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Future Threat (Future Shock Series #2)

Future Threat (Future Shock Series #2)

by Elizabeth Briggs

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Six months ago Aether Corporation sent Elena, Adam, and three other recruits on a trip to the future where they brought back secret information—but not everyone made it back to the present alive. Now Elena’s dealing with her survivor’s guilt and trying to make her relationship with Adam work. All she knows for sure is that she’s done with


Six months ago Aether Corporation sent Elena, Adam, and three other recruits on a trip to the future where they brought back secret information—but not everyone made it back to the present alive. Now Elena’s dealing with her survivor’s guilt and trying to make her relationship with Adam work. All she knows for sure is that she’s done with time travel and Aether Corporation. But Aether’s not done with her—or Adam, or fellow survivor Chris. The travelers on Aether’s latest mission to the future have gone missing, and Elena and her friends are drafted into the rescue effort. They arrive in a future that’s amazingly advanced, thanks to Aether Corporation’s reverse-engineered technology. The mission has deadly consequences, though, and they return to the future to try to alter the course of events. But the future is different yet again. Now every trip through time reveals new complications, and more lives lost—or never born. Elena and Adam must risk everything—including their relationship—to save their friends.

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—In the second novel of a planned trilogy, Elena and her team are forced once again to return to the future. This time, though, their goal is not to steal technology to bring back to the present. Instead, their mission is to locate and bring home Team Echo, four youths who have failed to return to the present. Arriving in the future a second time, Elena and her team are quick to notice that this is not the same future that they were just in. As their scheduled return comes closer with each passing second, they must face the fact that a member of Echo has been killed and that they will need to return to the future once again to try to intervene and save a life. With each subsequent return, however, they fail to bring back the entire team. The shifts in the future become more and more bleak, and team members cannot resist the urge to check up on their own futures, even meeting themselves at future times. Briggs offers fast-paced action, and readers will easily forgive the occasionally didactic and clichéd dialogue as they enjoy the creative incarnations of the future, including the use of old ("flexis") and more modern ("inbeds") personal interweb interfaces. VERDICT Contemporary readers will be teleported with delight into this Back to the Future—esque spy thriller. Move this one to the "buy" pile.—Leah Krippner, Harlem High School, Machesney Park, IL
Kirkus Reviews
The second installment in Briggs' time-travel trilogy introduces new players and conspiracies that threaten Elena's present and future. Six months after the events of Future Shock (2016), Mexican-American Elena Martinez is adjusting to money in the bank, college classes, and a sweet relationship with caring and brilliant Adam, a white boy and fellow survivor of Aether Corp.'s deadly mission to the future. But Aether isn't done with them. Aether forces Elena, Adam, and their final team member, Chris—a black 19-year-old who's about to become a father—to return to the future 30 years hence to rescue the missing team of teens they sent to commit corporate espionage. Once in the future, Elena, Adam, and Chris discover their future selves are living the dream, but the mission itself, of course, turns disastrous. Those who survive it then attempt subsequent and even more dangerous jumps to the same timeline. There's a diverse set of new characters: Jeremy, the Aether CEO's resentful, white, MIT-grad son; Zahra, a no-nonsense Iranian-American hacker from Beverly Hills; Ken, a half-Japanese, half-white chemist; and Paige, a perky white gymnast—with roguish Zahra by far the most interesting. The action is well-executed when not bogged down in specifics of time travel. As for romance, Briggs raises the stakes in this entry, showing Elena and Adam exactly how beautiful their future could be if they fight for it. A quick and satisfying middle volume that may make readers almost wish it was the end. (Science fiction. 13-17)

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Whitman, Albert & Company
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Elizabeth Briggs' Future Shock Series , #2
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5.80(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)
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13 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

Elizabeth Briggs made her YA debut with Future Shock. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in sociology and now mentors teens in writing. She is the author of the new adult series Chasing the Dream. Elizabeth lives in California with her husband and a pack of fluffy dogs.

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Future Threat (Future Shock Series #2) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
MoniqueD 6 hours ago
It’s been six months since Elena Martinez has returned from her trip to the future, courtesy of Aether Corporation, and she’s having panic attacks and nightmares. Not everything went well, her budding relationship with Adam O’Neill is progressing, but she still can’t completely shake off her trust issues. Recently, Elena has noticed a black car that seems to be following her, she’s positive it’s from Aether, and her fears are confirmed when, just as she was going out with Adam, they’re both asked to come to the Aether offices. It can’t be good, and it’s even worse than Elena thought, because Elena and Adam, along with their friends from the first mission, have all been tricked into participating in another mission: the voyagers from the latest mission are missing! I had been waiting for FUTURE THREAT since I had turned the last page from book one, FUTURE SHOCK, which had been one of my favourite books from 2016. My expectations were beyond sky-high, and believe it or not, they were met tenfold! FUTURE THREAT is phenomenal! The new characters are just as fabulous as our old friends, they all have their own voice, the cast is multiethnic, which is so refreshing and not one stereotype in sight. I loved Elena even more the second time around: I identify with her, I want to be her! She is loyal, eager to act, and will do what it takes to succeed, even at her own peril. Elena Martinez has become my favourite fictional heroine. For those who had missed the amazing first book, fear not, you will be able to follow with a problem, as Ms. Briggs recaps succinctly and clearly what happened previously, but I would recommend you treat yourself to FUTURE SHOCK nonetheless to enhance your reading experience, because these types of books seldom happen. The time travel aspect is even more riveting in FUTURE THREAT, as Elena and her friends go back again thirty years into the future. Not everything is exactly the same, and again Elizabeth Briggs nailed everything. The action starts early on, and sit tight for the ride of your life! The dialogues are spot-on, the action breathtaking, the writing seamless; the author becomes invisible and morphs with Elena. I just cannot believe how creative Ms. Briggs is, and I think her numerous plot twists would keep some authors in business for years. Ms. Briggs’ storytelling skills are such that never attempted to guess where it was all going, because I would have been wrong every single time. A bit past the halfway mark, I thought I would burst with excitement because, in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have possibly wished myself what happened. Yet, amidst the death, the destruction, and the bitter deceptions, beautiful relationships bloom. I am not precisely a lover of time travel stories, because I always feel something is off, but Ms. Briggs demonstrates her absolute mastery of the trope: FUTURE THREAT is the best time travel novel I have ever read, bar none! And there will be a third book! Be still my heart! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.