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The Frog with the Big Mouth

The Frog with the Big Mouth

by Teresa Bateman (Retold by), Will Terry (Illustrator)

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In the rainforest, a frog with a very big mouth catches an enormous fly. The frog brags to a toucan, a coati, and a capybara. Wanting to brag just a little longer, he tells a jaguar. Guess what jaguars like to eat?


In the rainforest, a frog with a very big mouth catches an enormous fly. The frog brags to a toucan, a coati, and a capybara. Wanting to brag just a little longer, he tells a jaguar. Guess what jaguars like to eat?

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Beverley Fahey
This variation of the wide-mouthed frog is set in a South American rainforest. A small frog is so impressed with his capture of an enormous fly in his wide, wide, wide mouth that he bounces through the forest bragging of his feat to all of the creatures he meets. He also asks them what they eat. Toucan, coati, and capybara each reply with their favorite food; frog replies that he has them all beat because he has eaten "the biggest fly in the whole world." But Frog meets his match when he encounters a jaguar; the predatory feline answers that his favorite treat is wide-mouthed frogs! Frog leaps into action, springing to a nearby tree. He is so impressed by his feat that he begins to brag about his jumping abilities. This delightful funny retelling will have children joining in on the refrain as they anxiously await frog's comeuppance for his bragging. The lush rainforest comes to life in Terry's full-page paintings, which convey the whimsy of the tale. The close-ups of the larger animals bring a wonderful sense of scale and perspective. This is a delightful read-aloud that is perfectly suited to storytelling. Reviewer: Beverley Fahey
School Library Journal

K-Gr 2

The locale here, the South American rain forest, refreshes the familiar story of a loud, hyperactive frog who boasts to other denizens about eating a huge fly, then queries them on their preferred diet. The setting balances the frog's comedy with information about toucans, coatis, capybaras, and jaguars, the last of whom observes our lucky hero's jumping talents. Endnotes with a paragraph on each animal reinforce the book's educational component. Terry's shiny, verdant rain forest capably offsets myriad greens with shadows of lavender, an electric-blue beetle, and wine-red berries. The spreads swirl with movement and beckon forward via fluid lines. The Frog with the Big Mouth brims with personality as he suspends from a tiny vine or leaps from a tree branch. This is an inventive version of a long-favored tale.-Gay Lynn Van Vleck, Henrico County Library, Glen Allen, VA

Kirkus Reviews
A young Argentine wide-mouthed frog can't help but brag when he eats the biggest fly in the whole world. When his brothers and sisters disregard his accomplishment, the frog travels the rainforest, boasting of his fly-catching skills to the toco toucan, coati and capybara, asking what they like to eat and hopping away with a final "Don't you wish you were me?" Finally, he meets a jaguar who is interested-in eating him, that is. After narrowly escaping, the newly (self-)styled "frog with the big jump" sets off once again, bragging to and warning his rainforest companions. The frog's cumulative refrain and the animals' rhyming responses build tension and humor in this retelling of a traditional tale. Thick foliage in vibrant greens creates a lush setting, while exaggerated and energetic depictions of some of the rainforest's lesser-known animals add to the merriment. The author offers more information about these colorful characters (e.g., the popular nickname of this story's hero is the Pacman frog) in a concluding note. A big hit for storytime. (Picture book/folktale. 5-8)

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5 - 8 Years

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The Frog with the Big Mouth

By Teresa Bateman, Will Terry


Copyright © 2008 Teresa Bateman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-8075-2621-7


Once there was a frog who lived in the rainforest by Iguazú Falls, where Argentina meets Brazil. He was a young frog, a new frog, a barely more than a pollywog frog, who was more mouth than body or brain, and still had much to learn.

One day, while eating with his family, he caught a big fly, a huge fly, an enormous fly!

He opened his mouth up wide, wide, wide, and gulped it down.

"Look at me!" he cried, with a braggy bounce. "I'm the Frog with the Big Mouth! I've eaten the biggest fly in the whole world. Don't you wish you were me?" his brothers and sisters shrugged and kept on eating.

so the Frog with the Big Mouth Set out to find someone else to impress.

Soon he caught sight of something with a bright orange bill and feathers then two eyes opened up above the orange bill and blinked at him.

"Hello! I'm the Frog with the Big Mouth!" the frog said with a happy hop. "I've eaten the biggest fly in the whole world! It's clear I've got the other frogs beat. Who are you, and what do you eat?"

"Well, said the bird. "I'm a toco toucan. I eat fruit and eggs and sometimes seeds. A tasty spider suits my needs. I don't chase flies, big ones or small. No, flies don't interest me at all."


Excerpted from The Frog with the Big Mouth by Teresa Bateman, Will Terry. Copyright © 2008 Teresa Bateman. Excerpted by permission of ALBERT WHITMAN & Company.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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