From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions / Edition 2

From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions / Edition 2

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by Ruth A. Tucker

A long-awaited revised edition of a highly acclaimed textbook on the history of Christian missions by one of the most respected missiologists of our day.See more details below


A long-awaited revised edition of a highly acclaimed textbook on the history of Christian missions by one of the most respected missiologists of our day.

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Meet the Author

Ruth A. Tucker (PhD, Northern Illinois University) has taught mission studies and church history at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Calvin Theological Seminary. She is the author of dozens of articles and eighteen books, including the award-winning From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya. Visit her website at

Table of Contents

List of Graphics 9
Preface to the Second Edition 11
Preface 13
Part 1: The Irresistible Advance
1 The Early Centuries: Evangelizing the Roman Empire 21
Paul the Apostle 26
Polycarp 30
Perpetua 32
Ulfilas 34
Patrick 37
Columba 40
2 Roman Catholic Missions: Baptizing the Masses 44
Boniface (Winfried) 47
Anskar 51
Cyril and Methodius 53
Raymond Lull 56
Bartholomew de Las Casas 60
Francis Xavier 62
Matthew Ricci 67
3 American Indian Missions: Seeking the “Noble Savage” 71
Paul Le Jeune 72
John Eliot 74
The Mayhews 79
David Brainerd 80
Eleazer Wheelock 84
David Zeisberger 85
Isaac McCoy 86
Marcus and Narcissa Whitman 88
4 The Moravian Advance: Dawn of Protestant Missions 97
Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf 100
Christian David and Hans Egede 104
George Schmidt 110
Part 2: The “Great Century”
5 South Central Asia: Confronting Ancient Creeds 121
William Carey 122
Adoniram and Ann Judson 130
George and Sarah Boardman 139
Alexander Duff 141
James and Isabella Thoburn 144
6 Black Africa: “The White Man’s Graveyard” 147
Robert and Mary Moffat 149
David Livingstone 155
George Grenfell 163
William Sheppard 165
Alexander Mackay 167
Mary Slessor 170
7 China: “Barbarians Not Welcome” 176
Robert Morrison 178
Liang Afa 182
Karl F. A. Gutzlaff 184
J. Hudson Taylor 186
Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth 201
Mildred Cable 205
8 The Pacific Islands: Preaching in “Paradise” 208
Henry Nott and the Duff Missionaries 211
Hiram Bingham and Hawaiian Missions 214
John Williams 219
John G. Paton 224
John Coleridge Patteson 228
Florence Young 230
9 The Muslim World: Mission Field in the Desert 233
Henry Martyn 236
Samuel Zwemer 238
Temple Gairdner 242
Constance Padwick 245
Maude Cary 248
10 Korea and Japan: A Contrast in Receptivity 254
Horace Allen 256
Henry Appenzeller 258
Horace and Lillias Horton Underwood 262
John L. Nevius 264
Protestant Mission Initiatives in Japan 268
William Smith Clark and Kanzo Uchimura 269
Charles and Lettie Cowman 272
Mabel Francis 275
Part 3: The Expanding Involvement
11 Single Women Missionaries: “Second-Class Citizens” 287
Adele Marion Fielde 290
Charlotte (Lottie) Diggs Moon 294
Amy Carmichael 298
Johanna Veenstra 303
Gladys Aylward 306
12 Student Volunteers: Forsaking Wealth and Prestige 312
C. T. Studd 314
John R. Mott 319
Robert E. Speer 325
Fletcher Brockman 327
E. Stanley Jones 330
13 “Faith” Missionaries: Depending on God Alone 335
A. B. Simpson and the Christian and Missionary Alliance 336
Fredrik Franson and TEAM 340
Rowland Bingham and the Sudan Interior Mission 341
Peter Cameron Scott and the Africa Inland Mission 346
C. I. Scofield and the Central American Mission 349
Jim Elliot and Operation Auca 352
Eliza Davis George and the Elizabeth Native Interior Mission 360
14 Innovation and Ingenuity: The Call for Specialization 364
Medical Missions: “Angels of Mercy” 366
Ida Scudder 368
Carl Becker 372
William Cameron Townsend and Bible Translation 375
Clarence W. Jones and HCJB 381
Elizabeth “Betty” Greene and Mission Aviation 386
Part 4: The Era of the New Millennium
15 Twentieth-Century Martyrs: “Yankee, Go Home” 399
Betty and John Stam and China Martyrs 402
Paul Carlson and the Congo Martyrs 406
Betty Olsen and the Vietnam Martyrs 410
Chet Bitterman and Latin America Martyrs 414
William Donald McClure 417
16 Third World Missions: Younger Churches Reach Out 420
Pandita Ramabai 423
William Wade Harris 428
Semisi Nau 430
John Sung 432
Elka of the Wai Wai 435
17 New Methods and Strategy: Reaching Tomorrow’s World 439
R. Kenneth Strachan 443
Orlando Costas 447
Donald McGavran 449
Ralph and Roberta Winter 452
Lesslie Newbigin 454
18 Saints and Celebrities: Appealing to the Masses 458
Bob Pierce 460
Bruce Olson 461
Mother Teresa 461
Brother Andrew and Open Doors 464
Helen Roseveare 468
Jackie Pullinger 472
Don Richardson 475
Postscript 479
Notes 483
General Bibliography 513
Illustration Index 515
General Index 519
List of Graphics
Pictures and Credits
Polycarp (The Bettmann Archive) 31

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