, do not see this as a downside, but as motivation to begin practising this wonderful activity. My meditation may be slightly advanced for a beginner, but it should entice you to begin simple meditation—eventually you will be able to perform this specific meditation.

One piece of advice based on my own experience: do the suggested exercises, even though it means stopping your reading until you notice some results. The exercises will produce changes within the fabric of your being that no amount of reading alone can achieve. If you prefer, you could first read the whole book to familiarise yourself with it, and then read it a second time (or third or fourth) and do the practices then. The real journey is the growth you will achieve by engaging in these activities.

Some Housekeeping Before You Commence

Finally, before you start, consider the following important points, which might enhance your experience of Freedom of the Soul:

1. The main goal is to enjoy the journey. Don't worry about whether you fully understand what you are reading, or even whether you believe it. Do not worry about whether you are doing the exercises correctly or getting results fast enough. Rid yourself of any expectations about how much you should achieve and instead immerse yourself completely in the journey of self-discovery. It might take you a few reads of this book and many rounds of exercises, but are you in any hurry?

We are all at different stages of our journeys, and for that reason, we grow at different rates. Everyone processes concepts and skills differently, in unique and appropriate ways. Even if you don't see obvious results, changes are happening in your unconscious self. They will eventually be noticeable, and in time, you will discover a powerful new person, a new awakened you. Trust me.


Excerpted from Freedom of the Soul by Liliana C. Vanasco Copyright © 2012 by Liliana C. Vanasco. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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