Fundamentals of Physics, Part 3 / Edition 9

Fundamentals of Physics, Part 3 / Edition 9

by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker

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ISBN-10: 0470547936

ISBN-13: 9780470547939

Pub. Date: 02/28/2010

Publisher: Wiley

This 8th edition of Fundamentals of Physics includes hundreds of items about curious effects in the everyday world, written in the spirit of Jearl Walker's The Flying Circus of Physics. The original edition of The Flying Circus of Physics-in print for over 30 years in 10 languages-is a cult classic among physics students, physics instructors, and the general public.


This 8th edition of Fundamentals of Physics includes hundreds of items about curious effects in the everyday world, written in the spirit of Jearl Walker's The Flying Circus of Physics. The original edition of The Flying Circus of Physics-in print for over 30 years in 10 languages-is a cult classic among physics students, physics instructors, and the general public. Electronic links to the new 2nd Edition of The Flying Circus of Physics are available in the electronic version of 8th edition of Fundamentals of Physics that is part of WileyPLUS, one of the online homework systems available with this book. WileyPLUS also includes electronic versions of all the end-of-chapter problems in Fundamentals of Physics and the interactive tutorials (several hundred) and hints (several thousand) written by author Jearl Walker.

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Table of Contents

Electric Charge     561
How can a video monitor in a surgical room increase the risk of bacterial contamination?
What Is Physics?     562
Electric Charge     562
Conductors and Insulators     563
Coulomb's Law     565
Charge Is Quantized     571
Charge Is Conserved     572
Review & Summary     573
Questions     573
Problems     575
Electric Fields     580
How does a bee use electrostatics to collect and then distribute pollen grains?
What Is Physics?     581
The Electric Field     581
Electric Field Lines     582
The Electric Field Due to a Point Charge     583
The Electric Field Due to an Electric Dipole     585
The Electric Field Due to a Line of Charge     586
The Electric Field Due to a Charged Disk     590
A Point Charge in an Electric Field     591
A Dipole in an Electric Field     594
Review & Summary     596
Questions     597
Problems     598
Gauss' Law     605
How can lightning harm you even if it does not strike you?
What Is Physics?     606
Flux     606
Flux of an Electric Field     607
Gauss' Law     609
Gauss' Law and Coulomb's Law     611
A Charged Isolated Conductor     612
Applying Gauss' Law: Cylindrical Symmetry     615
Applying Gauss' Law: Planar Symmetry     616
Applying Gauss' Law: Spherical Symmetry     618
Review & Summary     620
Questions     620
Problems     621
Electric Potential     628
What danger does a sweater pose to a computer?
What Is Physics?     629
Electric Potential Energy     629
Electric Potential     630
Equipotential Surfaces     632
Calculating the Potential from the Field     633
Potential Due to a Point Charge     635
Potential Due to a Group of Point Charges     636
Potential Due to an Electric Dipole     637
Potential Due to a Continuous Charge Distribution     638
Calculating the Field from the Potential     640
Electric Potential Energy of a System of Point Charges     641
Potential of a Charged Isolated Conductor     644
Review & Summary     645
Questions     646
Problems      647
Capacitance     656
How can a spark set up an explosion in airborne powder?
What Is Physics?     657
Capacitance     657
Calculating the Capacitance     659
Capacitors in Parallel and in Series     662
Energy Stored in an Electric Field     666
Capacitor with a Dielectric     670
Dielectrics: An Atomic View     672
Dielectrics and Gauss' Law     672
Review & Summary     675
Questions     675
Problems     676
Current and Resistance     682
What precautions should you take if caught outdoors during a lightning storm?
What Is Physics?     683
Electric Current     683
Current Density     685
Resistance and Resistivity     688
Ohm's Law     692
A Microscopic View of Ohm's Law     693
Power in Electric Circuits     695
Semiconductors     696
Superconductors     697
Review & Summary     698
Questions     699
Problems     700
Circuits     705
How can a pit crew avoid a fire while fueling a charged race car?
What Is Physics?     706
"Pumping" Charges     706
Work, Energy, and Emf     707
Calculating the Current in a Single-Loop Circuit     708
Other Single-Loop Circuits     710
Potential Difference Between Two Points     711
Multiloop Circuits     714
The Ammeter and the Voltmeter     720
RC Circuits     720
Review & Summary     724
Questions     725
Problems     726
Magnetic Fields     735
What causes an aurora and why is it so thin?
What Is Physics?     736
What Produces a Magnetic Field?     736
The Definition of B     736
Crossed Fields: Discovery of the Electron     740
Crossed Fields: The Hall Effect     741
A Circulating Charged Particle     743
Cyclotrons and Synchrotrons     748
Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Wire     750
Torque on a Current Loop     752
The Magnetic Dipole Moment     754
Review & Summary     755
Questions     756
Problems     757
Magnetic Fields Due to Currents     764
How can the human brain produce a detectable magnetic field without any magnetic material?
What Is Physics?      765
Calculating the Magnetic Field Due to a Current     765
Force Between Two Parallel Currents     771
Ampere's Law     772
Solenoids and Toroids     776
A Current-Carrying Coil as a Magnetic Dipole     778
Review & Summary     780
Questions     781
Problems     782
Induction and Inductance     791
How can magnetic induction melt metal in a foundry?
What Is Physics?     792
Two Experiments     792
Faraday's Law of Induction     793
Lenz's Law     795
Induction and Energy Transfers     798
Induced Electric Fields     801
Inductors and Inductance     805
Self-Induction     806
RL Circuits     807
Energy Stored in a Magnetic Field     810
Energy Density of a Magnetic Field     812
Mutual Induction     814
Review & Summary     816
Questions     816
Problems     818
Electromagnetic Oscillations and Alternating Current     826
How did a solar eruption knock out the power-grid system of Quebec?
What Is Physics?     827
LC Oscillations, Qualitatively      827
The Electrical-Mechanical Analogy     830
LC Oscillations, Quantitatively     831
Damped Oscillations in an RLC Circuit     834
Alternating Current     835
Forced Oscillations     835
Three Simple Circuits     837
The Series RLC Circuit     842
Power in Alternating-Current Circuits     846
Transformers     849
Review & Summary     853
Questions     854
Problems     855
Maxwell's Equations; Magnetism of Matter     861
How can a mural painting record the direction of Earth's magnetic field?
What Is Physics?     862
Gauss' Law for Magnetic Fields     862
Induced Magnetic Fields     864
Displacement Current     866
Maxwell's Equations     868
Magnets     869
Magnetism and Electrons     870
Magnetic Materials     874
Diamagnetism     874
Paramagnetism     876
Ferromagnetism     877
Review & Summary     881
Questions     882
Problems     883
Appendices     A-1
The International System of Units (SI)     A-1
Some Fundamental Constants of Physics     A-3
Some Astronomical Data     A-4
Conversion Factors     A-5
Mathematical Formulas     A-9
Properties of the Elements     A-12
Periodic Table of the Elements     A-15
Answers to Checkpoints and Odd-Numbered Questions and Problems     AN-1
Index     I-1

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