Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting / Edition 4

Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting / Edition 4

by Rebecca A. Gallun, John W. Stevenson, Linda M. Nichols, C. Wright

ISBN-10: 0878147934

ISBN-13: 9780878147939

Pub. Date: 01/01/2001

Publisher: PennWell Corporation

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PennWell Corporation
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1A Profile of Petroleum Operation1
Ch. 2Introduction to Oil & Gas Accounting31
Ch. 3Nondrilling Exploration Costs Under SE65
Ch. 4Acquisition Costs of Unproved Property Under SE81
Ch. 5Drilling and Development Costs Under SE121
Ch. 6Proved Property Cost Disposition Under SE159
Ch. 7Full Cost Accounting (FE)207
Ch. 8Accounting for Production Activities261
Ch. 9Accounting for Revenue from Oil and Gas Sales283
Ch. 10Basic Oil & Gas Tax Accounting349
Ch. 11Joint Interest Accounting395
Ch. 12Conveyences465
Ch. 13Oil & Gas Disclosures531
Ch. 14Accounting for International Petroleum Operations583
Ch. 15Analysis of Oil & Gas Companies' Financial Statements605
Ch. 16Overview of Gas Pipeline Accounting633
App. A: Authorization for Expenditure661
App. BRegulation SX 4-10665
App. CExcerpt from Regulation S-K679
App. DExcerpt from Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 19681
App. EKerr-McGee Corporation 1999 Annual Report697

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