Further Adventures of Phoenix and Cyclops

Further Adventures of Phoenix and Cyclops

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by Peter Milligan, John Paul Leon

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X-Men Series
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6.63(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.23(d)

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Guest More than 1 year ago
The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix takes place in 1859 and retells the origin of Mister Sinister. He begins the tale as Nathaniel Essex, brilliant but misunderstood scientist who, in the age of creationism believes in evolution. Even Darwin thinks Essex insane. Driven by the death of the deformed son he was unable to save, and fear for the unborn child his wife is carrying he is soon pushing past morality into monstrosity. When a band of thugs Essex employs, named Marauders, set out to collect mutants they accidentally awaken Apocalypse. That¿s when Apocalypse begins the task of turning Essex into Sinister. The dialogue is solid, the art is dark, heavy, and moody, which is perfect for the feeling of the book. The bad news is the inclusion of Cyclops and Phoenix. Transported to the past by Sanctity, their presence feels forces, and could be excluded entirely. It feels like they were only added to boost sales. The good and bad balance here to make this a readable, but not spectacular book. I recommend it for X-Men fans, but I do not recommend it for new comic book readers due to the messy continuity.