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From New Orleans

From New Orleans

by Cousin Joe

Product Details

Release Date:
Jsp Records


Disc 1

  1. Broken Man Blues
  2. New Jailhouse Blues
  3. Levee Blues
  4. Layin' My Rules In Blues
  5. Bad, Bad Baby Blues
  6. Bad, Bad Baby Blues
  7. Saw Mill Man Blues
  8. Post War Future Blues
  9. Larceny Hearted Woman
  10. Just Another Woman
  11. My Love Comes Tumblin' Down
  12. Wedding Day Blues
  13. Desperate GI Blues
  14. You Got It Comin' To You
  15. Boogie Woogie Hannah
  16. You Ain't So Such-a-Much
  17. Fly Hen Blues
  18. Lonesome Man Blues
  19. Little Eva
  20. Baby, You Don't Know It All
  21. The Barefoot Boy
  22. If I Just Keep Still
  23. When Your Mother's Gone
  24. Make Me As Strong As Samson
  25. When the Roll Be Called In Heaven
  26. My Tight Woman

Disc 2

  1. Lightning Struck the Poorhouse
  2. Just As Soon As I Go Home
  3. Phoney Woman Blues
  4. Little Woman Blues
  5. It's Dangerous To Be a Husband
  6. Old Man Blues
  7. Death House Blues
  8. Too Tight To Walk Loose
  9. Big Fat Mama
  10. Come Down Baby
  11. Bachelor's Blues
  12. Don't Pay Me No Mind
  13. Stoop To Conquer
  14. Bad Luck Blues
  15. Box Car Shorty and Peter Blue
  16. Beggin' Woman
  17. Sadie Brown
  18. Evolution Blues
  19. Box Car Shorty's Confession
  20. Looking For My Baby
  21. High-Powered Gal
  22. Chicken a La Blues
  23. Poor Man Blues
  24. Living On Borrowed Time
  25. Lovesick Soul
  26. Second Hand Soul
  27. Dinah
  28. Won't Settle Down

Disc 3

  1. Misery
  2. A.B.C.'s, Pt. 1
  3. A.B.C.'s, Pt. 2
  4. How Long Must I Wait
  5. Sleep Walking Woman
  6. Easy Rockin'
  7. Hole In the Ground
  8. You'll Never Get Nothing Without Trying
  9. Ramblin' Woman
  10. Feel Like a Million
  11. Old Man's Sweetheart
  12. I Saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Claus
  13. Back Trackin' (Dr Daddy-O)
  14. Confused
  15. Fishtails
  16. You Shouldn't
  17. Baby, What's New
  18. You Ought To Know
  19. I'll Never Be Free
  20. My Last Good-Bye
  21. Ooooh La La
  22. Gold Ain't Everything
  23. Suzette
  24. Bear Hug
  25. Each Time
  26. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Disc 4

  1. Have Mercy
  2. Helping Hand
  3. Pity Poor Me
  4. Little Girl of Mine
  5. I Know
  6. I'll Never Let You Go
  7. It Hurts Me To My Heart
  8. Don't Take Your Love From Me
  9. Chickee Wah Wah
  10. I Can't Stop Lovin' You
  11. You Can't Stop Her
  12. Loberta
  13. Oh Me Oh My
  14. Dearest Darling
  15. Hush Your Mouth
  16. Havin' a Good Time
  17. Well I'll Be John Brown
  18. High Blood Pressure
  19. Rockin' Behind the Iron Curtain
  20. Don't You Just Know It
  21. For Cryin' Out Loud
  22. Would You Believe It (I Have a Cold)
  23. I'll Never Let You Go
  24. I Know
  25. It Hurts Me To My Heart
  26. Chickee Wah Wah
  27. Helping Hand
  28. Pity Poor Me

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cousin Joe   Primary Artist,Piano,Vocals
Paul Gayten   Piano,Vocals
Tony Scott   Clarinet
Lee Allen   Tenor Saxophone
Earl Bostic   Alto Saxophone
Bobby Marchan   Vocals
Robert Parker   Tenor Saxophone
Danny Barker   Guitar
Casey   Guitar
Leonard Feather   Piano
Hank Jones   Piano
Sears   Tenor Saxophone
Pete Brown   Alto Saxophone
Wallace Davenport   Trumpet
Leonard Gaskin   Bass
Tyree Glenn   Trombone
Freddie Kohlman   Drums
Sam Butera   Tenor Saxophone
Thomas Jefferson   Trumpet,Vocals
Dave Bartholomew   Trumpet
John Hardee   Tenor Saxophone
Wendell Eugene   Trombone
Ray Abrams   Tenor Saxophone
Sidney Bechet   Soprano Saxophone
Edgar Blanchard   Guitar
Frank Campbell   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Harry Carney   Baritone Saxophone
Big Sid Catlett   Drums
Kenny Clarke   Drums
Shad Collins   Trumpet
Frank Fields   Bass
Pops Foster   Bass
Robert Green   Drums
Herb Hardesty   Tenor Saxophone
J.C. Heard   Drums
Arthur Herbert   Drums
Willie Humphrey   Clarinet
John Hunt   Trumpet
Billy Kyle   Piano
Ernest McLean   Guitar
Mezz Mezzrow   Clarinet
Hot Lips Page   Trumpet
Earl Palmer   Drums
Jimmy Shirley   Guitar
Lloyd Trotman   Bass
Dick Vance   Trumpet
Kenny Watts   Piano
Sam Woodyard   Drums
Billy Butler   Guitar
Clarence Hall   Tenor Saxophone
Matthews   Bass
Outcalt   Trombone
Annie Laurie   Vocals
Sam Price   Piano
Leonard Hawkins   Trumpet
Dorothea Smith   Drums
Clement Tervalone   Bass
George Parker   Piano
Charles Williams   Drums
Percy Joell   Bass
Jack Scott   Guitar
George Pryor   Bass
Eddie Nicholson   Drums
Ernie Washington   Piano
Jimmy Jones   Bass
Steve "Hoggie Beetle" Henderson   Piano
Elsie Jones   Vocals
Woodie Nichols   Drums
Warren Stanley   Bass
George "Pops" Foster   Bass
Dickie Wells   Trombone
Joe Harris   Alto Saxophone
Huey Smith   Piano
Eddie Barefied   Alto Saxophone
Dave Williams   Piano
Salvador Douchette   Piano
Leonard Boler   Trumpet

Technical Credits

Neil Slaven   Liner Notes

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