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Fundamentals Of The Stock Market / Edition 1

Fundamentals Of The Stock Market / Edition 1

by B. Wyss, O'Neill Wyss

ISBN-10: 0071360964

ISBN-13: 9780071360968

Pub. Date: 12/29/2000

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

This practical, hands-on blueprint to stocks and mutual funds provides a thorough overview of todayís stock market.


This practical, hands-on blueprint to stocks and mutual funds provides a thorough overview of todayís stock market.

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McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date:
Fundamentals of Investing Series
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8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.54(d)

Table of Contents

1.Origins: The Markets and Major Indexes1
The Stock Market: Historical Background
The Exchanges of Today
Practical .com Sites
Pricing and Trading
How and Why Stocks Are Traded
After-Market Trading Activity
Major Indexes
A Special Application: Investing in a Two-Tiered Market
Predicting Future Market Activity
2.Economics Basics: Terms, Definitions, Trends, and Policies17
Global Economic Expansion
Economic Terms and Definitions
The Business Cycle
Dangerous Waters for Long-Term Investors
3.Beginnings: What Affects Markets and Prices39
Classifications of Stock
Types of Common and Preferred Stock
Tax Ramifications of Ownership
Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis
Industry Analysis
Other Critical Factors
Stock Market Trends for the New Millennium
Companies Shaping the New Decade
Beginning a New Career as a Financial Professional
4.Trading: Buying and Selling Stocks61
Brokers and Dealers
Floor Brokers and Specialists
Decimals Come to the Markets
Disappearance of the Spread
Electronic Trading: The Wave of the Future The Danger of Churning
The Future of Financial Markets The Opportunity to Specialize
5.Studying: How to Interpret Prices and Understand Financial News81
Ticker-Tape Language
Share Volume and Trading
Bids and Offers: Understanding Stock Market Tables The Dow Jones Averages
Computation of the Dow Jones Averages
Selection of the Dow Stocks
Foreign Equities Markets Diary
Investor Protection: Government Regulations
Specific Legislation
Other Published Information Sources Financial Magazines
Investment Advisory Services
Academic and Professional Publications
Internet Web Sites
6.Analysis: Tools and Theories113
Averages and Indices
Lessons to Learn from an Erratic Stock Market
Guarding Against Risk: Protecting Clients' Money
Using Capitalization and Investment Styles for Better Balance
Degrees of Caution When Using
Fixed-Income Securities
Strategizing for Various Portfolios Exchange-Traded Portfolios
The Benefits of Fundamental Analysis
The Popularity of Technical Analysis
Modern Portfolio Theory
7.Goals and Guidelines: Setting Portfolio Parameters141
Investment Risks
New Economy Risks
Distinguishing between a Stock Market Correction and a Bear Market
Major Investment Fears and Mistakes Smart Reasons for Selling a Stock
Lowering Risk with Equity Mutual Funds
How to Tackle Specific Financial Goals
A Word to the Wise
8.Diversifying with Mutual Funds163
Benefits of Using Mutual Funds
Reading the Prospectus
Open-End and Closed-End Funds
Types of Mutual Funds
Paying Commissions and Fees
Mutual-Fund Investment Strategies
Redeeming and Exchanging Shares Determining NAV
How to Review the Fund Company
How to Evaluate the Fund Manager
Determining Portfolio Objectives
9.Tax Considerations: Equity-Related Vehicles187
Taxes and Capital Gains
Computing Your Tax Bracket
Trading versus Buy and Hold: Foolishness versus Tax Savvy
How to Lower Taxes with Individual Stocks IRAs: Rules and Regulations
The Benefits of Variable Annuities
Variable Annuities: A Strategic Asset-Allocation Tool
10.Brokers: Investment Companies and Services213
Bank Investment Services
The Pooling Concept
A Variety of Investments
Brokerage Companies The Internet Rewrites the Rules
Professional Investment Advisors
Your Ultimate Career Decision
How to Choose a Broker-Dealer
Building Competency as a Financial Professional
Selecting Investment Advisors: Using the Seven Cs
AppendixA Client's Bill of Rights235

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