Fun Summer Dance 2012

Fun Summer Dance 2012


Compiled by Fun Radio, the two-CD compilation Fun Summer Dance 2012 features 45 of France's hottest urban and dance anthems from the first half of the year, including the number one single from Tacabro ("Tacata"); floor-fillers from superstar DJs David Guetta ("TheSee more details below


Compiled by Fun Radio, the two-CD compilation Fun Summer Dance 2012 features 45 of France's hottest urban and dance anthems from the first half of the year, including the number one single from Tacabro ("Tacata"); floor-fillers from superstar DJs David Guetta ("The Alphabeat"), Swedish House Mafia ("Greyhound"), and Deadmau5 ("Raise Your Weapon"); and global chart hits from Nicki Minaj ("Starships"), Jason Derulo ("Breathing"), and Flo Rida ("Wild Ones").

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Disc 1

  1. The Alphabeat  - David Guetta
  2. Ma Chérie 2k12  -  Beat Shakers
  3. Starships  - Nicki Minaj
  4. Cloudbreaker  -  Yves
  5. Summer of Love  -  Cascada
  6. 2012 (If the World Would End)  - Evelyn Miller
  7. Children  - Jack Holiday
  8. Bring It Back  -  Global Deejays
  9. Greyhound  -  Swedish House Mafia
  10. Calling (Lose My Mind)  -  Alesso
  11. Freefallin'  - Zoë Badwi
  12. Psychopath  - Mandy Ventrice
  13. One More Time  - Carl Pritt
  14. Whatever (Encore et Encore)  -  Ocean Drive
  15. Call Me a Spaceman  - Mitch Crown
  16. Feeling You  -  Vince
  17. Spotlight  -  Kindervater
  18. Uh Huh  - Coco Dafoe
  19. Letting You Go (Greece 2000)  -  Three Drives
  20. Raise Your Weapon
  21. Breathing  - Jason Derülo
  22. Wild Ones  - Flo Rida

Disc 2

  1. Positif
  2. Tacatà  -  Tacabro
  3. Sorry for Party Rocking  -  LMFAO
  4. Animal  -  U-Jean
  5. Cette Nuit (We Gon' Party)  -  We Are Me
  6. Rayos de Sol  - Jose de Rico
  7. In My Life  -  Typik' Hall
  8. Ma Vie au Soleil  -  Keen'V
  9. Elle Me Donne Chaud  -  Jumo
  10. Baila Morena  -  Lucenzo
  11. Fiesta  -  Sunset
  12. Oups  -  Belmondo
  13. We Run the Night  - Havana Brown
  14. Rock the Beat  - Fatman Scoop
  15. The Girl Is Mine  - Greg Parys
  16. Feel the Love  -  O2
  17. The Dark Side  - Benjamin Braxton
  18. One Day  - John Coaster
  19. Thelma & Louise  -  Veralovesmusic
  20. It's Not Right, But It's Okay  - Little Nancy
  21. Aucune Autre Que Toi  - Mic Rola
  22. Bem Gostosinho (Mulher Solteir)  - Nuno Fernandez
  23. Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Nooossaa!)  - Michel Teló

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Charlotte Bruyn   Vocals

Technical Credits

Lauren Christy   Composer
Rodney Jerkins   Composer
Felix da Housecat   Composer
Tom Novy   Composer
Michael Kull   Composer
Roberto Concina   Composer
Raymond Cazaux   Composer
Antoine Clamaran   Composer
LaShawn Daniels   Composer
Toni Estes   Composer
John Ewbank   Composer
Felix Stallings   Composer
Isaac Phillips   Composer
Sabina Sciubba   Adaptation
Axwell   Composer
Sia   Composer
Jacob Luttrell   Composer
Wayne Hector   Composer
Jens Kindervater   Composer
Niels Van Gogh   Composer
Tony Cornelissen   Composer
David Guetta   Composer
Amy Pearson   Composer
Ryan Tedder   Composer
Steve Angello   Composer
Julian Bunetta   Composer
J. Martins   Composer
Sebastian Ingrosso   Composer
Sonny Moore   Composer
Jens Gimborn   Composer
Fred Pellichero   Composer
Roman Curtis   Composer
Giorgio Tuinfort   Composer
Terri Bjerre   Composer
Rami Yacoub   Composer
RedOne   Composer
Erik De Koning   Composer
Andres Ballinas   Composer
Joel Zimmerman   Composer
Nicki Minaj   Composer
Christopher Groove   Composer
Benjamin Braxton   Composer
Maradja   Composer
Daddy's Groove   Composer
Matt Houston   Composer
Mandy Ventrice   Composer
Keen'V   Composer
Konrad Schreyvogl   Composer
Florian Schreyvogl   Composer
Vera Böhnisch   Composer
Gilles Luka   Composer
Snob Scrilla   Composer
Cassie Davis   Composer
Patrick Müller   Composer
S.K. Gordy   Composer
S.A. Gordy   Composer
Carl Falk   Composer
Paul Zala   Composer
J. Santos   Composer
Frank Bülles   Composer
Mitch Kroon   Composer
Tramar Dillard   Composer
Yann "Yanou" Peifer   Composer
Jason Desrouleaux   Composer
Anders Bagge   Composer
Frederic Crepin   Composer
Mario Romano   Composer
Henry Mendez   Composer
Jef Martens   Composer
Lucenzo   Composer
Pierre-Antoine Melki   Composer
Maurizio Zoffoli   Composer
Bakengela Belmondo   Composer
Ester Omondi Olwago   Composer
Matthew Bair   Composer
Joe Limoncello La Greca   Composer
Cameron Denny   Composer
Johan Kronlund   Composer
Alexander Scander   Composer
Cyril Covic   Composer
Cydney Sheffield   Composer
Gregory Schouller   Composer
Ployer David   Composer
Andrew Lennix   Composer
Raphael Judrin   Composer
Fred Jerkins   Composer
Rudi Schwamborn   Composer
Jose de Rico   Composer
Patrick Liotard   Composer
Cedric Aiello   Composer
E.E. Beck   Composer
Ton Van Empel   Composer
Antoine Konrad   Composer
Fabrice Vanvert   Composer
Evelyn Zangger   Composer
DJ Yaz   Composer
Zonee L.   Composer
Benmaghnia Bachir   Composer
Ben Maddahi   Composer
Krassimir Tsvetano Kurkchiyski   Composer
Docta Lova   Composer
F. Antoniali   Composer
Michael Mirell   Composer
Alessandro Lindblad   Composer
David Gerald Beuve   Composer
Laurent Coffinier   Composer
Rosalia Taormina   Composer
Sharon Axé Moi   Composer
Antonio Dyggs   Composer
Vincent Mourrégot   Composer
Manuel Reuter   Composer
Jecy Korval   Composer
Viviane Kinda Kee Hamid   Composer
Raul-Rodriguez Martinez   Composer
Boris Krstajic   Composer
Danica Krstajic   Composer
M. Pozzi   Composer
Joachim Mueller   Composer
Chrisophe Le Friant   Composer
Coco Dafoe   Composer
Peter Okoyle   Composer
Paul Okoyle   Composer
Folksong Thrace   Composer
Mohamed Rabehi   Composer
R. Van De Korput   Composer
Andy Alexander Martinez   Composer
Mulher Solteira   Composer
Linho   Composer
Laurent Wilthien   Composer
Harold Philippon   Composer
Darryl a. Jordan   Composer
Christoph Truecher   Composer
Robert Watz   Composer
Shamel Olwago   Composer
Nick McKerl   Composer

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