From Hiring to Firing: The Legal Survival Guide for Employers in the 90's

From Hiring to Firing: The Legal Survival Guide for Employers in the 90's

by Steven Mitchell Sack

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David Rouse
Some will argue that employee litigation--even the threat or fear of such litigation--has created an atmosphere in the workplace that stifles productivity and cooperation. Sack, a practicing labor attorney who has written 12 other books, provides this guide, which attempts to help companies of all sizes avoid legal fees and settlements, as well as those who simply want to do the "right thing." He covers prehiring concerns, ranging from immigration checks to reference checks, the hiring process, negotiation benefits, protecting the company from dishonest employees, employee privacy issues, discipline, policies and procedures, discrimination, firing and termination, and post-termination points like exit interviews, severance, and unemployment hearings. Clearly targeting the employer's point of view--Sack has already written "The Employee Rights Handbook" (1991)--this book will also help employees who might need to know what the "other side's" strategy is.

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