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The Funeral Planner

The Funeral Planner

4.7 9
by Lynn Isenberg

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The Funeral Planner trilogy is brought to you by the Dignity Memorial Network, Legacy.com, and Eternal Image. Valuable Offers & Content-Integrated-Ads Inside from additional sponsors endorsed by protagonist Maddy Banks include 1800FLOWERS.com, Forethought Financial Group LLC, GoDaddy.com, EchoSign.com, Heardable.com, The National Hospice Foundation, DNA2Diamonds,


The Funeral Planner trilogy is brought to you by the Dignity Memorial Network, Legacy.com, and Eternal Image. Valuable Offers & Content-Integrated-Ads Inside from additional sponsors endorsed by protagonist Maddy Banks include 1800FLOWERS.com, Forethought Financial Group LLC, GoDaddy.com, EchoSign.com, Heardable.com, The National Hospice Foundation, DNA2Diamonds, Cadillac Travel Agency, GotKosherInc.com, Andiamo's Italia of Metro Detroit, Eagles Nest on Clark Lake, BTB Burrito of Ann Arbor and a special tribute sponsored by First Capital Funding. Determined entrepreneur Maddy Banks finds a way to bring life to a dead business, heal unresolved grief, and discover the meaning of selfworth v. net-worth in a healing journey of entrepreneurship and love. Chick lit meets business savvy in Isenberg's second novel in which would-be entrepreneur Madison Banks has longed to run her own business since childhood, but has had only failures. Just when she thinks she's hit the jackpot, her business school nemesis, the slimy Derek Rogers, beats her to the punch. Disheartened, Maddy finds inspiration in the unlikeliest of places: at her best friend's funeral. Maddy believes funerals should celebrate a life, as oppose to mourn a death. With the help of her beloved Uncle Sam, a lover-turned-friend from business school, and handsome investor Victor Winston, Maddy launches Lights Out Enterprises (www.LightsOutEnterprises.com) and The Tribute Network (www.TheTributeNetwork.com) only to realize she might again be facing competition from Derek. If you ever wanted to learn about life celebrations, processing grief, or how to start a business, this is a must read. Determined entrepreneur Maddy Banks finds a way to bring life to a dead business, heal unresolved grief, and discover the meaning of self-worth v. net-worth in a healing journey of entrepreneurship and love. "I've known her since she was a little girl running around in Danskins. She was always entertaining... and she still is." - Sandra Bernhard, Actress-Author- Comedienne-Singer "Funny. Gifted. Intelligent. Lynn Isenberg reminds me of me." - Alan Zweibel, Writer (Curb Your Enthusiasm, David Letterman, Monk, SNL; Collaborator with Billy Crystal on 700 Sundays) To see the Digital Series based on "The Funeral Planner" visit www.Amazon.com. THE DIGITAL SERIES: On Amazon! Watch the digital series based on the novels featuring singer-actor Joss Stone (who lights up the screen!), Cynthia Gibb (Fame), Marisa Ramirez (General Hospital), Heather Mazur (CSI), Carlease Burke (In Her Shoes), Andre Boccaletti (Sex in the City). Bonus content includes "After-Behind-the-Scenes" and the acclaimed tribute video "Jack the Mench." THE TRIBUTE NETWORK: Visit www.TheTributeNetwork.com and send your questions to DEAR MADDY-Grief Etiquette to the Rescue; post your Tribute Video in the Tribute Film Festival, buy the trilogy of novels and non-fiction Grief Wellness and Grief Tributes; and visit the novel-inspired business www.LightsOutEnterprises.com. THE MEDIA: The brand has received worldwide media attention including appearances on The Today Show, The Early Show, NPR, NYT, and MSN, etc. turning Lynn Isenberg into the media's "go-to-celebrity-author for Life Celebrations". Stay tuned for more with award-winning director Donald Petrie on board (Miss Congeniality, How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days, Mystic Pizza...) A portion of the proceeds go to the National Hospice Foundation.

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In addition to writing the comedy trilogy novels THE FUNERAL PLANNER, THE FUNERAL PLANNER GOES TO WASHINGTON and THE FUNERAL PLANNER GOES GLOBAL, Isenberg launched the real life business it inspired at LIGHTS OUT ENTERPRISES (www.LightsOutEnterprises.com) and a social media networking site inspired by protagonist Maddy Banks at www.TheTributeNetwork.com. A native Michigander and Californian Lynn Isenberg is an avant-garde content creator, transmedia producer, and brand strategist. Her critically acclaimed works include THE FUNERAL PLANNER trilogy series and her debut novel MY LIFE UNCOVERED as well as feature film and TV credits for Youngblood, I Love You to Death, True Vinyl, and the popular series I::Design (which she co-created and executive produced. Her work in new media and branded entertainment includes The Funeral Planner Digital Series featuring JOSS STONE now available on AMAZON, Jill Sobule's Analog Girl for Paramount Pictures & StreamSearch.com, the premiere Sundance Online Film Festival among many others. She is CEO of Focus Media, Inc. and www.BooksandBrands.com, and the founder of the renowned Hollywood Literary Retreat. Lynn speaks at Universities and Book Festivals and is a member of the Writers Guild New Media Writers Caucus. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English Language & Literature, a minor in Film Studies, an MBA & Entrepreneurial Studies Audit and holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She has appeared on NBC's The Today Show, CBS's The Early Show, and numerous other TV and radio talk shows including NPR and the front page of the New York Times Style Section, BusinessWeek and MSN.com. Through her company Focus Media, Inc., Lynn writes, produces and publishes multi-media content. Her trilogy of The Funeral Planner is soon to become a TV series with award winning comedy director Donald Petrie on board. Visit: www.TheTributeNetwork.com, www.LynnIsenberg.com, www.LightsOutEnterprises.com for more information or to book speaking engagements contact .

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Funeral Planner 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
cat162103 More than 1 year ago
I read this book because I love the Publisher, Red Dress Ink. I was somewhat surprised by this book. It was kind of slow in parts, but the concept was interesting. Not my favorite, but it was okay.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Even as a child Maddy Banks equated self worth to be equal to net worth. So she is concerned that she has yet to make her entrepreneurial mark. Maddy has no time for self pity as she travels from Los Angeles to Ann Arbor to attend the funeral of her friend Tara Pintock. --- This second sudden death, last year her cousin was hit by lightning, with a canned eulogy by a clergy who never knew the deceased has Maddy thinking that ceremonies should be customized to honor the dearly departed and provide solace to the guests. Her Uncle Sam lends her $15K to develop the strategic business plan for Lights Out and soon sells the concept to venture capitalist Victor Winston. Her business booms until the Fed Uncle Sam pulls the plug on her. She misses Victor, who encouraged her every step of the way as he was with her the extra miles beyond that of an investor, more than Lights Out. Maddy reconsiders her mantra as her self worth is much higher than her net worth if she can persuade Victor that he invested in love. --- THE FUNERAL PLANNER is a primer for starting a business with satirical chapter titles that Maddy¿s entrepreneurial efforts never seem to quite achieve. Maddy is terrific as even as a preadolescent preferred the financial reports over dolls. Her how to succeed at business with trying makes for a fine chick lit tale even when she breaks the first commandment of the Bush Administration ¿Thou shall not worship any other god but Adam Smith' when she entered the dark side of placing her personal life over the bottom line. --- Harriet Klausner
TheDude34 More than 1 year ago
I'm from southeastern Michigan and to be honest, the big brand names the person wrote above me are really cool but I love that the author included small town places too. It is nice to see the restaurants in the story get recognition, like btbburrito, got kosher, andiamos, and eagles nest. Right on!
LizHKelly More than 1 year ago
I just bought the first two books in THE FUNERAL PLANNER series and loved them! I'm looking forward to the third one. The author cleverly inserted ads relating to the storyline. I learned about the Dignity Memorial Network for funeral services, and Legacy.com for online obituaries, and Forethought Financial for pre-need insurance--for when you plan ahead for that end of life celebration in the sky! And I discovered Eternal Image - a company that makes urns and caskets with Major League Baseball and Star Trek logos on them for all those trekkie fans who want to beam up. What's also cool is that some of the proceeds go to the National Hospice Foundation so you get to feel good knowing your purchase is helping people depart in comfort and with dignity. There's also a promo code for 1800Flowers-a nice touch-which came in handy when my best friend's mom passed away. I highly recommend these books. Not only are they a great read about being an entrepreneur in a fish out of water story, but all these extra goodies are a pleasant surprise and wonderful bonus! Joss Stone gives a stellar performance in The Funeral Planner Digital Series. This is a really cool and different series, with both short and long versions, as well as bonus material. Reminds me of "Sex in the City" if Carrie Bradshaw and friends entered the world of funerals and brought fashion and life to it! Joss is amazing in this! She truly lights up the screen as a funeral-fashionista introducing us to end of life products such as Star Trek Urns (brought to you by Eternal Image!). She is refreshing and delightful and I hope this gets made into a movie or TV series so I can see more of her as the ever hilarious and off-beat Eve!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ingenious! In the back of the book are promo codes that you can use. Everything from godaddy, echosign, Cadillac Travel, heardable, to 1800flowers are there. Plus dna2diamonds where you can get twenty percent off turning a lock of hair or cremated remains into diamonds (WHO KNEW!?). I even used one to get 10 percent off of my flowers at 1800flowers for my mothers's birthday! A great book and the chance to save money sprinkled with proceeds going to the national hospice foundation? Seems like a win win deal to me.
Media_Critique1 More than 1 year ago
The Funeral Planner opens with Madison Banks dealing with issues that every person can relate to, death and failure. The novel follows Madison as she conquers both problems, starting with failure. Madison Banks quickly turns an idea into a successful franchise and the reader gets the honor of witnessing each step. The ups and downs of her company Lights Out Enterprise, creates a lingering suspense as the reader hopes desperately for Madison's success. Actually, Madison's business plight can serve as a great guide to any entrepreneurs. The deeper issue of death is an aspect of life that everyone can relate to. Madison Banks suffers loss in a variety of ways all which most people can relate to, which ranges from loss of family members, mentors, friends, business, to relationships and hopes. Her struggle with grief feels incredibly genuine. Reading how she deals with loss made me as a reader analyze the different levels of pain in my life. If the business aspect can serve as a guideline to entrepreneurs then, the issue of death and dying can serve as a guideline for people to keep their sanity in times of grief.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Funeral Planner by Lynn Isenberg is a fun novel about the character of Madison Banks, a young workaholic entrepreneur who wants nothing more than for one of her start-ups to succeed. Constantly plagued by the left of her ideas by her long time rival Derek Rogers, Maddy is inspired to start a new company named Lights Out Enterprises after the loss of a close friend. The book is a fun read, very informative about the beginning of any company and the drive that it takes to get a new business off the ground. Maddy Banks is an artist when it comes to business, which is fitting, seeing as she is also the only business savvy member of her family, the rest of who are all artists of some sort. Her knack for business and the jargon that goes with it really helped me gain some insight into corporate America. Overall, The Funeral Planner is a good book about the struggles of a young woman in a very male dominated business world.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Funeral Planner is a well written book that articulately and artfully puts a spin on death and how people respond to it. Through the eyes of determined and strong willed Madison, a character everyone can relate to, Isenberg weaves a story of a girl who is trying to find not only her career but her identity. While following her journey you will find yourself cringing in disdain for the villain Derek Rogers which makes you love him, yet hooked on what will happen next and what "Maddie" will do to solve such problems. Using this dynamic plot Isenberg allows the reader to walk away with a new revelation: we should not mourn death but instead celebrate life.