From Saturday to Sunday, Vol. 5

From Saturday to Sunday, Vol. 5

by John Acquaviva

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Release Date:
Clubstar Germany


Disc 1

  1. Chaos Bringer  -  Hatiras
  2. People Mover  -  Milehighklub
  3. Ira  -  Dariush
  4. Shakedown - Shakedub  - Oliver Klein
  5. Re-Frame  - Danilo Vigorito
  6. Wow!  -  Zoo Brazil
  7. Psiko Garden  - Alex Dolby
  8. Oakish  - Josh Winkleman
  9. Humidity  - Caspian Rabone
  10. R U Mad  -  Fabrice
  11. The Third Dimension  - DJ Dimas
  12. Voices  - Daniel Garcia
  13. Drummer Madness  - Richard Grey
  14. Bulo  -  Shovell
  15. Fever  - Antoine Clamaran
  16. Funk-O-Meter  - Chris Anderson

Disc 2

  1. The Creeps (You're Giving Me)  -  Freaks
  2. Dog Days  - Matthew Dear
  3. Lord of the Bling
  4. Up Rock!  - Sharam Jey
  5. I Can Be This  -  Gabro & Libe
  6. Do It Proper  -  Chicken Lips
  7. Show Me Your Monkey  - Percy Filth
  8. Kinda New  -  Spektrum
  9. Wir Tanzen  -  Abteilung Ton
  10. We 1, 2 Rock  -  Moonbootica
  11. Dreams  - Sandy Rivera
  12. Blue  -  Rozzo
  13. Smut  -  Pan/Tone
  14. I Love You  - Marcos Cruz

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Acquaviva   Primary Artist
Stella Attar   Vocals
Alexander Klaus   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Daniel Chase   Composer
Andy Meecham   Composer,Producer
Tobias Schmidt   Composer
John Acquaviva   Composer
Justin Robertson   Producer,Remixing
Tom Hingley   Composer
Steve Bug   Producer,Remixing
Sandy Rivera   Composer,Producer
Antoine Clamaran   Composer,Producer
Jurgen Driessen   Producer
Daniel Garcia   Composer,Producer
Gavin "DJ Face" Mills   Producer
Sharam Jey   Arranger,Producer
Felix Rennefeld   Producer,Remixing
Fafa Monteco   Producer
Neil Petricone   Composer
Milton M. Baker   Arranger,Producer
J. Wink   Producer,Executive Producer
M. Brookman   Executive Producer
Chris Jordan   Composer
Geoff White   Composer,Producer
Johan Emmoth   Composer,Producer
Tobitob   Composer
Basti Schwarz   Producer,Remixing
Sam Holt   Producer
Dean Meredith   Composer,Producer
Ali Schwarz   Producer,Remixing
Lady Brian   Arranger,Producer
Dariush Fattahi   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Richard "Grey" Jacquin   Composer,Producer
Steph Mazzacani   Executive Producer
Laurent Pautrat   Composer,Producer
G. Olegavich   Producer
Moonbootica   Composer
Gabriel Olegavich   Composer
Dimas Carbajo   Composer
Lola Olafisoye   Composer
Jochen Schmalbach   Producer,Remixing

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