Friend Me: Turning Faces Into Lasting Friendships

Friend Me: Turning Faces Into Lasting Friendships

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by Donna Carter

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From Virtual Friends to Authentic Relationships…With the rise of social media, more of us are managing our relationships online instead of in person. Technology that was meant to make communication easier and faster for busy people may have met its goal, but often at the expense of intimacy and meaningful conversation. In many cases, friendship has become a


From Virtual Friends to Authentic Relationships…With the rise of social media, more of us are managing our relationships online instead of in person. Technology that was meant to make communication easier and faster for busy people may have met its goal, but often at the expense of intimacy and meaningful conversation. In many cases, friendship has become a status decided by the click of a mouse. Kindling a relationship or cutting one off is as simple as "friending" someone or removing that person from your list. And someone with a thousand-plus online pals may be the loneliest person on the planet.

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Donna Carter has a unique ability to synthesize life experience into digestible life lessons. She is sought after as a speaker in Canada and internationally because of her clarity, humor and the light-bulb moments she triggers for women seeking help on their spiritual journeys. Donna grew up in a family of girls and has always loved to be with other women. She has often been known to say, "A good women's event has to involve laughing, crying, and hugging." In other words, having fun, letting our emotional guard down enough for truth to deeply touch us, and experiencing community with other women are values Donna holds dear. These are the things she seeks to facilitate where ever she speaks. Donna has spoken in small Bible study settings, large conference settings, and the retreat settings that fall in between. She also loves outreach events and has an ability to present the gospel in a clear, "seeker-friendly" way that is well received by many different types of audiences. Donna's passion is to be real, get down to real issues, and explore how God's Word speaks to those issues. Donna lives in Calgary, Canada, with her husband, Randy, who is a youth speaker, and her two daughters, Kendall and Kevann. Her first book, 10 Smart Things Women Can Do to Build a Better Life, was released in the fall of 2007 and is now being distributed in five countries.

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Friend Me: Turning Faces Into Lasting Relationships 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
onedesertrose More than 1 year ago
With the multiple social medias available, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., people are developing ‘friends,’ but they aren’t necessarily the close friendships every one needs. Donna Carter, in Friend Me, addresses the important issue of developing true face-to-face friendships, the kind with ‘skin on’ as kids would say. The author indicates that friendships take time to build up, maintain, and even repair at times. She goes into detail on how to accomplish this interaction. Every one needs a friend, but with so many women at work or doing the social Medias, it has become harder for women to make these friendships. But they are vital to our lives. Her book is divided into four parts: The Power of Friendship-Everyone needs a friend The Portrait of Friendship-Being there for one another The Path of Friendship-Building good friendships; identifying toxic friends The Privilege of Friendship-The Ultimate Friendship, when you can’t find a friend Some of the topics addressed include bonding, availability, authenticity, affirmation, acceptance, accountability, seasons of friendships, grace, forgiveness, etc., all of which play a part in friendships. The author does an excellent job of pulling all the pieces together, examining yourself as well as the other person, whether you are a good fit. Her humor can help you break down the walls that may hinder a friendship from developing. Friends come from unique places we may not necessary be looking. Keep your heart open to the Lord’s leading. She wraps up her book with the Ultimate Friendship and how to respond to His friendship. This is a good book for a Bible study group, but also for those who move about and must seek out new friends in a new community. Special thanks to Cathy Hickling for sending me a review copy for free in exchange for my honest review. No monetary compensation was received.
sunflower_faith More than 1 year ago
In today's technological age, mass moves due to re-assignments for military, jobs or personal desire to relocate, finding friends that aren't just childhood or school friends, can seem like a daunting experience; For many, finding friends that share the same interests, beliefs or experiences can be even more daunting if you're a working mom, stay at home mom, maybe you're an introvert and find it hard to interact with others....whatever is the case, "Friend Me: Turning Faces into Lasting Relationships", brings doable advice to an often, "How do I make friends" question that sometimes arises. Divided into four categories: The Power of Friendship The Portrait of Friendship The Path of Friendship, and The Privilege of Friendship Donna Carter, the author of, "Friend Me", brings a blend of personal, tried and true, and biblical perspectives on how to turn faces into friends, using suggestions that helps, even the most introverted to find ways to make friends. Sometimes its as simple as volunteering and stepping out of one's comfort zones, and others, such as in Chapter 7, recognizing the difference between what is a toxic friendship and what is a healthy relationship. This isn't a guarantee, you'll have a lifelong friend after reading, but rather...sage advice that one can expect from a family member whose been there, done that, or a friend whose discovered social skills, to expand their social circle. I really enjoy the questions that are posted after the chapters, that are short, sweet, but to the point that are available for pause and reflection and as I read the book, the encouraging quotes that can be found in sidebars, throughout the book, help keep the reader (and even say myself) reminding how God has created us to be social and for company, and not so much, the island that we may sometimes find easier to get lock in, be it due to busy schedules,personal decisions, or whatever is the case. Donna discusses barriers such as being shy, or maybe dealing with personal relationships that have left the reader scarred, and again, this is not a deep, self help, don't consider counseling if one has had scarring experiences, but rather, how to get over the difficult bumps that may happen in life, such as being betrayed by a friend, drifted apart, or just had friendships that were on the surface and eventually just fizzled out. In one case, Donna offers the advice, "When someone has wounded us, we must take the initiative to make things right."; This is a definitive, easier said then done, but laying out principles as seen in Matthew 18, Donna shows how Jesus not only valued broken relationships, but shared ways for the parties to heal, but she also offers wise advice that there are somethings, that we can't fix at all, and there is nothing unhealthy either, that if situation calls for, there are wrongs too in life that maybe too big, to overlook, and for our sake as well....we must move on. A wise blend of wisdom and scripture, the book was an enjoyment to read and it even broaches, well what if all else fails and one finds it difficult to make friends. Donna's book, "Friend Me" approaches that issue with love and scripture and how, we can't let that define us either and that it makes it all the more reason for us to be proactive for our own selves. It's important to note as well that "Friend Me" isn't just about offering sound, biblical advice regarding making and having friends and yes, even how to be a good friend to others without being a doormat, proceeds from "Friend Me" also goes to Compassion's Child Survival Program-ES 21 in El Salvador. ***Thank you to First Wild Card tour for the opportunity to read and review this book***