Future Youth

Future Youth

by Rodale Press Staff

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Claiming that readers can regain youth ``in a very genuine, practical and aesthetic sense, if not in a literal one,'' this is a tedious guide replete with well-worn suggestions. Based on random experiments and individual doctors' opinions, the superficial health advice runs the gamut from a pain-free back (``Don't lean forward when you sit'') and preventing cancer (``Stay away from smoked foods'') to enhancing sleep (``Eyeshades may help if bright street lights shine into the room''). There are also cosmetic remedies proffered for dry lips (``Protection in the form of a greasy film of some sort''), split nails (``Gently file out the split as soon as possible'') and wardrobe (``The right clothes can make you feel more confident''). The Year of Rejuvenation, a program that suggests a new focus for each of 52 weeks (``Taste tofu,'' ``Positive thinking,'' ``Put laughter in your life''), will similarly disappoint those searching for fresh, tangible advice. Illustrations not seen by PW. (September 11)

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