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Future Hope

Future Hope

4.1 7
by David Gelber

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The story is set in the future in the year 2156, a time when the earth's population has grown and, although most of our current social problems have been solved, new ones have emerged. ITP stands for Interdimensional Transport Protocol, which has been developed by Dr. Deborah Tennyson to open up the universe to exploration by man. The book follows the events around


The story is set in the future in the year 2156, a time when the earth's population has grown and, although most of our current social problems have been solved, new ones have emerged. ITP stands for Interdimensional Transport Protocol, which has been developed by Dr. Deborah Tennyson to open up the universe to exploration by man. The book follows the events around the first manned ITP flight which goes awry and lands the pilot, Major David Sanders on another world, but in a Garden of Eden where man never suffered the fall. the plot follows the events around this flight as Dr. Tennyson tried to find a way to rescue Major Sanders, while he deals with the people of Eden.

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David Gelber is a surgeon practicing in the Houston, Texas, area. He is married with three children, four dogs, and twenty-four birds. This is his first novel.

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Future Hope 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ellenmaze More than 1 year ago
Our earth, zoom ahead a couple hundred years, subtract God and you'll have the basic idea of where this enchanting story begins. Science and Technology is very advanced; medical woes easily repaired, diseases all but eradicated, starvation and poverty controlled and corrected-what's not to like? Well, hardly anyone turns to God anymore. Those who hold on to any vestiges of faith are sequestered off by themselves, outcasts because of their intolerant religion. But this issue is merely a side-story in one of the grandest Future-World Tales I have ever read. Science can only take you as far as your earth and nearby solar system can provide resources for your burgeoning population. The solution? Travel through a newly discovered trans-dimensional portal in space in a special spacecraft designed for the purpose and seek out new resource planets. A Horse-Racing Enthusiast best friend, a top-notch female mathematician, a capable but hotshot astro pilot, and a Westie Terrier named Little Bit take us on an unforgettable journey through space, time and dimension. To Eden. A Biblical Eden where Adam and Eve didn't eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and their families grew many generations without staining their perfect world. Everything was perfect, that is, until after-the-fall earthling Major David Saunders crash lands on their Eden planet and changes things up by his presence alone. Author David Gelber spins us a yarn that will wow as well as entertain. His world-building skills are out of this galaxy, expertly explaining the conditions of this future world, detailed histories that got them where they are today, military and civilian governmental proceedings, character medical issues, and space-flight complexities-all expressed to the reader with flair and aplomb. I was spellbound and unable to poo-poo any of his futuristic predictions of what we might be like then. But more than all of this, I love the book because of the last few chapters.I love the resolution so much. I won't give it away, but I guarantee if you enjoy books in this genre, you will love it too. Nicely done, David! Bravo and a million thumbs up! Ellen C Maze Author RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER
bshowell More than 1 year ago
The population of Earth is expanding. And as with anything, a critical level of population growth will be reached. Therefore, alternatives and searching for resources is at the top of the pack. The ITP is the hope of a crowded planet. Interdimensional Transport Protocol. If it works, astropilots can leave our space and search for other planets. Major David Sanders is the pilot chosen for the inaugural flight. He wants to do great things, and this is just the thing for him. Little does he know, he will find far greater things. Happiness, joy, a new life, new people, and a place called Eden. He is happy where he is. It is a true paradise. However, things take a turn for the worst and he must return to Earth. He has lived a lifetime in a very short period of our time. But he has a greater purpose. He must teach. He must make others learn the lessons he has learned, the truths that were missing, and the fact that it is not yet too late to change. This book is about much more than space. It's about a search for ourselves and for something greater than ourselves. It's about life and living and acknowledging that maybe there is a God in a time when no one believes. I have always been a fan of sci-fi, but this book surprised me. Space is vast, but so is our potential. I felt as though this book could be talking about us now. We think we're so self-sufficient, but are we really? Are we so self-destructive that we've forgotten our roots - our most basic foundation? I found this to be an unexpectedly thought-provoking book. At face value it's one thing, but reading deeper it's a warning and a lesson. It's not so much about religion as it is finding our own truth. It's not preachy - which I appreciated. This book has it all - drama, danger, the thrill. This is book one of what hopefully will be more books. I look forward to reading more about the continuing saga about mankind and the dangers faced.
bridget3420 More than 1 year ago
It's the year 2156 and humanity is not the same. Dr. Tennyson has found the formula for Interdimensional Transport Protocol (ITP). This will give humanity the ability to explore the universe and gather the supplies to sustain an ever growing population. Everything seems to be going fine when Major Sanders takes flight. He's so happy about the doors that this stint will open for him. Little did he know, he was about to get stranded. I was blown away by this book. The ideas and how they were written was very unique. This David's first novel and I can already see his name on the bestseller's lists.
onyx9 More than 1 year ago
A world so advanced in technology that not only is interplanetary travel possible, but a common means of supplying the earth with resource to survive its ever growing population. Now the concept of interdimensional travel is past the drawing board and on to trials with the ITP (Interdimensional Transport Protocol) project. The mathematician behind the calculation, Dr. Deborah Tennyson had a professional and person interest in the launch of the ITP with a hot shot astropilot like Major David Sanders behind the flight controls. The journey through space and dimension was going to make him famous, but when something went wrong and he became stranded who knew where, who knew when, he found not only inhabitants of the planet he landed on, but possibly a new way of thinking to take back to Earth, if he ever got back to it. * What an incredible concept, the future of the planet in the hands of a conceded and self absorbed although talented pilot. The lack of faith in anything but the science is a very good story line with an interesting cast of characters. I struggled with the repetitiveness of the story, everything seemed to be over described, and then described again. The specifics where lined out for everything from thoughts, actions and conversations to the technical terminology which seemed to bog down the flow of the story. There was a political and religious aspect to it that seemed to help make a point about possible consequences to relying to heavily on technology. While some of the theories seem to be plausible, this is still a fantasy that went on and on about some of the less important parts (in my opinion) of the story and while I am not interested in reading the next one (it is hinted at having a follow up book), it was still a decent story, for a first novel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Future Hope" is Book One of the ITP series of books by David Gelber. This science- fiction novel begins with General Moosewood, Chairman of the ITP (Interdimensional Transport Protocol) Committee presenting his annual report to the Joint Congressional Committee on Interplanetary Travel and Commerce. The year is 2156 and Earth has consumed its resources and those of the entire Milky Way. In order for the planet to survive, resources need to be searched for elsewhere. Several unmanned probes have been sent through a portal into the interdimensional plane and achieved positive results. Even probes carrying live animals, such as a mouse and a dog, have successfully gone there and back. Now the time has come to send a manned ITP vehicle. This step will open up new areas to explore and hopefully find more resources available to the Earth. The person chosen to man the ITP vehicle is Major David Sanders. Many see him as reckless and too sure of himself, but he is a very talented astropilot. What is supposed to happen is that he will exit through one portal and emerge at the Alpha Base One colony which is three light-years away, and then come back through the portal. Will all go as planned? I will say this, Sanders journey leaves him, and the reader, with much more than expected. "Future Hope" is a fascinating story. This is definitely not your generic, "run of the mill" science fiction book. I found the plot to be surprising and unexpected and the characters to be very interesting and captivating. Gelber's writing held my attention from the moment that I picked the book up until the last page was read. The author has a creative imagination which sets his writing apart and makes for a unique novel. The subject matter is very intriguing and will really make you think about what the future will be like. I look forward to reading more from Gelber in the years to come. I think he is a talented author and enjoy his style of writing.
CaApril More than 1 year ago
In this exciting debut novel, "Future Hope", author David Gelber gives us a glimpse into a future Earth where no one goes hungry and everyone has a roof over their head. There are entertainment districts that keep the masses from becoming bored and religion is all but a myth as science reigns supreme. Unfortunately science hasn't come up with a solution for the ever decreasing amount of resources needed to maintain an ever increasing population. Dr. Deborah Tennyson may have the answer to Earth's problems in her discovery of the Interdimensional Transport Protocol, or ITP. The first solo manned mission is being lead by astropilot David Sanders and the hope is that he will enter one portal then exit through a different portal a few minutes later and be several light years away. Things don't go as planned and David never exits. This leads to an investigation back on Earth by a corrupt Senator who wants the entire program shut down. Meanwhile, David has crashed on a mysterious planet that will start him on a journey that will cause him to question the direction of life back on Earth as well as the decision of mankind to turn their back on their creator. I found this book to be very well-written and full of imagination. David Gelber paints a picture of a future Earth that is as interesting as it is thought provoking. The story does occasionally get bogged down by the scientific explanations of the ITP but that didn't stop me from turning the page and I had an extremely hard time putting the book down. This book promises to be the first in a series and, if this is true, I look forward to seeing where the story goes next!