Freespirit: At Last I Am Free to Be Me

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Who am I?

When you are able to answer this timeless question, you are ready to truly become one with God. Now you have the keys to transform your life into a journey of peace, success, and adventure. Freespirit offers skills, insights, and inspirations aimed at sweeping you along on a life-changing journey to profound personal understanding. God is not an outside entity you should bow down to or fear; God is a part of you.

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Freespirit: At Last I Am Free to Be Me

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Who am I?

When you are able to answer this timeless question, you are ready to truly become one with God. Now you have the keys to transform your life into a journey of peace, success, and adventure. Freespirit offers skills, insights, and inspirations aimed at sweeping you along on a life-changing journey to profound personal understanding. God is not an outside entity you should bow down to or fear; God is a part of you.

This guide provides many valuable and powerful lessons, including ways to

• become one with God (or Consciousness);

• understand your true purpose;

• comprehend the value of your life;

• transform negative situations, beliefs, and conditioning into journeys of light, peace, success, and adventure; and

• appreciate the healing powers of affirmation and meditation.

Within these provocative life lessons-and more-are the doorways to understanding. Once you learn how to trust that everything happens for a reason, you can raise your awareness as you trudge through even the harshest lessons. The world is what you believe it to be, so why believe in anything but the best for yourself and your loved ones? Life is a journey of growth and expansion. Are you ready to live your life with joy?

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781452509716
  • Publisher: Balboa Press
  • Publication date: 4/5/2013
  • Pages: 148
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.32 (d)

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At Last I Am Free to Be Me

By Judith Wilkinson-Zornig

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Reverend Judith Wilkinson-Zornig, MMSc
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-0971-6




I was musing, things are very sad and lonely
It just didn't seem worthwhile
A voice from my precious candle says
"Yes! It is so, you have come for love
Love makes it all worthwhile
The wind in the trees
The waves on the sand
The birds in the sky
They all search for Love
Love makes it all worthwhile
A smile from a stranger
A hug from a friend
The song in your heart
The fresh fragrance of the flowers
Love makes it ALL, worthwhile
The due drops on the grass
The raindrops on the roof
A warm winter's fireplace
The Rose in the Garden
The hand of a friend
Love makes it all worthwhile


As a psychic, clairvoyant, and spiritual teacher, people often ask me what channelling is. Channelling is allowing spirit to merge with your mind and, in some instances, your body in order to bring information through to this realm from other realms of consciousness. A channel or medium simply relaxes and enters into an altered state of consciousness, which is attainable through practicing meditation. In this higher state of consciousness and awareness I may add, one can experience many different realms and spirit worlds. Realms and worlds of differing vibrations, colours, sounds and energies are available to the psychic traveller, this also includes what is known as astral travelling. Through meditation, one can still one's mind enough to allow communication to take place with deceased friends, relatives and also the spirit of a higher consciousness or evolution. Whilst in this state of peace and tranquillity, the medium may also experience the consciousness of higher intelligence of all the worlds in which spirit exists. It is not uncommon to contact a spirit guide or relative in these states of higher consciousness and to relay information that may help people in this world. As I said earlier, it is also quite easy to merge with another spirit, allowing that spirit to use the voice and body as a vehicle to communicate directly with other earth beings. The medium relaxes to an even greater level, which is like a trance state, and steps aside; so that another entity can enter and relay the messages it wishes. This is known as trans-channelling or being a trans-medium. Often the medium has no recollection of what has been said and has experienced a very peaceful, sometimes, picturesque and vivid time. Usually there are no ill effects to the body or the mind; however, if one has never experienced channelling before, this can allow cause for concern, and it is best practiced with the assistance of an experienced channel or medium.

Channelling can also take many other forms, such as spiritual healings; inspirational writings; psychic art and drawings; music- and song-writing or any inspired, usually creative activity. Spiritual healing is channelling energy or healing vibrations to another part of your body; or to another person or other people. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing; that uses symbols and the channelling of energy to other people and situations. Many forms of art, poetry, songs, and music are channelled. Sometimes, the medium is unaware as to where the information is coming from; he or she may just feel an urge to express themselves, writing beautiful verse or poetry and even books as well as songs with great depth and feeling. Usually, channelled works just flow and require very little thought or planning. More often than not, they have a special message that will reach and touch many people. Readings are usually channelled, particularly if the medium is contacting relatives who have passed over. These events are; actually seeing into the future or into past lives.

Some people have a natural affinity with the spirit world, or they have innate abilities to see into different realms, but even they may take on meditation and different courses to enhance and understand their abilities. When working with an experienced teacher, or medium, many more doorways can open up. This is even the case for the most gifted of mediums, psychics and channells. Through understanding different processes, healing one's own mind, emotions, and soul, many people explore different realms, and experiences with a goal of becoming healed. These experiences can lead to becoming a clear and perfect channel of the light. As people undergo different processes along what is quite often referred to as a spiritual path with the goal of enlightenment, or Christ consciousness; or even ascension, they experience many different facets of the human experience, and spiritual and psychic realms. These experiences help people to grow in their consciousness, awareness, and understanding.

I must add at this point that there are other energies and entities that may not be of the light; however, they too have their purpose in creation. One can find doorways into these realms as well, and quite often a light-worker will experience in some degree the negative or darker forces in order to accumulate greater experience and understanding. All of these experiences lead to greater knowledge and ultimately wisdom. Remember that the journey that life takes you on and your experiences into the astral and spiritual worlds all come down to your intent and your perceptions of what is real. Always take personal responsibility for all of your experiences, whether they are pure entertainment or an opportunity to learn and grow. These experiences can shift perceptions, transform beliefs and negative conditioning causing blocks and fears, yielding results in the way you think and act. Understand that nothing can harm you unless you allow it, unless you give it power.

All people have an ability to communicate to the higher realms. This can be as simple as saying a prayer. All people have an ability to receive and channel information from these realms. Some may have naturally developed gifts:—others may have to learn meditation, yoga, or some form of relaxation to develop these skills. All can communicate with spirit if they can put their egos aside for a few moments and are open to existence in all of its many forms. The quickest method is through the heart. This is the most accurate and uninfluenced form of connection with other entities in any realm. The heart never lies, deceives, or tries to hurt anyone, including its owner. This is unlike the mind, which will even deceive itself if given half a chance. The mind delves into illusion very quickly and is unable to feel the consequences of its actions or thoughts. Meditation helps to slow the mind down; so that one may get just a glimpse of truth. Once the truth is penetrated, life can take on a whole new experience of grandeur. There is a reality, or truth, which does not change, alter, or grow. The truth is Truth and in order to attain that, which does not alter, we must rise above our personal perceptions. Our personal truth is our belief system. We need to enter into the light of the highest vibration or consciousness, into God's mind, to know and understand Truth, clear, precise Truth.

People suffer greatly after the loss of a loved one. Many may say it is the greatest pain they have experienced. This is learned through our society and conditioning:—it also stems from not understanding the process of life. Due to many different reasons, people are reluctant to get on with their lives when someone close has passed. Some of these reasons may include guilt, not living their own lives, or not taking responsibility for their own lives. Grief comes in many forms and for many reasons; and is experienced most of the time for selfish reasons. In Islamic traditions and some Eastern and ancient cultures, people celebrated the death of their loved ones passing on to the spirit world—or dreamtime,—as it is known in some cultures. They knew and understood that many of the hardships, tests, and trials that we experience on the earth plane are not experienced in other realms where total, unconditional love is the only energy, which resonates to higher evolvement. When people can grasp an understanding of the spirit world, they may realize that our loved ones can be and are closer than they were, even on the physical plane. Sure, we can grieve because we miss them, but we should be honest and acknowledge it for what it is—we miss them. It is our loss of them, not theirs of us, and in channelling, one can receive a greater understanding of people who have passed over and their inability to contact us, to let us know that they are in fact so close; and that they understand and see more than we can. Don't wallow in grief, for they are certainly not lost. Speak out your feelings and know that they will hear and understand how much you love them, even if it was hard to show them during their lives on earth. Know and understand that they love, accept, and understand you, for they are in a world that consists only of unconditional love, and anything other than love is not real.

This life we are living now, is the illusion people speak of, that anything exists outside of truth, love and God. The illusion is what we perceive as hardship, tests, trials; the feeling of being separate, separated from God. The reality where there is Truth, Love and God; is when one has come to the realization that only Love and God which in Truth are One, is real. The story or the struggle of life is an illusion we have created to feel separated, to experience life, separated from God, where our lives take on an adventure to find God, Peace and Oneness, which in fact is Truth or God. In fact, God, has never left us; for God is the Light, the intelligence within each atom or molecule of existence. In fact only God is real.

If you wish to forgive your loved ones, then do so and forgive yourself at the same time; they forgive you. If you need forgiveness, know that it is done and the need is no longer. Forgive yourself, and celebrate in the experience. If you are lost, then find yourself, for you are not that other person, the person who seems confused, separate from God; and that other person will never be and was never you. Find yourself, the self knowing and loving, by looking within and become a whole and beautiful creation. Know that God created you to live the gift of life and love. Know that these words are truth or step into the world of meditation and channelling and experience this and so much more for yourself. These truths have been handed down for centuries, but it is sometimes hard to believe them when there is no evidence, until you experience them for yourself. Know that the reason we can't identify with spirit, as the spirit world really is, is so that we can experience life in this realm, and as we live this life, and as we learn, we evolve. The more we evolve with light and truth, the greater our beings become. Know that what you see in this physical dimension is not the entirety of your being; it is only an aspect of a greater being, experiencing the gift of this life in this dimension.

The purpose for channelling is to bring Truth and Light into a world of illusion, deception and darkness. The illusion causes us to not remember who we are, so we believe parents, friends, teachers, partners, and anyone who will give us an identity. We try to live up to others' expectations and desires without going within and asking ourselves that all-important question that just about every soul who walks in this third dimension wishes to have answered; "Who am I?" Then we begin to deceive even ourselves, trying to fullfil a role that may not have been meant for us, being someone that we don't know and this is why so often our lives feel lost and as though we are wandering around in a dark fog. When a problem is solved, we feel lighter, less burdened and clear. This is what Truth can do for each and every one of us. We can turn our worlds around, uplift, heal and allow joy to be our light. The clearer and more advanced or more healed the channel is; the more light and truth will penetrate their consciousness. This is how we can connect with spirit. You will have to agree that Spirit is pure and like attracts like. The clearer and more healed you are as a medium the higher the energies that you as a medium will be able to contact and merge with. Remember Truth is pure and its essence is God and this is exactly what we are aiming to achieve, Truth and God or what is known as Self-Realization. As we heal ourselves, our minds and perceptions, more light enters into each cell and light is a vibration, so as we heal our vibration raises. This is why we go through processes of enlightenment, in order to clear the lower self and mind of misperceptions and untruths and heighten our own vibration, which enables beings of a higher vibration to work with and through us to bring greater truths and understandings to the earth plane. People of a higher vibration are nice to be around, you can feel their ambience, you can feel uplifted and healing can and does actually take place, just by being in the presence of an evolved channel. This is how Jesus, Buddha and great healers and teachers can and do heal.

My hope is that I have given you the reader, information that may uplift and enlighten, or at least help to make you a little more aware. I hope you begin to ask yourself some questions to help you remember that you are never alone, spirit is always right there to help and to guide you, to listen and to give guidance and understanding even when all feels totally lost, spirit is there. All that you need do is ask. Ask for a sign, a message or even a miracle. But remember to be open to receive what you ask for and also remember that what comes from spirit is the best for you at that time. "Thy will be done" not yours, because spirit and God can see and know the bigger picture of our life's journey and what we have asked to achieve in this life. Sometimes, what we want and ask for comes, not necessarily in the form that we think we want. Always accept with gratitude and grace and know that the divine plan is unfolding for our greatest good. Be open to the belief that what is unfolding in our lives at any time may be greater than even we can imagine at this time. This is where we learn about Trust and Faith. Have faith that Spirit and God are working for our good and trust that in time all will be revealed. See God as our loving father, overseeing our life as it unfolds, hesitant to intervene unless we look like we may really hurt ourselves. Always ready to offer advice and wisdom but do we choose to hear or do we think we know better as a child does.

Know that you can channel information from the highest of realms, from spirit and spirit guides, angels, masters or even God, or whatever you believe God to be. All we need do is ask and be open to receive. Clear yourself of old patterns and thought forms and be open to Channel. The reality of Spirit, and other dimensions is so beautiful, perhaps even beyond our imagination. Why not enter into the path of Meditation, Channel and ecstasy. One leads to the other. The process of Channelling reveals so many truths, and denies our ego of all its fantasy. Experience Love in its most divine form and become a radiant channel to the universe.

I would like to add and acknowledge at this point that the information, insights and writings in this book were mostly channelled from my beloved guides (in particlur, The Lady of the Golden Rose) and light beings that help me through all my trials and tribulations, who see me through my weaker moments when I momentarily forget. Thankfully they have and practice great patience, tolerance and understanding. The love I feel when communicating with them far transcends all other love and feelings of any human nature. I take this opportunity to give thanks to all of my beloved spirit friends and helpers for their unfailing support and for everything that they have helped me to create and understand. Love you guys.



Truth as we know it is not necessary the Truth that is. Our Truth may shift and change. However it is important to grasp, speak and live our Truth as we perceive it. Then we may become strong in ourselves so that when Truth as it is, appears and we are ready and able to comprehend the Truth. Gradually we will believe and teach Truth as it is. Our Truth may change through many transformations throughout our Lives, always raising our consciousness and vibration.

Whilst preparing ourselves and our consciousness and our vibration, we grow and learn through many transformations. The ultimate goal is to be at one with the Truth, The I Am, The Source energy, The God Mind and illuminate peace and love. By this time, many lessons have indeed transpired and the only way to pierce the veil of self-deception, is to be hand in hand with God. And from this day—Judith—My precious Child you shall walk with thee, hand in hand and as you have fared the many challenges bravely and conquered all the dark side, and bathed and believed solely in the light—so shall the journey not falter here, but to continue on.

Excerpted from Freespirit by Judith Wilkinson-Zornig. Copyright © 2013 by Reverend Judith Wilkinson-Zornig, MMSc. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Table of Contents


Foreword....................     ix     

Preface....................     xi     

Introduction....................     xv     

Love....................     1     

Channelling....................     2     

Truth....................     9     

I Hear the Beat....................     11     

My Prison....................     14     

Accusations....................     16     

Betrayal....................     19     

Pain and Sorrow....................     23     

Faith—'I Surrender to the Bigger Picture'....................     27     

Forgiving....................     29     

Time....................     33     

Love is Not the Answer....................     34     

Eternal Love....................     42     

Stillness....................     43     

You Can't Fail....................     44     

Afraid to Love....................     46     

Inspiring Verse....................     49     

A Message from Archangel Michael and The Rose....................     50     

Peace....................     54     

Giving—Channeled by the Lady of the Golden Rose....................     57     

Time To Wake Up....................     67     

Know Thyself First....................     70     

Aloneness—The Greatest Friend and Teacher....................     73     

The Truth Shall Set You Free....................     76     

Self Empowerment....................     79     

Freedom....................     82     

Oneness....................     84     

My Power....................     87     

Twilight Zone....................     90     

Time for Gratitude....................     91     

The Essence of Love....................     94     

One Man—One God—One Religion....................     95     

Peace On Earth....................     98     

Miracles....................     101     

I Can Fly....................     105     

The Rainbow....................     111     

Journey to the Light....................     117     

The Hand of God....................     118     

The Conclusion....................     122     

Prayer and Meditation....................     125     

About the Author....................     127     

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