Freedom to Learn / Edition 3

Freedom to Learn / Edition 3

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by Carl R. Rogers, H. Jerome Freiberg

ISBN-10: 0024031216

ISBN-13: 9780024031211

Pub. Date: 01/21/1994

Publisher: Pearson

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Table of Contents


1. The Challenge of Present-Day Teaching.

2. Why Do Kids Love School?

3. As a Teacher, Can I Be Myself? Responsible Freedom in the Classroom.

4. A Sixth-Grade Teacher Experiments.

5. A French Teacher Grows with Her Students.

6. Administrators as Facilitators.

7. Other Facilitators of Freedom. For the Teacher.

8. The Interpersonal Relationship in the Facilitation of Learning.

9. Becoming a Facilitator.

10. Ways of Building Freedom.

11. The Politics of Education.

12. Is There Discipline in Person-Centered Classrooms? What Are the Facts?

13. Researching Person-Centered Issues in Education. The Philosophical and Value Ramification.

14. A Modern Approach to the Valuing Process.

15. Freedom and Commitment.

16. The Goal: The Fully Functioning Person. A Montorium on Schooling.

17. A Person-Centered Perspective on Transforming Education. A Road Less Traveled.

18. Some Reflections.



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Guest More than 1 year ago
You're a teacher and you've never read this book? Read it. You won't be able to put it down. You'll feel free. You'll discover entirely new dimensions of teaching. Your students will think you're crazy. But they'll eventually appreciate it.