Fringe: Season 3 [Original Television Soundtrack]

Fringe: Season 3 [Original Television Soundtrack]

by Chris Tilton

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Varese Sarabande


  1. The Escape from Liberty Island
  2. Slow Motion Sickness
  3. Newton's Last Mission
  4. May the Best World Win
  5. Sneaking Sense of Liberty
  6. Hot Brief Injection
  7. Capturing the Dunhams
  8. Take It to the Tank
  9. The Original Dunham
  10. I Thought She Was You
  11. My So-Called Strife
  12. Olivia
  13. The Firefly
  14. Best Chase Scenario
  15. The Observers
  16. Reciprocity
  17. The Persistence of Walternate's Vision
  18. Imagination Building
  19. The House of Birth
  20. Oppenheimer Maneuvers
  21. WWPD
  22. Singe and Surge
  23. Peter
  24. Apocalypse in Judgement
  25. As the Crowbar Flies
  26. Wake Up and Smell the Catastrophe
  27. The Way the World Crumbles
  28. Walter Skelter
  29. A Universe for a Universe
  30. Funeral Pyre Straits
  31. The Mourning After
  32. We Are a Strange Loop
  33. The Vanishing Bishop
  34. Fringe Division

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chris Tilton   Primary Artist
Tim Simonec   Conductor
Marshall Bowen   Conductor
Hollywood Studio Symphony   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Michael Aarvold   Engineering
Robert Townson   Executive Producer
Dan Wallin   Engineering
Erick Labson   Mastering
Reggie Wilson   Contracting
J. J. Abrams   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Michael Giacchino   Additional Music
Bryan Burk   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Chris Tilton   Composer,Producer,Orchestration,Engineering
Jeff Pinkner   Executive Soundtrack Producer
J. H. Wyman   Executive Soundtrack Producer

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