Fundamentals in Handwriting Recognition

Fundamentals in Handwriting Recognition

by S. Impedovo, Impedovo

ISBN-10: 0387574506

ISBN-13: 9780387574509

Pub. Date: 01/28/1994

Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC

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Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
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NATO Science Series

Table of Contents

Frontiers in handwriting recognition7
Historical review of theory and practice of handwritten character recognition43
Automatic recognition of handwritten characters70
Learning, representation, understanding and recognition of characters and words - an intelligent approach81
Digital transforms in handwriting recognition113
Pattern recognition with optimal margin classifiers147
On the robustness of recognition of degraded line images175
Invariant handwriting features useful in cursive script recognition179
Off-line recognition of bad quality handwritten words using prototypes199
Handwriting recognition by statistical methods218
Towards a visual recognition of cursive script223
A hierarchical handwritten word segmentation228
Cursive words recognition: methods and strategies235
Hidden Markov models in handwriting recognition264
Language-level syntactic and semantic constraints applied to visual word recognition289
Verification of handwritten British postcodes using address features313
Improvement of OCR by language model318
An approximate string matching method for handwriting recognition post-processing using a dictionary323
Neural-net computing for machine recognition of handwritten English language text335
Cooperation of feedforward neural networks for handwritten digit recognition352
Normalisation and preprocessing for a recurrent network off-line handwriting recognition system360
Architectures for handwriting recognition369
Large database organization for document images397
A model-based dynamic signature verification system417
Algorithms for signature verification435
Handwritten signature verification: a global approach455
Total approach for practical character recognition system development463
A pen-based music editor489
Subject Index495

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