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From This Moment On

From This Moment On

3.8 181
by Shania Twain

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Now in paperback from superstar Shania Twain, a poignant, heartfelt, and beautifully told account of her hard-scrabble childhood, rise to worldwide fame, and recent personal tragedies.

The world may know Shania Twain as many things: a music legend, a mother, and recently, a fixture in the news for her painful, public divorce and subsequent marriage to a


Now in paperback from superstar Shania Twain, a poignant, heartfelt, and beautifully told account of her hard-scrabble childhood, rise to worldwide fame, and recent personal tragedies.

The world may know Shania Twain as many things: a music legend, a mother, and recently, a fixture in the news for her painful, public divorce and subsequent marriage to a cherished friend. But in this extraordinary autobiography, Shania reveals that she is so much more. She is Eilleen Twain, one of five children born into poverty in rural Canada, where her family often didn’t have enough food to send her to school with lunch. She’s the teenage girl who helped her mother and young siblings escape to a battered woman’s shelter to put an end to the domestic violence in her family home. And she’s the courageous twenty-two-year-old who sacrificed to keep her younger siblings together after her parents were tragically killed in a car accident.

Shania Twain’s life has evolved from a series of pivotal moments, and in unflinching, heartbreaking prose, Shania spares no details as she takes us through the events that have made her who she is. She recounts her difficult childhood, her parents’ sudden death and its painful aftermath, her dramatic rise to stardom, her devastating betrayal by a trusted friend, and her joyful marriage to the love of her life. From these moments, she offers profound, moving insights into families, personal tragedies, making sense of one’s life, and the process of healing. Shania Twain is a singular, remarkable woman who has faced enormous odds and downfalls, and her extraordinary story will provide wisdom, inspiration, and hope for almost anyone.

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“Packed with intimate details that may surprise even her most dedicated fans.” —EW.com
Publishers Weekly
Country-Pop superstar Twain lets it all hang out in this moving and revealing autobiography. Having endured a childhood of poverty and ill treatment at the hands of her father, Twain turned to music at an early age. She began performing at eight, often playing the midnight show in bars, and appeared on Canadian television at 11. But, as much as her mother pushed her toward music, her father paid the bills, and, yes, Twain sang (for tips), but also worked on her father's reforestation crew. When her parents were killed in a car crash (an event predicted by a palm reader and foreseen in a dream), Twain, at 22, supported her siblings by singing six nights a week at a golf resort. Success in Nashville followed, and Twain recounts her romance with music producer Mutt Lange, their collaboration, and finally the betrayal of his affair with her close friend, whose husband Twain later married. Amidst such pivotal events Twain reveals who she is: a principled vegetarian with a great sense of humor; someone who avoids conflict, loves horses and dogs; most importantly, a strong woman inured by experience, who made it to the top in her own way. To immerse oneself in Twain's book is to meet an immensely likable person; her voice doesn't leap off the page, it infuses it warmly, like molasses. (May)

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Why Look Back?

I have to say, it’s been satisfying bringing myself up-to-date with myself, if you will, through writing this book. I can see now that I was missing out on some wonderful feelings and emotions from the memories of my youth as a result of closing the book too tightly behind myself—leaving the chapters to collect dust on a shelf so high above arm’s reach that it would take too much effort to reopen them down the road. Much to my relief, in some instances I can say there were things I thought would be a lot scarier than they actually were when revisiting them, and it surprised me how things seemed so much smaller in retrospect. It’s like the giant tree at the end of your grandparents’ driveway, which you thought only Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk could ever be brave enough to climb. But when you go back as an adult, that towering tree might now be dwarfed in comparison to the magnified lens you once saw it through as a tiny child.

Before I started writing, this pretty much summed up my attitude toward the past: “That was then; tomorrow’s another day.” I did that because some of my past was painful, and this outlook helped me stay afloat. Now I see that in closing off part of my past, I also missed what was happening to me in the present. I was always in a rush toward tomorrow. Sometimes addressing things openly at the time they happen prevents “getting stuck” later on.

I was unhappy. My life had been a fight for security, a place in the world, the chance to pursue my goals. From a very young age, I grew up with the mind-set of a survivor, like a boxer in the middle of the ring, constantly spinning and turning, ready to punch anyone coming at me. Life was not going to knock me down! I had to make it. So I didn’t let anyone close enough to find a weakness that could undermine me. I lived in this survivor mode into my adult years and through the ascent of my music career. Long after I’d achieved success and security, I still kept my dukes up, as if no one told me that the fight was over or that I was at least between rounds. It was exhausting living in this defensive state, and other than being tired of it, I also slowly began to feel more confident that life wasn’t necessarily trying to beat me up all the time.

The bell still sounds for my defensive survival mode now and then, but I practice not responding to it. I now find it more worthwhile trying to accept that my days will unfold as they will. That’s not to say I’ve become complacent. I’ve just redirected that strength to pursuing the fun stuff.

I also no longer sweat the discomfort of sharing the past, the present, or the voyage along the way. And I don’t see any point in keeping my story to myself, as explaining about life with my parents, for example, might inspire and give strength to many suffering men and women out there who can relate to and benefit from my parents’ challenges, and from the courage they displayed during some of the more difficult times. It would be a shame for their life’s experiences to have died along with them. Better to remember even their pain as a source of inspiration than to forget them in vain. My parents were conscientious people with good intentions. If they were alive today to reflect on the years when my brothers and sisters and I were growing up, they might not feel that they’d lived up to their good intentions. There were plenty of times when the Twain family didn’t have enough to eat, lacked warm clothes in the frigid Northern Ontario winters, and lived in a cramped, rented apartment or house with no heat. The perpetual undertow of financial instability took its toll in other ways, as it usually does, compromising my parents’ love for each other at times and no doubt feeding my mother’s recurrent bouts of depression.

Because of the unpredictable periods of instability in my childhood home, I didn’t feel that I could really rely on my parents to be consistent caregivers or protectors of me. I didn’t know what to count on from one day to the next—calm or chaos—and this made me anxious and insecure. It was hard to know what to expect, so it was easier to just be ready for anything, all the time. But I understand and forgive my parents completely for this because I know they did their best. All mothers and fathers have shortcomings, and although there were circumstances during my childhood that to some may seem extreme, if one could say my parents failed at times, I would say they did so honestly. They were often caught up in circumstances beyond their control. If my parents were here today, I’d tell them what a great job they did under the conditions. I would want them to feel good about how they raised me. I would thank them for showing me love and teaching me to never lose hope, to always remember that things could be worse and to be thankful for everything good in my life. Most important, they taught me to never forget to laugh. I thank them for always encouraging me to look on the bright side; it’s a gift that has carried me through many challenges. They may not always have been the best examples, or practiced what they preached, but it was clear they wanted better for us. That in itself was exemplary.

Ultimately, I am responsible for how I live my life now, and what I make out of it. In fact, I am actually grateful for what I’ve gone through and wouldn’t change a thing—although I admit I wouldn’t want to live it over again, either. Once was enough.

© 2011 Shania Twain

Meet the Author

Shania Twain achieved worldwide success with her album Come On Over, which became the bestselling album of all time by a female musician, and the bestselling country album of all time. A five-time Grammy Award winner, Twain has also achieved major success as a songwriter and has sold more than 75 million albums worldwide to date.

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From This Moment On 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 181 reviews.
keastwood More than 1 year ago
I normally don't read celebrity books. But, once I heard Shania Twain was writing a book, I had to check it out. She is not afraid to tell everyone about her troubled past and how she overcame it at such a young age. I love how she takes you into the story and you kind of feel like you are right there with her. I love how open she is and how she makes the point that all people suffer, no matter what race you are or if you are famous or not. I truly find this book inspirational, and I believe that if anyone has been in a violent situation that once they read this book, they will feel the strength to get out of that relationship. Shania Twain is very relatable! I will definitely recommend this book to my friends and family!!
Ed_Montgomery More than 1 year ago
If you only read one book a year, this is the book for 2011. Easily one of the most moving stories I have ever read.
Maddy77 More than 1 year ago
From This Moment On provides fantastic insight into the life of a true surviver and optimist. It is quite astonishing to read this book and learn about all the struggles, not to mention extreme stage fright, that Shania endured in her childhood and realize that that incredibly strong, courageous little girl turned into one of the most confident and empowering female superstars of her generation. It really is unbelievable how she overcame such an unstable, upsetting home life, and then turned around and injected the world with so much positivity and optimism through her music. If her story doesn't provide inspiration for just about anyone who reads it, then I can't imagine what would. If you're not already a fan, this book will turn you into one.
Marisa Milde More than 1 year ago
It. was an inspirational work of art!
Jaycee Cox More than 1 year ago
i love how honest she is, shes an amazing strong woman!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Simply the most incredible and surprising book I've already had the opportunity to read! Shania rocks on as a writer as well as a musician and songwriter! That's it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a very good book about Shania Twain. I like her music so I decided to read her book to learn more about her. It was very interesting to read about her childhood and her life today. She has had some very hard times throughout her life. Shania is a very tough and brave woman. I am glad that she is very happy today and has found happiness with such a great man.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From this moment on, is an excellent, completely open dipiction of shania's greatest life accomplishements and also hardships. She really opens up and says exactly how it was and how she felt. I admire her so much for that! I am a huge fan of shania twain, and hope with all my heart to see her live for the first time in vegas. Deffinately read this book! I can 100% guarentee you will be inspired by this amazing woman who has accomplished so much out of so little. <3 U shania!!!
Kim Vanepps More than 1 year ago
I found this book fascinating and couldnt put it down!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the best book I have ever read. I am not the book reading type (so I thought); but man I could not put it down. I have always idolized Shania, now I feel an even closer connection to her. She writes with pure honesty and doesnt sugar coat her personality or details. She is one smart cookie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This has been the saddest, funniest, heartbreakingest story all rolled into one. Shania's early life was pretty horrible and much of the time I just wanted to cry. I will definitely not complain as much about my life after hearing how hers started. It really does get happier in the middle, then sadness again. This was a fantastically written memoir by a star who has many good years still ahead. I feel like I know her personally after reading it. I can't wait to hear more from her in the near future and wish her peace, love, and happiness in her life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very well written account, great details and stories
Kiwichick More than 1 year ago
A well written, heartfelt account of an amazing life. The music, always spectacular, is only another part of what makes Shania an awe inspiring person.
Edith Hitchings More than 1 year ago
Great book. I enjoyed the honesty and heartfelt words from Shania. She truly gave the reader insight into her real world.
debbi willis More than 1 year ago
I was never much of a shania fan but this girl is one tough cookie. I loved her stories of her canadian upbringing and her adventures working in a mans world. She didnt deserve the crap she got from her husband and so called friend. I am now a fan...not so much for her music but the upstanding way she has handled her life. A wonderful book!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have ordered from you previously and was very pleased with the service. This is the reason I placed another order. Very happy with the service.
tdb82 More than 1 year ago
Over all great book. Jumpy but got to the point. Loved some the wisdom that she got out of it and some of the word choose.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I knew she had it rough, and she overcame much. I simply never realized just how much she overcame. The book is good, it's not the best written that I have read, but I must give credit where it is due.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading her book.  She is an inspiration!!!  I am so proud of her accomplishments through all her struggles in her life.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First of all, I love Shania Twain. She is inspirational, classy and mega-talented but this book is not well written. It is disjointed and boring. She is not boring nor is her life story but this book is poorly written, hard to follow and rambling. I never felt like I could get connected to her story and honestly, quit reading after a few chapters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Shania Twaine