From Lenin to Stalin

From Lenin to Stalin

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by Victor Serge

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Eyewitness account of the rise of Stalinism.

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Eyewitness account of the rise of Stalinism.


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Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one book title that really gives the reader an accurate picture of its contents! Once again, Pathfinder Press has given the interested reader and student of history a first person account filled with primary source materials of a revolution. The author, Victor Serge, was a contemporary revolutionary of Lenin and Leon Trotsky and watched the counter-revolution of Stalin from the inside. As Serge says, ¿Everything has changed.¿ He takes us from the days of the textile workers strike in Petrograd on the eve of the Russian Revolution to the debates over strategies and tactics of the Spanish Civil War. One of the most compelling essays is The Condition of Women.¿ Here Serge details the lot of thousands of young women as prostitutes, and the anti-woman legislation of the Stalinist Soviet Union. Serge writes, ¿the freedom of abortion, a capital conquest of the revolution, ceased to exist in the summer of 1935.¿ This book is a unique look at the Russian Revolution and its betrayal. It is well worth picking up.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From internationalism, working peopleâ¿¿s democracy and revolution to nationalism, bureaucratic totalitarianism, and counter-revolution: in essence, that was the difference in the system of Lenin and that of Stalin. The revolutionâ¿¿s rise, stagnation, and betrayal come to life in this remarkable book by Victor Serge, a participant and leader of the 1917 revolution. Working people and those favoring the interests of humanityâ¿¿s exploited classes can learn much.