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Fun Bible Q & A: 1250 Challenging Trivia Questions

Fun Bible Q & A: 1250 Challenging Trivia Questions

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by Compiled by Barbour Staff

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Q: How much do you know about the Bible?

A: Find out here!


Fun Bible Q & A will test your scriptural knowledge with 1,250 questions drawn from the breadth and depth of God’s Word.

            Featuring true or false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and


Q: How much do you know about the Bible?

A: Find out here!


Fun Bible Q & A will test your scriptural knowledge with 1,250 questions drawn from the breadth and depth of God’s Word.

            Featuring true or false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and open-ended questions, Fun Bible Q & A highlights the fascinating people, places, things, and events of scripture—from Genesis to Revelation.

            How much do you know about the Bible? Find out here!

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Fun Bible Q&A

1,250 Challenging Trivia Questions

By JoAnne Simmons

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Copyright © 2006 Barbour Publishing, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60742-760-5


Quiz 1

1. What sound, according to the apostle Paul, causes every knee in heaven to bow?

2. What, in addition to grace, did the apostle John say Jesus, the Word, was "full of"?

a) truth

b) power

c) love

d) hope

3. True or False: Although Jesus was rejected in many cities, He was warmly received in His hometown of Nazareth.

4. What did Jesus do to serve His disciples at the Last Supper?

5. Connect the Thots:





1. the name of Jesus (Philippians 2:10 NIV)

2. a (John 1:14 KJV)

3. False (Matthew 13:57)

4. He washed their feet (John 13:14)

5. places Jesus lived (Matthew 2:13–15; Matthew 4:12–13; Luke 4:14–16)


Quiz 2

1. King Artaxerxes ordered that

a) a festival be held each year to honor Jerusalem.

b) everyone in Persia was to worship Jehovah.

c) Jerusalem not be rebuilt until his command.

d) no Jew was to work more than eight hours a day.

2. Which son of Jesse would succeed Saul as king?

3. Match: Vashti ...

a) another name for Esther

b) queen of Persia

c) Mordecai's cousin

4. Jonah told the Ninevites that they had how many days left before God would destroy them?

5. What Old Testament prophet was a shepherd from Tekoa?

a) Micah

b) Nahum

c) Amos

d) Zechariah


1. c (Ezra 4:12, 21)

2. David (1 Samuel 16:1, 11–13)

3. b (Esther 1:2–3, 9)

4. forty (Jonah 3:4)

5. c (Amos 1:1)


Quiz 3

1. What problem was the brave army commander Naaman healed of?

a) blindness

b) leprosy

c) fever

d) a hunched back

2. At what site did the Lord confound the language of the earth?

3. What angel announced the birth of Jesus to His mother, Mary?

4. Job's children were killed by

a) Assyrians.

b) fire.

c) wind.

d) hail.

5. What sea, according to the book of Hebrews, was crossed by the Israelites, by faith, "as by dry land"?


1. b (2 Kings 5:1, 14)

2. Babel (Genesis 11:9)

3. Gabriel (Luke 1:26–31)

4. c (Job 1:1, 18–19)

5. the Red Sea (Hebrews 11:29 KJV)


Quiz 4

1. When a Christian is too sad or upset to pray, what does the Holy Spirit do?

2. Complete the scripture: And as soon as we had heard these things, our hearts did melt, neither did there remain any more courage in any man, because of you: for the Lord your ________, he is ________ in heaven above, and in earth beneath.

3. According to the Lord's Prayer, where is God the Father?

4. Connect the Thots: immortal


the only wise

5. The disciples received the Holy Spirit during what special holiday?

a) the Day of Atonement

b) Pentecost

c) Passover

d) the Feast of Purim


1. the Holy Spirit tells God what the Christian needs (Romans 8:26)

2. God, God (Joshua 2:11 KJV)

3. in heaven (Luke 11:2)

4. God (1 Timothy 1:17 KJV)

5. b (Acts 2:1–4)


Quiz 5

1. How many letters did Paul write to the Corinthians?

2. Match: Aquila and Priscilla ...

a) sold idols in Ephesus.

b) dealt in fine linen and wool.

c) were tentmakers.

3. What were the Bereans famous for?

4. True or False: Eutychus was an old woman.

5. Complete the scripture: For she said within herself, If I may but _____ his garment, I shall be whole.


1. two

2. c (Acts 18:2–3)

3. searching the scriptures (Acts 17:10–11)

4. False (Acts 20:9)

5. touch (Matthew 9:21 KJV)


Quiz 6

1. Bethlehem is the city of _____.

2. The name of the place where the Thessalonians lived was

a) Thesis.

b) Thessalonica.

c) Toronto.

d) Thessa.

3. What river stopped flowing when priests carrying the ark reached the water's edge?

4. Connect the Thots:

the Philippian jail

Jesus' tomb

Mt. Sinai

5. Match: Valley of Kidron ...

a) where Jesus gave the Beatitudes

b) where Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead

c) near where Jesus was arrested


1. David (Luke 2:4)

2. b

3. Jordan (Joshua 3:15–16)

4. sites of earthquakes (Acts 16:12–26; Matthew 28:1–6; Exodus 19:18)

5. c (John 18:1, 12 NIV)


Quiz 7

1. What are two of the four ways Luke says the young boy Jesus grew up?

2. What problem did Jesus heal two men of, saying, "According to your faith be it unto you"?

a) leprosy

b) blindness

c) demon possession

d) lameness

3. Connect the Thots:

turn stones into bread

jump from the top of the temple

worship the devil

4. Jesus taught in stories. What are they called?

5. Complete the scripture: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you _____.


1. in wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with men (Luke 2:52)

2. b (Matthew 9:27–30 KJV)

3. the temptation of Christ (Matthew 4:1–11)

4. parables

5. rest (Matthew 11:28 KJV)


Quiz 8

1. David was skillful at playing the

a) electric organ.

b) kazoo.

c) accordion.

d) harp.

2. What precious metal covered the ark and its carrying poles?

3. Connect the Thots: a mount groves Noah's dove

4. Match: Pillar of fire ...

a) covered the tabernacle at night

b) at this sign, the Israelites set out on their journey

c) at this sign, the Israelites made camp

5. When you glean a field, you

a) sell it.

b) gather leftover crops after the harvest.

c) use it to bury the dead.

d) cut down all the trees on it.


1. d (1 Samuel 16:15–19)

2. gold (Exodus 25:10–14)

3. olives (Matthew 24:3; Joshua 24:13 NIV; Genesis 8:11)

4. a (Numbers 9:15–16)

5. b (Leviticus 19:9–10)


Quiz 9

1. Connect the Thots:



a woman of Endor

2. Complete the scripture: Let not sin therefore _____ in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof.

3. Match: Satan's destruction ...

a) by another flood

b) by fire, before the thousand-year period of peace

c) by fire, after the thousand-year period of peace

4. What disciple, watching Jesus' arrest and trial, claimed three times that he didn't know the Lord?

5. To reach heaven, the people tried to build

a) the Empire State Building.

b) a highway to heaven.

c) the Tower of Babel.

d) the Sears Building.


1. witchcraft, or sorcery (2 Kings 9:22; Acts 13:8; 1 Samuel 28:7)

2. reign (Romans 6:12 KJV)

3. c (Revelation 20:7, 9–10)

4. Peter (Matthew 26:69–75)

5. c (Genesis 11:4, 8–9)


Quiz 10

1. In what parable does Jesus quote, "My son ... you are always with me, and everything I have is yours"?

2. Complete the scripture: Train up a child in the _____ he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

3. According to the book of Romans, "there is therefore now no" what "to them which are in Christ Jesus"?

a) fear of death

b) sorrow

c) condemnation

d) suffering

4. When the apostle Paul wrote that "to live is Christ," what did he say it is "to die"?

5. Connect the Thots:

a net

a pearl

a mustard seed


1. the Parable of the Lost, or Prodigal, Son (Luke 15 NIV)

2. way (Proverbs 22:6 KJV)

3. c (Romans 8:1 KJV)

4. gain (Philippians 1:21 KJV)

5. objects in Jesus' parables (Matthew 13:47–50; Matthew 13:45–46; Matthew 13:31–32)


Quiz 11

1. What kind of bread were the Israelites to eat in their Passover celebration?

2. You can find the Ten Commandments in the following Old Testament book(s):

a) Exodus

b) Deuteronomy

c) Exodus and Deuteronomy

d) Genesis

3. Match: Gehazi ...

a) asked Naaman for two talents of silver.

b) lied to Elisha and became leprous.

c) asked Elijah for a cake of bread.

4. How many books are in the Bible?

5. The Romans were

a) Jewish.

b) Catholic.

c) Gentiles.

d) popular.


1. unleavened (Numbers 9:10–11)

2. c (Exodus 20:1–17; Deuteronomy 5:7–21)

3. b (2 Kings 5:20–27)

4. sixty-six

5. c (Romans 11:13)


Quiz 12

1. How old was the boy Jesus when He amazed people in the temple with His spiritual insights?

2. Connect the Thots:




3. When does scripture say that Jesus was chosen to come to earth and offer a sacrifice for our sins?

4. Match: How Jesus as Redeemer will return ...

a) Jesus will come again in the clouds.

b) An earthquake will announce Jesus' second coming.

c) Jesus will come amid loud claps of thunder and lightning.

5. When Jesus saw the moneychangers at the temple, He

a) bought three doves and two goats.

b) asked for change for the vending machines.

c) asked what time the Bible study on the book of Revelation would occur.

d) overturned their tables and angrily rebuked them.


1. twelve (Luke 2:41–52)

2. gifts for the baby Jesus (Matthew 2:1–11)

3. before the creation of the world (1 Peter 1:18–20 NIV)

4. a (Luke 21:27–28)

5. d (John 2:13–16)


Quiz 13

1. What third son did Eve say God gave her in place of the murdered Abel?

2. True or False: Jacob was renamed Israel.

3. Complete the scripture: Noah found _____ in the eyes of the Lord.

4. After Moses' death, who succeeded him?

5. We first meet Aaron in the Bible when he is

a) a baby being hidden from Pharaoh.

b) speaking to Pharaoh's daughter about a Hebrew nurse for Moses.

c) writing down the Ten Commandments.

d) appointed by God to help Moses.


1. Seth (Genesis 4:1-2, 25)

2. True (Genesis 32:27–28; 35:9–10)

3. grace (Genesis 6:8 KJV)

4. Joshua, son of Nun (Deuteronomy 34:7–9)

5. d (Exodus 4:14)


Quiz 14

1. How many days did God use to create the world and everything in it?

2. True or False: John the Baptist begged Jesus for the privilege of baptizing Him since He is the Son of God.

3. Connect the Thots:

the Shunammite's son



4. How many loaves of bread, along with two fish, did Jesus turn into a meal for five thousand men?

5. Match: Calming the storm ...

a) Jesus was piloting the boat.

b) Jesus was having a meal.

c) Jesus was sleeping.


1. six (Genesis 1:31–2:1)

2. False (Matthew 3:13–15)

3. people raised from the dead (2 Kings 4:32–37; Acts 20:9–12; John 11:43–44)

4. five (Matthew 14:17–21)

5. c (Matthew 8:23–24)


Quiz 15

1. What special talent did God give to Daniel that would later help the king?

2. God promises believers

a) earthly riches.

b) eternal life.

c) manna.

d) a year's supply of Rice a Roni, the San Francisco treat.

3. What form did the Holy Spirit take when He descended on Jesus after His baptism in the Jordan River?

4. Complete the scripture: Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a _____ spirit within me.

5. What three things did God create on the fourth day to light the uNIVerse?


1. understanding of visions and dreams (Daniel 1:17)

2. b (John 3:16)

3. a dove (Matthew 3:13–17)

4. right (Psalm 51:10 KJV)

5. the sun, the moon, and the stars (Genesis 1:14–19)


Quiz 16

1. What apostle and New Testament author was originally known as Saul?

2. True or False: John the Baptist wrote the Gospel of John.

3. What disciple betrayed Jesus with a kiss?

4. Connect the Thots:

an apostle

a tanner

a sorcerer

5. Match: Deaths of the disciples ...

a) Peter drowned in the Sea of Galilee.

b) James was martyred by King Herod.

c) John was crucified upside down.


1. Paul (Acts 13:9)

2. False. The Gospel of John is attributed to the apostle John, the son of Zebedee.

3. Judas Iscariot (Mark 14:43–45; John 6:70–71)

4. men named Simon (Matthew 10:2; Acts 9:43; Acts 8:9)

5. b (Acts 12:2)


Quiz 17

1. Where did God plant a garden and place the man, Adam, He had created?

2. Connect the Thots:




3. What site did Abraham purchase as a family burial place?

4. King Artaxerxes found the city of Jerusalem to be

a) peaceful.

b) fun loving.

c) on the cutting edge of technology.

d) rebellious.

5. True or False: When the New Testament was written, Israel was the largest and most powerful nation on earth.


1. Eden (Genesis 2:8)

2. places with towers (Genesis 11:5–9; Luke 13:4; 2 Chronicles 26:9)

3. the cave of Machpelah (Genesis 23:19)

4. d (Ezra 4:19)

5. False. Israel was no longer an independent nation but a province of a larger empire.


Quiz 18

1. What name, meaning "God with us," did Isaiah prophesy for Jesus?

2. Complete the scripture: [Jesus] bare our sins in his own body on the ______, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness.

3. Match: A sign Jesus is the Prince of Peace ...

a) A lamb without blemish was at Jesus' baptism.

b) A dove alit on Jesus after His baptism.

c) A rainbow appeared overhead after Jesus' baptism.

4. What did Jesus ask the woman at the well to give Him?

5. What important news did Jesus tell the woman at the well about Himself?


1. Immanuel or Emmanuel (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:22–23)

2. tree (1 Peter 2:24 KJV)

3. b (Matthew 3:16)

4. a drink of water (John 4:7)

5. that He is the Messiah (John 4:25–26)


Quiz 19

1. Unleavened bread is made

a) without yeast.

b) with yeast.

c) in an oven that is off balance.

d) by the Wonder company.

2. What product were the Israelites, as slaves of Egypt, forced to make?

3. Connect the Thots:

King Ahasuerus's scepter

a calf-shaped idol

the streets of the new Jerusalem

4. Match: Lentil stew ...

a) served in the Parable of the Lost Son

b) served at the wedding in Cana

c) what Jacob made Esau

5. True or False: The first bird Noah sent away from the ark was a dove.


1. a (Exodus 12:20)

2. bricks (Exodus 5:4–8)

3. golden things (Esther 8:1–4; Exodus 32:2–4; Revelation 21:2, 21)

4. c (Genesis 25:34)

5. False (Genesis 8:7–8)


Quiz 20

1. What relationship did Abram claim to his wife, Sarai, to try to gain favor with the Egyptians?

2. Connect the Thots:



the devil

3. What overindulgers in food, according to the Proverbs, should be avoided?

4. If we say we have no sin, we are fooling

a) ourselves.

b) our parents.

c) our teachers.

d) our friends.

5. What did the Lord do when He saw that men were trying to build a tower to reach heaven?


1. brother to sister (Genesis 12:10–20)

2. murderers (Genesis 4:8; Mark 15:7; John 8:44)

3. gluttons (Proverbs 23:20–21)

4. a (1 John 1:8)

5. He caused them to speak different languages and scattered them over the earth (Genesis 11:7–8).


Quiz 21

1. What did Jesus command His followers to show to their enemies?

2. Complete the scripture: Work out your own salvation with fear and _____.

3. On what surface did Jesus say a wise man built his house?

4. What type of relationship did Paul tell the Galatians their salvation gave them to God "through Christ"?

a) friends

b) heirs

c) students

d) subjects

5. Match: The kingdom of heaven ...

a) is like a ketchup seed.

b) is like a lost sapphire.

c) is like yeast in dough.


1. love (Luke 6:35)

2. trembling (Philippians 2:12 KJV)

3. on rock (Matthew 7:24)

4. b (Galatians 4:7 KJV)

5. c (Matthew 13:33 NIV)


Quiz 22

1. An epistle is a

a) letter.

b) book.

c) novel.

d) wife of an apostle.

2. What physical condition of Elisha was once mocked by young people—leading to their mauling by bears?

3. Connect the Thots:


Jesus walks on water

Job's children


Excerpted from Fun Bible Q&A by JoAnne Simmons. Copyright © 2006 Barbour Publishing, Inc.. Excerpted by permission of Barbour Publishing, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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