Futures Thinking, Learning, And Leading

Futures Thinking, Learning, And Leading

by Irving H. Buchen

The focus of this book is to explore the extent to which our thinking, learning, and leading is influenced and shaped by the future.See more details below


The focus of this book is to explore the extent to which our thinking, learning, and leading is influenced and shaped by the future.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 Section I: Defining a New Future Chapter 2 Disturbing the Future: Millenarian Ignorance and Arrogance Chapter 3 Future Agendas: The Science Fiction Model Chapter 4 Shaping Future Agendas: The Futurists' Model Chapter 5 "The Great Convergence": Visionary Illusion or Megatrend Chapter 6 Putting Forecasts on Trial Chapter 7 Overview of Future-Driven Applications Chapter 8 The Anticipatory Servant Leader Chapter 9 Proactive Management of Human Capital Chapter 10 Chief Learning Officers as Leaders of Universities: Redundant? Or Renewing? Chapter 11 Transition Training as Future Training Chapter 12 Anticipatory Performance Review Chapter 13 Future Management Metamorphosis: Employees as Managers Chapter 14 Testing -Embedded Training: Predictive Metrics Chapter 15 Work Covenants as Progressive Empowerment Chapter 16 Learning Theory-Therapy Crossover: A Future Training Direction? Part 17 Section II: FTLL, Multiple Intelligences, and Learning Diversity Chapter 18 Progressive and Circular Problem Solving Chapter 19 Multiple Intelligences, Cognitive Science, and Genetics Chapter 20 The Optimal Taxonomy of Human Learning Capacity Chapter 21 Multiple Intelligences and Human Control Chapter 22 Executive Coaches and Trusted Advisors: Leveraged Influence, Leadership Paranoia, and MBA Guidance Chapter 23 Understanding and Multiple Portals Chapter 24 Diagnostically Driven Training Chapter 25 Multiple Intelligences Application: Learning Success Center Chapter 26 The Multimodal Journey of Managers Chapter 27 Business Applications of Multiple Intelligences Part 28 Section III: Innovation Chapter 29 Innovation Rites of Passage Chapter 30 Creative Thresholds Chapter 31 Radical Breakthroughs Chapter 32 Innovation Training Chapter 33 Breaking Up Innovation Log Jams Chapter 34 Balancing Innovation and Standards Chapter 35 Imitation, Intuition, and Innovation

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