Frontline Diplomacy: Humanitarian Aid and Conflict in Africa

Frontline Diplomacy: Humanitarian Aid and Conflict in Africa

by John Prendergast

ISBN-10: 155587696X

ISBN-13: 9781555876968

Pub. Date: 01/28/1996

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc.

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Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc.
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

List of Acronyms
Map of Africa
1The Context of Aid in Complex Emergencies: The Seven Deadly Sins1
Sin 1: The Numbers Game3
Sin 2: High-Stakes Fund-raising4
Sin 3: The Law of the Tool7
Sin 4: Humanitarian Aid as a Cover8
Sin 5: The Primacy of Humanitarian Access9
Sin 6: Exploiting Competition12
Sin 7: Lack of Accountability and Professionalism13
2Good Intentions on the Road to Hell17
Aid as an Instrument of War18
Aid's Integration into Conflict Dynamics25
Aid Exacerbates the Causes of War27
3Providing Aid Without Sustaining Conflict, Part One: Principles and Codes of Conduct37
Rethinking Neutrality38
Building Internal Accountability42
Operationalizing Principles44
Case Examples47
4Providing Aid Without Sustaining Conflict, Part Two: Ten Commandments53
Commandment 1: Deepen Analysis in Planning and Diversity Information Sources53
Commandment 2: Assess Needs Properly and Independently58
Commandment 3: Study Options for Modalities of Access63
Commandment 4: Be Astute and Flexible in the Types of Aid Provided72
Commandment 5: Study Impacts of Targeting and Distribution Methods77
Commandment 6: Standardize Costs and Minimize Extortion and Hyperinflation82
Commandment 7: Commit to Independent Monitoring and Evaluation83
Commandment 8: Integrate Human Rights Monitoring, Advocacy, and Capacity-Building Objectives85
Commandment 9: Coordinate at All Levels89
Commandment 10: Prioritize Engagement and Capacity Building92
5Humanitarian Aid, Conflict Prevention, and Peace Building111
Forging Intercommunal and Economic Links114
Preventing Conflict and Building Peace121
Enhancing Other Programming Strategies130
6Carrot-and-Stick Humanitarianism: Aid Conditions for Peace137
Making Aid Conditional on Humanitarian Principles138
Making Aid Conditional on Progress in Conflict Resolution140
Concluding Thoughts143
About the Book165

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