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The French Maid: And 21 More Naughty Sex Fantasies to Surprise and Arouse Your Man

The French Maid: And 21 More Naughty Sex Fantasies to Surprise and Arouse Your Man

by Debra MacLeod, Don MacLeod

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These step-by-step, fully-scripted love scenes let you be every woman to your man.

Last night, your partner climbed into the same bed he did the night before, pulled the same sheets over his body, and kissed the same woman good-night. But tonight, he’s in for a surprise. Tonight, he’s leaving the real world behind, and stepping into the


These step-by-step, fully-scripted love scenes let you be every woman to your man.

Last night, your partner climbed into the same bed he did the night before, pulled the same sheets over his body, and kissed the same woman good-night. But tonight, he’s in for a surprise. Tonight, he’s leaving the real world behind, and stepping into the exhilarating world of sexual fantasy.

In The French Maid, male sexual fantasy is taken to new heights by combining erotic storytelling with powerful sexual techniques. This explicit handbook tells women exactly what to say and do to be their sexiest selves in bed. Each sinful fantasy provides plot, dialogue, and complete directions for consummating the wickedest bedroom scenes ever—no costumes or props required! Inside, you’ll find classics like "The French Maid" and "The Naughty Babysitter" alongside newly imagined romps like "The Mail Order Bride" and "The Camping Trip." The French Maid’s all-play, no-work approach lets any woman effortlessly bring her man’s secret fantasies to life. Surprise and arouse him tonight!

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NOTE: No costumes required. DO try this at home. Results guaranteed.
Library Journal
Many books recommend fantasies and role-playing for enhancing sexual relationships. The MacLeods, a Canadian couple bored of "tame" sex manuals, take 22 scenarios and give detailed instructions (i.e., script, costumes, setting, and stage directions) for playing them out. These scenarios include classic elements, from playing doctor to peeping and group encounters. The basic reference for this topic is Violet Blue's The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy. While it covers much more ground, it does not supply details or examples for exactly how to involve a partner in a fantasy. This is the strength of the MacLeods' book, although it is more limited in scope and contains no resource section. For larger sexuality collections. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Many men have fantasized about a massage getting a little out of control and becoming sexual. Who can blame them? The feeling of skin on skin and the deep, repetitive strokes are both soothing and stimulating at the same time. The fact that the masseuse is so close, yet so off-limits, is very arousing. Therefore, this is a situation that can easily cause a man's mind to wander and his thoughts to quickly turn sexual. In this fantasy, your partner is the unsuspecting but serendipitous client of a very ambitious—and amorous—massage artist.

If you have never played with sexual fantasies before, this is the perfect "first" fantasy to lead him through. It starts with an innocent back rub, and effortlessly progresses into a very erotic fantasy situation. Because it unfolds so naturally, you don't have to stress over how to make the transition from reality into fantasy. He'll never suspect that you had this experience planned. Also, this scene is relatively tame compared to some of the others in this book; there is no "dirty talk" and the storyline is straightforward. It will ease you into using fantasies in your sex life.

After your partner accepts your offer of a back rub, ask him to lie on his belly and then straddle his back. Make sure you're not wearing panties underneath your nightie. You want him to feel the nakedness between your legs when you climb on top of his back. This may surprise and arouse him in itself. Use a nicely scented lotion or oil to rub his back, but scented just enough that he will notice. A musk scent is great to set the mood for massages, and a favorite of many men.

Lean over and light a candle. Remember that a candle has the power to transform any dark room into a massage parlor. As an alternative, replace the white lightbulb in your bedside lamp with a red one. It may also be a nice touch to have preset the radio by your bed to a classical station, or to another favorite that offers relaxing music. If you are really committed, you can put new satin sheets on your bed to further contrive the ambiance of a massage parlor. Do what you need to transport your partner to the fantasy world, by making your bedroom look and feel a little different than it usually does. This will help immerse both of you into your "roles."

Begin the massage by rubbing his shoulders, all the way down his arms and to his hands. He might also enjoy having his scalp massaged or stimulated with a stiff-bristled brush. Give him some time to relax and settle into the soothingly repetitive motions of your strokes. Up until now you've probably just been talking about work or the kids, if you have any, but now you can begin to ease into a more sexual conversation that will give you an opportunity to slip into fantasy mode.

You can say something like:

Did you ever wonder what happens behind closed doors in some of those seedy little massage parlors? You know the ones. They're just off the street downtown, usually down a dirty flight of stairs. I can imagine what they look like inside . . . rows of private cubicles with heavy curtains drawn around them.

You want to get your partner thinking about this and letting his mind wander in more erotic directions. You want him to clearly visualize the type of place you're describing. No doubt the conversation will take on a life of its own surrounding the goings-on inside some massage parlors, but remember to keep rubbing and stroking his back all the while.

Lift yourself off his back, turn yourself around, and lower yourself down again so that you're facing his feet. Keep massaging his buttocks and legs as far down as you can reach while the two of you continue to talk about the less reputable massage parlors in town. Lean over and press yourself into his skin. Let him feel you getting wet against his back.

Turn yourself around again, and begin to grind yourself into his lower back and upper buttocks with more force and urgency.

Mmmm, that feels good . . . have you ever imagined what it would be like to get a massage in a place like that? I wonder if the girls ever want to climb on top of their customers, like this? I'll bet a lot of them do.

Pull your nightie off over your head. Lean forward so that he can feel your breasts against his back. Communicate your pleasure by moaning softly, since the sound of sexual excitement is arousing in itself. It is also important to remember to keep moving. Keep brushing your skin against his, sometimes so softly that only your nipples touch his back, and sometimes more strongly. Remember that you're an agile, lustful masseuse, so get into the role. Your partner will love feeling the movement of your body on top of his, and you will enjoy touching him this way.

Try to cover the whole surface of his back, even reaching behind yourself to stroke his buttocks. The more surface area of his skin that you can stimulate, the better. Vary your motions, too. When you are leaning forward, lightly kiss and lick his back. Drag your fingertips down it with a light, feathery touch, all the while rocking and letting him feel your wetness on his back.

Now start to be more specific about where he is and what is happening to him. Help him visualize himself as an active participant in this fantasy by providing clear descriptions, and by leading him step by step through the plot.

Say something like:

Imagine you're in one of those places, in the little private cubicle, lying on a thin massage bed. The curtains are drawn around you. Your body is being massaged and rubbed with long, firm strokes. Your eyes are closed and you're lost in your own relaxed thoughts. You don't even notice that her strokes are becoming more sexual.

Imagine that all of a sudden the masseuse climbs on top of you like this. You can feel she's already wet, and the moment she straddles your back she gets even wetter. You know she's enjoying it. And so are you. You don't know if you should say anything to her, but you have to be quiet, since there's only a curtain separating you from the other customers and you don't want to get caught . . . unless they're doing the same thing.

Lift yourself off your partner's back, and have him flip over so he's lying on his back. Position yourself so that you are sitting backward, facing his feet, with his genitals ahead of you. Let him look at your bare back and behind first, since he will be expecting to see your face. Again, lean over and rub as far down his legs as you can, allowing him a close-up view of your bare bum. Your belly will press against his genitals, but don't massage them. Enjoy the idea of what you are doing, and the sensation of feeling your partner's body in what may be a new way for you.

It will be a surprisingly erotic treat for your man if you have applied a temporary tattoo to your lower back. This will help engage his imagination and play to his sense of being in another place with another body.

When you're ready, lift yourself off your partner and turn around to face him. Lower yourself so that you are sitting with his genitals behind you, just behind your bum. Remember that you have not yet touched his genitals with your hands. His arms should be at his sides.

Sit straight up so that he can look at you, naked, for the first time, straddling him. He should be able to look up and luxuriate in the sight of your womanly form, so push your shoulders back to make your breasts stand out. Continue to move in a rocking motion, gyrating your wetness onto his skin, and moaning to express your pleasure.

Reacquaint him with where he is and with what is happening to him.

Are you picturing yourself there? In a dirty little massage parlor? You just went in for a massage, maybe hoping in the back of your mind that the rumors about those places are true. At first the girl just rubbed you down, but then she couldn't help herself. She pulled off her robe and climbed on top of you, rubbing herself against you.

You know that nobody will find out. You can just enjoy how wrong and how dirty it is to be doing this. This woman will never tell. The cubicle is so dimly lit that you can hardly make out her face. You can't remember what she looked like when you first came in, but now she feels so exquisite that you don't care.

Caress his stomach and chest with your fingertips and gradually begin to massage the front of his body. Don't forget his arms and hands. Lift each hand into yours and massage it deeply. Take one of his fingers and put in it your mouth, sucking it. Make the most of this sensation by flicking your tongue around his finger and bobbing it in and out of your mouth.

I'll bet you taste wonderful.

Put his hand down and reach behind you. Caress his testicles and squeeze them softly. Move your hand lightly up and down the back of the shaft of his penis; but don't do this for too long since you just want to give him a taste of what is to come.

Lean forward and cover your partner's stomach and chest with soft kisses, moving your hands lightly over his skin at the same time. Let him feel your nipples and breasts press into him as you lean far forward to kiss his neck. Kiss all around his neck and ears, moving ever closer to his lips. Finally, kiss him deeply on his lips. Kiss him hard and desperately, using your tongue and sucking on his bottom lip. Stop suddenly.

Can I taste you down there?

Turn yourself around quickly, and in one motion take as much of his penis in your mouth as you can. Take it out just as quickly.

This girl wants to make you come.

Take his penis in your mouth again while tightly squeezing the sides of his body with your legs. Your partner should be able to enjoy the sight of your bum bent over him, while at the same time feeling your mouth move up and down his shaft and your legs squeeze his sides with sexual urgency. Make sounds of pleasure while you are performing oral sex so he knows you like it. Combining sights, sounds, and sensations will give you both the best sexual experience possible.

You will have to gauge how long you can perform oral sex on your man. If you want him to come while you are using your mouth, let him know it is okay for him to do so. Take your cues from him. If you want him to come inside you, or if you think he would prefer to, do not let him get too worked up during oral sex. Sit up, turn yourself around, and lower yourself onto his penis. As with most fantasies, you can satisfy your own sexual cravings by working them into the storyline.

This girl has to have you inside her, she can't stop herself . . . she doesn't care if she gets caught, she just wants to feel you fill her up. And it feels so good to you that you can't stop either. You can't think of anything but how good it feels to be inside this girl you don't know, and how she's moving up and down on your shaft while you just lie there. You can't believe this is really happening to you, and you can feel a strong orgasm building.

Have your man remain still while you move yourself up and down his penis. Vary your speed; go slow and then fast and hard. Reach behind yourself and squeeze his testicles. Make sure he can tell by your moans and motions when you want to come and that you want him to come. By this point, it shouldn't take either one of you very long, and it should happen naturally.

You lie still as the orgasm takes over your body, and hers. The girl keeps moving up and down on you until your senses return. Finally, she climbs off the table. She cleans you with a warm, wet towel, then tells you that your time is up. You ask her how much you owe for the "extra," but she grins, and tells you it was her pleasure.

Afterward, lie beside your partner and tell him how good he made you feel. Let him know how much fun you had with this fantasy, and that you hope he had fun too. Teasingly foreshadow that it won't be the last one. Bring him a hot facecloth and wipe his face, body, and genitals off. It will feel great when it cools on his skin. Bring him a glass of water. Without a doubt, your efforts will spring into his mind many times the next day, and he will begin to anticipate what you have in store for him the next time. And be sure to remember that the smile on your man's face is from thinking about you, not the shameless masseuse.


1. All of a sudden, the girl climbs on top of you, straddling your back . . . you can feel she's a little wet.

2. The curtains are drawn in the little cubicle and the girl is lowering herself onto your shaft.

3. It feels so good and so wrong . . . you have to keep quiet or you'll get caught.

4. Nobody will ever find out, this girl will never tell.

5. The massage table is rocking as she bounces up and down on you in this dark little cubicle.

Meet the Author

Don and Debra Macleod are a married couple living in Alberta, Canada.

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