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4.3 13
by The B-52s

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After hearing the ultra-sheen producer Steve Osborne smoothed across New Order's 2001 album Get Ready, the B-52s' guitarist and music director Keith Strickland found the sound that would bring his band into 21st century. The ultra-slick, synthesizer and drum machine


After hearing the ultra-sheen producer Steve Osborne smoothed across New Order's 2001 album Get Ready, the B-52s' guitarist and music director Keith Strickland found the sound that would bring his band into 21st century. The ultra-slick, synthesizer and drum machine driven Funplex is the result, and while it doesn't make up for the 16 years since their last full-length, it's a good argument that they should get off the revival concert circuit and get back to the studio more often. On the opening "Pump," singers Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson prove right away they can still create sweet harmonies, while Fred Schneider displays that he's lost none of his campy spark and still sounds credible when barking out stories of hot mamas cruising the mall while high on diet pills. The track's exciting Stereolab-meets-Duane Eddy construction vindicates Strickland's hunch about Osborne, whose half-new wave, half-MP3 age production is a great match throughout. The band's shimmy and shake performance is as energetic as ever and with songs like "Hot Corner," "Juliet of the Spirits," and the title track bringing warm reminders of "Roam," "Summer of Love," or "Good Stuff," the B-52s in 2008 are still adding fine material to their catalog. Bright moments that loyal fans will cherish dot the album, like when Fred delivers a "Robots-Bootybots-Erotobots" chant ("Love in the Year 3000"), or when a simple, quintessential B-52s riff mixes with intoxicating future disco ("Eyes Wide Open"). Problem is the songwriting seems a bit forced at times and the towering highlights found on their top-shelf efforts are missing. Nothing here is as gripping or as perfect as "Rock Lobster," "Private Idaho," or "Love Shack," and the songs that are borderline filler get pushed into one big forgettable lump towards the end of the album. Turns out, being the world's greatest party combo isn't just like riding a bike, but the B-52s are certainly pointed in the right direction. Think of Funplex as a likeable album from a lovable band and adjust your party planner accordingly.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

B-52s   Primary Artist
Fred Schneider   Vocals,Group Member
Zachary Alford   Drums
Sterling Campbell   Drums
Pete Davis   Keyboards
Steve Osborne   Organ,Bass,Timpani
Kate Pierson   Vocals,Group Member
Keith Strickland   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Group Member
Cindy Wilson   Vocals,Group Member
Tracy Wormworth   Bass

Technical Credits

B-52s   Arranger,Composer
Fred Schneider   Composer
Pete Davis   Programming,beats
Steve Osborne   Producer
Kate Pierson   Composer
Keith Strickland   Composer,Programming,Engineer,Music Direction
Cindy Wilson   Composer
Jeri Heiden   Art Direction
John Heiden   Art Direction
Dave McCracken   Programming
Rick Morris   Engineer
Damian Taylor   Effects Programming
Pieter M. VanHatten   Portrait Photography
Kris Sampson   Vocal Engineer
Dan Austin   Programming,Engineer
Sharon Adl Doost   Introduction

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Funplex 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan since 1981 and am an avid collector of the B-52s sound. I can tell you, that this fantastic new album holds it's own against anything that this band has done in it's 30+ year history. Funplex is most definitely vintage B-52s! All 11 tracks are trippy, fantastic, funny and contain that same wonderful vibe that all of us hardcore fans really love! "Juliet of the Spirits" is going to take the world by storm! Support the B's! Get Funplex on March 25th, and try to catch one of their many shows this spring and summer!
ToriGNY More than 1 year ago
Love the B-52's, always have. Saw them perform recently and had to get their latest cd. "Pump" opens up the cd with a strong danceable beat. "Juliet" is a beautiful harmonic duo with Kate and Cindy. The title track "Funplex" is hysterical, danceable. This cd was one enjoyable surprise after another.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Record has a chance to be Cosmic Thing redux. The B 52's will cement their legacy as a seminal new wave band with legs. "Keep This Party" sounds like the new Loveshack - lord know it's time for a new LOveshack "Pump" "Hot Corner" and "Juliet" all with hit potential. Not all will hit but the clubs will definitely pick up on this record heavily. Radio and sales tbd but the B52's and this record deserve lots of both. The World's Greatest Party Band is just that and proving why- yet again
Schwimsky More than 1 year ago
Long awaited must have for collection a future classic
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album kicks booty,even though i only heard 30 second snipets,but i can't wait until march 25th to hear the whole album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The world may be splitting apart at the seams, but thank goodness the B'52s are back to save us! I haven't taken this cd off my player since I got it! "Pump", "Juliet of the Spirits" and the title tune are all stellar standouts and as good as anything they've EVER done! In fact, even the filler songs work great, due to producer Steve Osbourne's deft touch and electronic flair. Fred is once again the wacky ringmaster, Cindy and Kate's vocals are his lush sideshow muses and Keith's guitar work strikes just the right balance for their first musical foray into the 21st C. The whole thing flows brilliantly so go ahead buy the cd, download it, whatever - but be sure to crank it up - I dare you to sit still in your chair!
Guest More than 1 year ago
WOW!!! This is what radio has been missing, for years. The return of the world's greatest party band, sexed up, rock ready and check out these beats.... Best Band out of Athens, Georgia- not about to sell out or slow down, these songs smoke. CHeck out Hot Corner, PUMP, ULtraViolet, Juliet of the Spirits is a joy and worth every bid of this masterpiece. The harmonies are as tight as ever, Keith Strickland has taking his time and crafted an arty ode to Punk, Rock and that raw garage guitar we first loved about this wacky party band that knows no boundries. Funplex along with Love in the Year 3000 are dance floor romps. From start to finish this is a classy welcome return and their best effort since they took off. Get ready to party FUNPLEX is finally here! Lets Keep this party going on!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
herd the song funplex and saw the video great video has lots of humour in it and a great dance song
Guest More than 1 year ago
The B-52's have put out their best post-Cosmic Thing era album with Funplex. Everything on here clics especially the title track, the hard charging opener, Love in the Year 3000 and others. I love Juliet of the Spirits and its adventurous groove. Hot Corner and Deviant Ingredient are also good as well as the final track. Several numbers have an electronica feel to it. The lyrics have a sexiness at times and Fred Schnieder boasts about it a lot in his familiar loud voice. And there'd so many mentions of planets and cosmic outer space, shades of their '80s Kate and Cindy sound great vocally in their leads. Keith Strickland's guitar leads are superb, sometimes recalling '60s California pop like the Beach Boys. A rarity coming from an Athens, Georgia pop group. Even though all the members are in their mid to late 50s, there is an explosive energy on a lot of this effort. Their willingness to stay current and contemporary, yet staying true to form is why this album is great. Best to hear in the summer--just open the windows on a warm or hot day in your car and play it on your CD stereo!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm all for the comeback of 80's music, it's fun and just awesome to rock to. However, who ever decided that the B-52's should make a new album is a disgrace to good musical taste. There's generic music, there's ok music, there's Britney, and then there's B-52's. Just couldn't stand to hear the blatant destruction to good taste. I highly recommend that no one spends money on this album.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago