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Full Court Pressure

Full Court Pressure

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by Lynn Galli

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When Graysen Viola moves across the country to coach a college basketball team, she thought the hardest part of her job would be establishing a winning record. Being wrong has never been so challenging. A misunderstanding puts her in the unique position of coaching the men's team, which is struggling just to be competitive. The last thing this team wants or thinks it


When Graysen Viola moves across the country to coach a college basketball team, she thought the hardest part of her job would be establishing a winning record. Being wrong has never been so challenging. A misunderstanding puts her in the unique position of coaching the men's team, which is struggling just to be competitive. The last thing this team wants or thinks it needs is a female coach. Together they must find a way to understand and trust each other in order to succeed.

Complicating matters is the lovely and persistent volleyball coach, Darby Evan, a former crush from their college days. Graysen isn't sure starting a relationship with a colleague amidst her job turmoil is the wisest idea, but feelings rarely follow practicality. If she can figure out how to handle a team that disapproves of her, then dealing with an unexpected love life should be a breeze by comparison. Or so she hopes.

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“Do you miss Washington? Leaving anyone special behind?” Darby’s blue eyes sparkled. “I used to be okay with living in three different cities while I played because of the offseason coaching or the overseas leagues, but ever since I retired, I’ve really taken to living in one place. Washington was great, but it’s nice to be back on the west coast.”
“You must miss your friends? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Both?”
Both? Yeah, I’m a hussy like that. “I do miss my friends. I had a great coaching staff working with me. Kristine, James, and Rebecca were close friends by the time I left. They were pretty angry that I made this move, but since Kristine is now the head coach, they’ll get over it.”
She laughed softly, the sound rolling over the table in featherlike waves. “You managed not to answer the question I wanted you most to answer.” She smiled broadly at my furrowed brow. “Boyfriend or, please let it be, girlfriend?” My mouth nudged ajar. Something about her question didn’t seem like idle curiosity. And certainly not the way she asked if I had a girlfriend.
“C’mon. You’re among friends. I’ve always had a vibe about you.”
“You know, a gay vibe.” The statement came out with certainty. I didn’t have time to be startled. “You can tell me, Graysen. I’m sure you know I’m a lesbian, and you have to know I’m interested in you.”
“You’re my fantasy woman, have been for decades since I first met you. So, spill, tell me you’re going to make my fantasy come true.”
…Hell. I was someone’s fantasy? Hers? This beautiful woman whom everyone liked and so many lusted after? Did the world turn upside down as soon as I crossed into the Pacific Time Zone? “Fantasy?” I managed with a dry mouth. “I’m coming on too strong, aren’t I?” A touch of worry marred her expression. “My sisters always tell me that I need to tone it down, but I can’t help it with you. After all these years, I finally have you in the same city and permanently. So, I’m putting it all out there tonight. I didn’t want there to be any confusion about what I want.”
“What you want?” GAH! Could I please stop repeating everything she said?
One word, sounds like sue, only less litigious. She wants me. Damn, that even sounds weird just thinking it. Why would she want me? I’m not a person who brings out wanting in people, or I never have been, or I’ve been oblivious to it my whole adult life.
Jeez, I mean, this was only my eighth date, if this was a date. And I know, eight dates, right? But, like I said, when you’re really good at something, other things fall by the way side. My love life foremost among them. Since I’m pretty convinced I was born without a sex drive, I hadn’t ever felt like I’d missed much. Why date when I felt nothing? Okay, this time, maybe I didn’t feel nothing, maybe this time was a little different, and it wasn’t because she was a woman when the others had been men. This time was different because it was Darby. Was she my fantasy woman, too? Honestly, no, but only because I didn’t have fantasies of that nature. I must be broken. Everyone else had fantasies, right? Why didn’t I? Maybe I just needed to think about it. I could try to fantasize about her. Hmm, that might work. “Gray?”
Try later. “Huh?”
“Shocked?” She smiled understandingly, and my, was it a beautiful smile. “I wanted to be upfront about this. I want more than just friendship from you, have for a long time.”
“This is…I mean, that’s very flattering.”
“Oh, God.” A panicked look came over her face. “You’re not going to say that you’re flattered but it’s not me it’s you, are you? Just lie to me and say you’ve got a boyfriend. I can handle unavailable but don’t crush my ego by telling me you’re the biggest lesbian on the planet, but I do nothing for you.”
My head shook, trying to snap all the whirling thoughts to attention. “I don’t know what to say.”
“That’s better than turning the tables over and racing from the restaurant, I guess.” She reached across and grasped my hand. The touch felt comforting. “Just tell me I have a chance?”
“I haven’t thought about dating in a while.” If she knew how long of a while it might put a stop to this before it had a chance to get started. “You’ve thrown me for a loop. I’m still trying to catch up.”
The smile that surfaced on her face brought out sparkles in her blue eyes and added definition to her sleek cheekbones. “I’m still in the running, then. Good. Enough pressure for tonight, we’ll save that for our second date.” Second date? In way over my head here, but it felt pretty good.

Meet the Author

Lynn Galli calls the Pacific Northwest home even though she’s never written any software code, built an airplane, worn socks with sandals, or slung coffee. For the most part, she enjoys her real job but absolutely lives for the time she gets to spend writing.

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Full Court Pressure 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Sage320 More than 1 year ago
Graysen Viola had a very successful college career playing basketball, including an Olympic gold medal, followed by successful careers playing in the WNBA and coaching women's college teams. When her best friend, who is the athletic director at Lake Merritt University, asks her to join him as coach of the basketball team, Gray assumes he means the nationally ranked women's team. Instead she finds she's coaching the men's team which is mired in scandal and missing most of its best players from the previous year. She also didn't expect to meet up with Darby Evan, coach of the women's volleyball team and a friend from the Olympics, or Kesara Luz, Tavian's very beautiful assistant. Gray struggles with a team that doesn't want her, trying to get a house restored and attractions to two women. She's going to have quite a year. Full Court Pressure isn't about basketball. That's just a framework for the story. It's really about relationships; those between a coach and a team; those between romantic interests; and those between people of different cultures. The interactions between the characters come across as very real, even when they're not positive. Gray's emotions radiate off of the page as she deals with arrogant players, an overly possessive woman and the realization that not everyone has the friendly feelings she's developed for members of the Hispanic community. As the story develops, the basketball aspect fades into the background as the interactions between the people become more important. This is an enjoyable book to read. Some of it stretches credulity a little, but it's fiction. It develops at just the right pace and the characters are fully developed. Readers should find it worth spending some time with. An added bonus for those who are not familiar with Galli's other work is that there is a synopsis of each book included at the back of this one.