Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation / Edition 7

Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation / Edition 7

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by Charles E. O'Hara, Gregory L. O'Hara, Gregory L. O'Hara, Gregory L. O'Hara

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Charles C. Thomas, Publisher
Publication date:
Edition description:
Seventh Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Preface to Seventh Edition
List of Tables
Ch. 1Methods of Investigation5
Ch. 2The Investigator's Notebook29
Ch. 3Report Writing33
Ch. 4Crime Scene Search47
Ch. 5Photographing the Crime Scene59
Ch. 6Crime Scene Sketch72
Ch. 7Care of Evidence80
Ch. 8Interviews107
Ch. 9Interrogations130
Ch. 10Admissions, Confessions and Written Statements163
Ch. 11Recording Interviews and Interrogations180
Ch. 12Informants189
Ch. 13Tracing and Sources of Information198
Ch. 14Missing Persons213
Ch. 15Surveillance226
Ch. 16Undercover Assignment249
Ch. 17Arson263
Ch. 18Narcotics Violations302
Ch. 19Sex Offenses360
Ch. 20Larceny400
Ch. 21Burglary443
Ch. 22Robbery468
Ch. 23Forgery496
Ch. 24Homicide513
Ch. 25Assault631
Ch. 26Criminal Explosions651
Ch. 27Rules of Evidence671
Ch. 28Testimony in Court688
Ch. 29Observation and Description699
Ch. 30Identification by Witnesses719
Ch. 31Fingerprints and the Mechanics of Recording735
Ch. 32Latent Fingerprints747
Ch. 33Classification of Fingerprints763
Ch. 34Casting787
Ch. 35Various Impressions793
Ch. 36Broken Glass814
Ch. 37Firearms835
Ch. 38Tracing Materials and Detective Dyes856
App. 1White-Collar Crime863
App. 2Suggestions for Law Enforcement Agencies Transmitting Evidence to the FBI Laboratory869

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