Fundamentals of Anaesthesia / Edition 3

Fundamentals of Anaesthesia / Edition 3

by Tim Smith

The gold standard text for the Primary FRCA exam – well established and covers full curriculum.See more details below


The gold standard text for the Primary FRCA exam – well established and covers full curriculum.

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Part I. Clinical Anaesthesia: 1. Pre-operative management; 2. Induction of anaesthesia; 3. Intra-operative management; 4. Postoperative management; 5. Special patient circumstances; 6. The surgical insult; 7. Regional anaesthesia and analgesia; 8. Principles of resuscitation; 9. Major trauma; 10. Clinical anatomy; Part II. Physiology: 11. Cellular physiology; 12. Body fluids; 13. Haematology and immunology; 14. Muscle physiology; 15. Cardiac physiology; 16. Physiology of the circulation; 17. Renal physiology; 18. Respiratory physiology; 19. Physiology of the nervous system; 20. Gastro-intestinal physiology; 21. Metabolism and temperature regulation; 22. Endocrinology; 23. Physiology of pregnancy; 24. Foetal and newborn physiology; 25. Physiology of pain; Part III. Pharmacology: 26. Physical chemistry; 27. Mechanisms of drug action; 28. Pharmacodynamics; 29. Pharmacokinetics; 30. Anaesthetic gases and vapours; 31. Hypnotics and intravenous anaesthetic agents; 32. Analgesic drugs; 33. Neuromuscular blocking agents; 34. Local anaesthetic agents; 35. Central nervous system pharmacology; 36. Autonomic nervous system pharmacology; 37. Cardiovascular pharmacology; 38. Respiratory pharmacology; 39. Endocrine pharmacology; 40. Gastro-intestinal pharmacology; 41. Intravenous fluids; 42. Pharmacology of haemostasis; 43. Antimicrobial therapy; 44. Clinical trials - design and evaluation; Part IV. Physics, Clinical Measurement and Statistics: 45. Applied physics; 46. Clinical measurement; 47. Anaesthetic equipment; 48. Basic statistics.

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