From SU(3) to Gravity: Festschrift in Honor of Yuval Ne'eman

From SU(3) to Gravity: Festschrift in Honor of Yuval Ne'eman

by Errol Gotsman

Collection of essays and articles to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of Professor Yuval Ne'eman.See more details below


Collection of essays and articles to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of Professor Yuval Ne'eman.

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Preface; Introduction; Part I. Groups and Gauges: 1. Aharonov-Bohm effect for neutral particles Y. Aharonov and A. Casher; 2. Monopolar harmonics in SUf(3) as eigenstates of the Skyrme-Witten model for baryons L. C. Biedenharn and Y. Dothan; 3. Metric spacetime from field propagation on fractal structures F. Englert; 4. Fermions living in a space of Lie groups Y. Nambu; 5. General covariance and the passive equations of physics S. Sternberg; Part II. Particles: 6. The photon structure function and the total Hadronic cross section G. Alexander; 7. The encounter on the bus G. Goldhaber; 8. Symmetry of wave functions for 'like' unstable particles M. Goldhaber and J. Weneser; 9. Scales of compositeness for quarks and leptons H. Harari; 10. Analytical calculations of masses in Hamiltonian lattice theories D. Horn; 11. Methods of theoretical physics in hydrodynamical turbulence B. Levich and E. Levich; 12. Some history of large N physics H. Lipkin; 13. Whither grand unification: experimental tests of B - L gauge groups R. E. Marshak and R. N. Mohaptra; 14. QCD inequalities S. Nussinov; 15. Supersymmetric quantum mechanics in 3-dimensional space G. Takeda; 16. SU(3) in nuclear physics I. Talmi; Part III. Science Policy: 17. Science policy and the universities models and planning in Japan N. Fukuda; 18. Israel in the information age: a technological perspective A. Penzias; 19. Government, science and technology - twilight of the gods I. Rabi; 20. Observational cosmology; the space telescope and science planning E. E. Salpeter; 21. Refugee scientists and nuclear energy E. Segrè; Part IV. Astronomy and Astrophysics: 22. The solar neutrino problem: astronomy or physics? J. Bahcall; 23. Mass loss from cool stars L. Goldberg; 24. Speculation in cosmology Sir Fred Hoyle; 25. Cosmic superfluidity: the evidence for superfluidity in neutron stars D. Pines; 26. Remarks on stellar clusters E. Teller; Part V. Gravity and Supergravity: 27. On topologically massive hypergravity C. Aragone and S. Deser; 28. On the dynamics of the torsion of spacetime: exact solutions in a gauge theoretical model of gravity P. Baekler and F. W. Hehl; 29. Representations of compact semi-simple Lie groups with meridian sections L. Michel; 30. Constraints in conformal simple supergravity P. van Nieuwenhuizen; 31. York's cosmic time versus proper time as relevant to changes in the dimensionless 'constants', K-meson decay and the unity of black hole and big crunch A. Qadir and J. A. Wheeler; 32. Discrete Yang-Mills theories T. Regge; 33. On plane waves and nullicles I. Robinson; 34. Gravitational energy and bimetric general relativity N. Rosen; 35. Quantum measurement and dynamical maps E. C. G. Sudarshan; 36. An alternative to general relativity S. Weinberg; Appendix.

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