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Front Nine: Nine Fundementals of Golf That Will Improve Your Marriage

Front Nine: Nine Fundementals of Golf That Will Improve Your Marriage

by Roger Tirabassi, Becky Tirabassi

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Howard Books
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The Front Nine

Nine Fundamentals of Golf That Will Improve Your Marriage
By Roger Tirabassi

Howard Books

Copyright © 2003 Roger Tirabassi
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781582292922


Golf is a lot like marriage! Once you venture into either,

you'll find both to be emotionally thrilling -- and difficult. They're both very

time consuming. They both require that you know how to control your emotions,

master many fundamentals, and get out of trouble quickly!

Whether on the golf course or at home, sometimes it takes only

one bad shot to turn fun into frustration. Early on, we (Roger and Becky

Tirabassi) made a commitment to enjoy our marriage and the game of golf for a

lifetime. After twenty-five years together, we're happy to report that on the

golf course and in marriage, we still find enjoyment. We've also discovered that

many fundamental rules of golf also apply in marriage. Yes, golf can help you

improve your relationship!

The Front Nine: 9 Fundamentals of Golf That Will Improve

Your Marriage is a compilation of straightforward advice from the experts.

Roger is a certified marriage counselor, and both he and Becky are avid golfers.

Becky's brother, Rick Hunter, is a PGA member, instructor, tournament player,

and consultant for this book.

Our golf history begins even before we wereborn. Becky's

father worked as a caddie in the 1920s. By the early 1940s, his love for the

game had propelled him to the position of golf course superintendent at a

beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, country club. Becky's mother learned to play golf

when her 1939 high school physical education teacher took students to a

municipal golf course for lessons. After Becky's parents met and married in

1942, they traveled with other couples to Turkey Foot Golf Course in Akron,

Ohio, where the women picnicked and the men played golf. After only a few

picnics, Becky's mother determined that she would rather golf. Soon she was

playing regularly, and she continues weekly league and recreational golf today,

sixty years later! Together, the Hunters enjoyed golf and marriage for more than

fifty years.

Becky has golfed for most of her life. She golfs regularly with

her mom, husband, brother, and son. She also is the unabashed recipient of free

marriage counseling from her husband and expert golf instruction from her


Roger's story begins at the age of five, when his dad took him

to a golf course called "the cow pasture." (It was a cow pasture before it

became a golf course and, even after the transformation, it never looked much

different.) Roger's father let him walk the course carrying a pitching wedge,

using it for every shot from tee to green. To this day, Roger contends that the

pitching wedge is the best club in his bag.

Roger's dad taught him that golf was a game he could enjoy his

entire life. He also showed Roger that marriage could be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Roger Sr. played golf until the last year of his life, and his marriage lasted

fifty-nine years, until his death.

The nine fundamentals in this book are ones we have applied

both on the golf course and in our home. Doing so has brought us joy,

confidence, and pleasure whether we're on a coastal resort or in "the cow

pasture." Our hope is that this book will help you not only improve your

marriage but take a few strokes off your golf game as well.


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