From My Heart To Yours

From My Heart To Yours

by Linda Jones Wilder

The purpose of this book is to help, heal, encourage, strengthen and inspire the lives of all who read it. To help the readers know that in every situation that seems hopeless, there is hope. My prayer is that all who read this book or share it with others will know that they are not traveling alone during this journey we know as life. I believe if we put our trust…  See more details below


The purpose of this book is to help, heal, encourage, strengthen and inspire the lives of all who read it. To help the readers know that in every situation that seems hopeless, there is hope. My prayer is that all who read this book or share it with others will know that they are not traveling alone during this journey we know as life. I believe if we put our trust and faith in God we will have a more pleasant and rewarding journey.

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From My Heart to Yours

By Linda Jones Wilder


Copyright © 2011 Linda Jones Wilder
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-5174-6

Chapter One

The Gift

There are gifts God gave you
They are planted deep inside,
They are ones that make you a blessing
They are ones you cannot hide.
He placed them in you from the beginning
They help many people to heal,
You may not always understand them
But these gifts help you do God's will.
They help to brighten others dark moments
To give them comfort and cheer,
They help them to see during hard times
That Jesus is always near.
The love, the helpfulness, the caring
These gifts God placed inside you,
You've used them to bless others
That's exactly what He created you to do.

One In Christ Jesus

As you come together
The two of you now make one.
Let nothing come between you
No, nothing under the sun.
Let God's love flow through you
As you bind your hearts together,
He's there to let you know
With "Him" you can triumph in any weather.
As you start your lives as one
Yes, storm clouds will surely come,
But you'll never have to fear
Because you'll know the "SON" is always near.

God's Hand

God's hand was surely on your child
The day that he was born,
He brought you joy and happiness
That joyous, early morn.
God's hand was surely on your child
As he began to grow,
God gave you strength to endure
His presence you did know.
God's hand will always be on your child
As you watch him day by day
Always thank God for your blessing
When you humbly kneel to pray.

A Special Gift From God

We never thought we'd be so blessed
With a child as precious as you,
But when we put our faith in God
There's nothing He can't do.
We waited for a child like you
For many, many years
When we heard you were ours
We could not hold back the tears.
These tears were not tears of sadness
They were tears of joy,
God had answered our earnest prayer
And given us our baby to enjoy.
Because you are so very special
God took extra time,
He hand picked you just for mommy
Then He made you mine.
Now a very special place
In our hearts you do hold,
And the love we'll always have for you
Will never, never grow old.


I know sometimes it's very hard
Not to ask the question why?
But like the old song says
We'll understand it better by and by.
One thing you can be assured of
In this your time of grief,
Your loved one loved you very much
In that you can find peace.
So now you must do
What I know will be hard to,
Release them to the care of God
And He will comfort you.
Your loved one is no longer here
You can't see them every day,
But you have their love and memories
Nothing can take that away.
Continue to lean on Jesus
Knowing He will always be there,
And when your heart gets too heavy
Cast on Him your every care.

You Must Tell The World

You must tell the world
The price has already been paid,
You must tell the world
The way has already been made.
You must tell the world
I've died for their sins,
You must tell the world
They need to enter in.
You must tell the world
They don't have too much time,
You must tell the world
The Savior they must find.
You must tell the world
The love I have is true,
You must tell the world
I love them like I love you.

A Prayer For Baby

Lord Jesus we now ask you
To bless this child today,
As he grows in wisdom
Please help him find his way.
Let us be there to teach him
The right things he must do,
And always guide him gently
To the path that leads to You.

As I Make This Journey

As I make this journey
I know you are with me
As I travel upward
Your lovely face I see.
I see You as You stand there
With arms open wide
I see You in Your glory
The angels by Your side.
As I journey home to You
I feel no sorrow, fear or pain
I only feel the love of God
In the new body I have gained.
Loved ones, as days go by when you think of me
Don't think of me and be sad,
Think of when we'll all meet again
Then we'll rejoice together and be glad.

A Friendship God Ordained

Sometimes we don't see eye to eye
That's okay, we're still friends,
But when it comes to the word of God
Our differences always end.
When friends can walk together
And share their hearts and minds,
God ordained that friendship
And no better one you'll find.
Your being my friend is a blessing
I hope my being yours is too,
It does not matter if we disagree
We'll be friends whatever we go through.

God Made Them and They Are Good

The moon, the sky
The birds that fly,
The cats, the dogs,
The pigs, the hogs.
All these things God has made
And said that they were good,
But what about this miracle
That can't be understood?
We know this life that grows inside
Is a blessing true,
God said they are good, yes very good,
But there's something we must do.
Teach them the right things they must say
And the right places they must go,
Teach them about what God has made
And God's blessings they will know.
Never say, "It's not our place"
To tell them the right things to do,
When you see them doing wrong
Remember God placed a charge on you.
So when these little ones come to visit
And do not do what they should
Remember the words that Jesus spoke,

Welcome Home Troops

We know there were times when it was hard
For you and your family,
Just being apart.
But you knew there was a job you had to do,
And that's why we always said a prayer for you.
You took a stand
To protect your fellowman
We prayed and thanked God
For covering you with His hand.
Welcome home men and women
What pride we feel today,
We've missed your being in the U.S.A.
And our prayer is you're home to stay.

The Golden Years

How precious are the golden years
The ones you've reached today,
The things you've learned, the pain you've had
Still Jesus made a way.
Through it all, the Lord did bless,
He held you up through every test
He was there when your strength seemed to fail
He never left.... you did prevail.
Now in these your, "Golden Years"
Forget the doubt and the fears,
No matter what you're going through
Jesus will be right there with you.
The joy of knowing He is there
Will help you cast your every care,
On the one whom you can always depend
JESUS, your SAVIOR and your FRIEND.


Friendship is a special bond
That binds two hearts together,
It is a bond that last and last
It endures through any weather.
Sometimes two friends may disagree
About some little thing,
They never stop being friends
For love helps them to cling.
Jesus told His disciples
You're not my servants, but my friends,
And that is why I do believe
True friendship never ends.
So as I think about you
On today and every day,
I thank God for our friendship
Because friends we'll always stay.

What About Our Children?

They're blessed and anointed,
Called and appointed,
That's what the Bible says
What about our children ...
Who will show them the way?
They are full of wisdom and knowledge
They're like trees planted deep and firm.
What about our children....
Who will help them to learn?
The Bible tells us they are the head
And they are not the tail
What about our children ...
Why are so many in jail?
As we do more to train our children
And teach them to obey
Let's get the Word deep in their hearts
Let's guide them back this way.
As parents let us begin
To show our love each day,
By sitting and actually listening"
To what they have to say.
When we begin to show our children
The love that we profess,
By living it before them
Then God will do the rest.

A Father's Love

A father's love is needed
By each and every child,
To feel the love of daddy
As he gives a gentle smile.
A father's love is wanted
By one so small and sweet,
It helps them grow, and makes them strong
That they may be complete.
A father's love is given
To show what's in his heart,
Love, peace, joy and grace
Which comes from his Father.... God.

Thank You Mom and Dad

You'll never know the joy you've brought
Into our hearts and minds,
And how effective the word you taught ...
It's God's love that binds.
You'll never know how much we hurt
When we disappoint you so,
But because of love, God's precious love
In you both, that love does show.
You'll never know how blessed we are
Because God gave us to you,
He entrusted us in your loving care
And gave you directions too.
So today on your anniversary
We've come together to show,
Just how much we love you both
We thought you'd want to know.

The Savior's Hand

Your journey in life has now started
So go as far as you can,
But always, always remember
Never let go of the Savior's hand..
His hand will keep you in sorrow
His hand will keep you in pain,
His hand holds all of your tomorrows
His hand protects you from the rain.
Whenever you feel lonely
Whenever you have fear,
Just remember that Jesus loves you
And His loving hand is always near.


God's gifts to us He won't take back
That's what the bible said,
He said He'd feed us every day
And give us our daily bread.
Our parents He also gave to us
To teach us the right path to take,
They are there when we need them
To help in decisions we make.
Then God gave us a special gift
GRANDPARENTS.... that's who they are,
For each and every grandchild
Is a Grandparent's shinning star.
It does not matter if they are far or near
The love of grandparents always bring cheer.
No matter how busy, they will always stop,
To spend precious moments with their little tots.
When grandchildren are hurting
Grandparents always know,
They begin to seek God's wisdom
and on their knees they go.

They pray to the Father
In the name of the Son,
Interceding for their grandchildren
Until the victory's won.
As we honor our grandparents
These are the words we say,
GRANDPARENTS, we love you
And pray for you God's speed,
And we thank Him as He daily
Supplies your every need.

Resurrection Day

After Christ gave man His Word
And His message now was heard,
He told His Father I Am done
Now it's time to receive your Son.
I know there's pain and agony
That will await Me at Calvary,
But I must be nailed to that tree
So that mankind can again be free.
Father, as I yield Myself to Thee
I know I'll soon Your face to see,
I in You, You in Me
The Holy Spirit, again One We'll be.
But first there's something I must do
To get your children back to You
I must take back the keys You gave
To Your first Adam
Of death, hell and the grave.
When I died on Calvary's tree
We met in hell, the Holy Ghost and Me,
We're now alive in satan's domain
Where the Holy Ghost runs through My veins.
We're here to do what You sent Us to do
Take back what rightfully belongs to You.
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were near
They heard Me say "devil, get this clear",
You've had in bondage what God holds dear
But today is their day, RESURRECTION IS HERE.
As I preached the Gospel
They began to see

That the GIFT of Salvation
Only comes through Me.
Then their hearts were made free
Because they received that Gift from Me.
We took back from satan what he stole
The keys to hell he no longer holds.
I've got the keys, they belong to Me,
I finished the work at Calvary.
Now sisters and brothers you are made free
And it's My good pleasure to give you the keys.
To loose the Word of God in the earth,
So men, women, boys and girls
Can experience the New Birth.
Father, as we depart from this place
I'll share with them here about Your Grace,
How it keeps Your children through the years
How it wipes away all of their tears.
As I leave hell I won't leave alone
I'll bring Your children safely home.
We'll walk through streets of Galilee
Telling Your people how they can be free.
Now the gates of hell cannot hold
The Saints of God for they are bold,
To speak the Word of God in Faith
Causing Angels to move and move in haste.
So on this Glorious Resurrection Day
Let the devil hear you say
Jesus Christ lives big in me
And don't you forget devil........

True Freedom

Someone may consider freedom
As not being locked in jail.
Then others may consider freedom
As someone going their bail.

But when I think of true freedom
I begin to ponder the thought.....
What true freedom means to me
Is no longer being lost.

When you become free in Jesus
There's peace and joy within.
When you know you have this type of freedom
You'll never be bound again.

Why not give your life to Jesus
And have peace like no one else can give?
Because a life that's in Christ Jesus
Has total freedom.... and that's for real.

In Myself

In myself I have many problems
That constantly stare me in the face.
But I am so very grateful
I have God's amazing grace.

In myself things seem hopeless
And I can find no way out.
But because God fights my battles
I just praise His Name and shout.

Father, I may not have it all together
But I know together we have it all.
And before I try to do it myself
I'll remember on Jesus' Name to call.

Humble Yourself Under The Mighty Hand of God
And He Will Lift You Up.

My Prayer

I asked the Lord to bless me
As Jabez did in his prayer,
I prayed that He would guide me
And keep me in His care.

Enlarge my territory
Let Your hand be on me
And as I walk with You daily
Your face I'm sure to see.

Help me to walk in Your wisdom
So I too may cause no pain,
Let me always seek to bless others
As souls for the Kingdom I gain.

In Jesus Name

Be Encouraged My Sisters & Brothers

Be encouraged my sisters & brothers
God is in the plan,
I know sometimes it seems dark and drear
But keep holding to His hand.

Be encouraged my sisters & brothers
You're not walking alone,
Shout praises to our God and King
Because He will not lead you wrong.

Be encouraged by sisters & brothers
This battle is not lost,
Remember you have a Savior
Remember He's paid the cost.

Be encouraged my sisters & brothers
You don't have to walk in fear,
For Jesus is walking with you
And His peace is always near.

Be encouraged my sisters & brothers
Be Encouraged

Father Please Forgive Me

For every lie I've ever told
Father, please forgive me.
For everything I've ever stole
Father, please forgive me.

For every time I made you cry
And You wiped tears from Your eyes
Please, Dear God
Forgive me.

Now I know the pain You had
When I did wrong it made You sad
Still You gave to me the best You had
As He hung there He said.... I Forgive you.

God's Grace Is Sufficient

There is no need to wonder
About the Grace of God
Trust His Word, rely on Him
And watch Him do His part.

When you think that you can't make it
And the situations seem too hard,
Stop, think and look around
And there's the Grace of God

When you're going through life's problems
And you can't see a way out
Begin to think of God's Amazing Grace
And then begin to dance & shout.

I Am Special to God

(To All Who Read These Words
Be Encouraged By Them)

Before the day that I was born
God had a plan for my life,
He wants me to show others
How to end confusion and strife.

Daily the enemy tries to stop me
He shows me many wrong turns,
But on the road of decision
There are many things I must learn.

I must learn I need a Savior
To lead me alone the way,
I must learn His name is Jesus
Waiting to come into my heart to stay

I must learn I am Special to God
He made no one else like me,
That's why I was chosen
To help others like Jesus to be.

Now, I let Jesus Christ lead me
To where He wants me to go,
And when I reach my destination
I'll tell others of a Savior I know.


Excerpted from From My Heart to Yours by Linda Jones Wilder Copyright © 2011 by Linda Jones Wilder. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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