by John Coyne

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Coyne's latest excursion (after The Fearing ) into horror is fast-paced and readable. Jennifer Winters, a young New York lawyer, runs into an old friend and, on a lark, goes with her to a presentation given by internationally known channeler Kathy Dart. Thereafter, Jennifer finds herself subject to bestial rages and, when angered, endowed with extraordinary strength (which she uses with savage abandon). It seems that one of her past lives is somehow beginning to take over her present one; worse yet, an ancient enemy from prehistoric days has returned to stalk her. Coyne does a fine job feeding the reader necessary background information about channeling and reincarnation and keeps events moving fast enough that the various loose ends are quickly forgotten. It's all quite silly, of course, with the plot wrapped up just a bit too neatly, but a competent entertainment overall. (Oct.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
The idea of reincarnation is taken to a horrifying conclusion in this gripping novel in which a group of spirits whose human forms have crossed paths countless times since the prehistoric era are locked into a cycle of punishment and revenge which can only be broken by exposing the evil which surrounds them. The plot centers around a New York attorney whose increasing awareness of her past lives forces her to face the possibility that her actions are being directed by powers beyond her control. The book includes fascinating information on the technique of ``channeling,'' the establishing of contact with entities from the past. Graphic descriptions of sexual encounters and brutal murders may offend some readers. From a veteran novelist of horror, this is highly recommended for fans of the genre.-- Marcia R. Hoffman, M.L.S., Hoechst Celanese Corp., Somerville, N.J.

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